MXG Software Status as of November 1, 1985                            
  This is MXG Version 3.                                                
  This  member  describes the  changes made  to the MXG Software since  
  Version 2 was shipped.  The  documentation of new data sets and new   
  variables created by Version 3 is contained in member DOCVER03. The   
  changes previously introduced by Version 2 are in member DOCVER02.    
  Additional documentation is available in past and future issues of    
  the MXG Newsletter, sent by Merrill Consultants to their Supported    
  Customers. Newsletter SIX was published concurrent with Version 3.    
NEXTCHANGE: Version  3                                                  
=============Changes thru 3.10 complete Version 3.2==================   
Change 03.10   Format DATE9. added for DATE in RMFINTRV data set.       
Oct 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 03.09   Error in reading TPUTHOLD variable in TSO/MON 4.3        
Oct 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Gayle Bartel, Pizza Hut, USA.                              
Change 03.08   LOGAUX... variables missing in TYPE71 with RMF 3.3       
Oct 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Sue Rosansky, Metropolitan Life, USA.                      
=============Changes thru 3.07 were in Version 3.1===================   
Change 03.07   Added format MG078CV. to map bytes to K or Meg for       
Oct 18, 1985      PVTSZHI/LOW, LSQSZHI/LOW and USRSZHI/LOW. Midnight    
VMAC30            logic error corrected.                                
Change 03.05   Error introduced in Change 2.19 caused all of the        
Oct 17, 1985      TYPE70 variables .....AVG to be 100 times too big.    
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 03.04   Error introduced in Change 2.24 caused loss of type      
Oct 15, 1985      30 data sets observations.                            
   Thanks to Roman Gudz, Leaseway, USA.                                 
Change 03.03   IBM offset values were wrong (from start of logical      
Oct 15, 1985      record) but MXG coded for it. Now IBM PSF changes     
VMAC5234          for 3820 changes PROD offset, but left ID offset      
                  still wrong. MXG now forces the OFFPROD and OFFID     
                  values, since data location is unchanged.             
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 03.02   CICS PTF UP90227/UP90228 for APAR PP41582, an SPE        
Oct 15, 1985      for CICS 1.6.1, changes CMF record version from 2     
VMAC110           to 3.                                                 
   Thanks to Norbert Korsche, OMV-AG, AUSTRIA.                          
Change 03.01   Undocumented field, QBACRIO, DB2 Synchronous Read        
Oct 15, 1985      I/O requests was discovered and now in the DB2ACCT    
VMACDB2           data set.                                             
   Thanks to Ron Root, Sun Company, USA.                                
LASTCHANGE: Version  3                                                  
NEXTCHANGE: Version  2                                                  
=============Changes thru 2.25 were in Version 3.0===================   
Change 02.25      MVS 2.1.3 increased the size of MPL, WEIGHT, AOBJ,    
Sep 20, 1985      DOBJ and DFWK values from one to two bytes.           
Change 02.24      Condition code (return code) must be less than 4096.  
Sep  9, 1985      Some accounting systems exploit this  and use upper   
TYPE30_4          bits of the two byte field.  MXG decoded the entire   
TYPE30_5          return code, producing invalid values. Now only the   
TYPE434           rightmost bits are used for return code value.        
   Thanks to John Zupan, STC, USA.                                      
Change 02.23      Variables AVG and INTRVAVG were added.                
Sep  9, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Debby Blackey, Fidelity Savings, USA.                      
Change 02.22      Several enhancements made to BUILDPDB/BUILDPD3.       
Sep  9, 1985      a. ABEND and CONDCODE in the JOBS data set is now the 
BUILDPDB             job completion status for the last job termination 
BUILDPD3             (subtype 5) record. Formerly, it was the last step 
                     termination and was misleading  (i.e., ABEND would 
                     be FLUSH for a flushed step in the JOBS dataset).  
                  b. EXCP and IOTM for tapes 3420 and 3480 added.       
                  c. SPINCNT (the number of times partially-completed   
                     jobs will be held in the SPIN file awaiting their  
                     purge record) is now set by member IMACSPIN.       
                  d. TYPE78CF, TYPE78CU and TYPE78IO now in PDB.        
                  e. SAS5FIX1 module created to correct the SAS error   
                     in SAS VERSION 5 until SAS provides the first      
                     maintenance release to VERSION 5.  If you execute  
                     BUILDPDB/BUILDPD3 under SAS VERSION 5, you must    
                     tack SAS5FIX1 on after the PDB is built. See the   
                     comments in SAS5FIX1.                              
   Thanks to Malcolm Morgan, Wachovia Bank, USA.                        
   Thanks to Georg Simon, Prudential Insurance, USA.                    
Change 02.21      Support for RMF Version 3.3.0, which is required for  
Sep  1, 1985      3090 processors. See DOCVER03 for more details:       
TYPE7072          Service unit per second constant (SU_SEC) is now in   
                  the TYPE72 record.                                    
TYPE71            Many new variables describing swapping between the new
                  extended storage and auxiliary storage, migration age 
                  etc. Swap reasons count expanded to identify where the
                  various swaps are occurring.                          
TYPE74            Three new variable describe the components of device  
                  pending time. Both overflow conditions (308x only)    
                  now identified.                                       
TYPE78CF          Configuration data set now contains utilization data. 
TYPE78CU          New data set describes CUHDR queue length and rate.   
TYPE78IO          New data set describes IOP initiative queue stats.    
Change 02.20      The calculation of ALOCTIME and LOADTIME in TYPE30_4  
VMAC30            were corrected (as had been done in TYPE434) to add   
Sep  1, 1985      a day if the job allocation/load time of day was less 
                  than the initiate time of day.                        
Change 02.19      The _VAR70 ARRAY in processing type 70 records was    
VMAC7072          replaced with direct assignment after a European      
Sep  1, 1985      customer first noted a siginifcant increase in CPU    
                  time of MXG TYPE70 when compared to the original      
                  MG TYPE70, and research confirmed the ARRAY was       
                  more CPU costly than direct assignments.              
Change 02.18      New format, MG078CV. converts byte values to Kilo     
FORMATS           or Mega bytes, with K or M suffix.  Makes the data    
Sep  1, 1985      in TYPE78VS (virtual storage) easily read.            
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
Change 02.18A     New data set created by RMF 3.3 for extended storage. 
Change 02.17      The value of SPINCNT, which sets the number of        
IMACSPIN          executions that BUILDPDB will wait for a job's purge  
Aug 30, 1985      record, was externalized to IMACSPIN, consistent      
                  with moving all installation-unique values to IMAC's. 
Change 02.16      The routine worked when all input was SMF, but use    
ANALDSET          with the PDB as input for the Step records failed     
Aug 30, 1985      because of a missing RENAME.                          
   Thanks to ???, ???.                                                  
Change 02.15      This module to process VS1 SMF records is an 'extra'  
XTYPEVS1          module, undocumented and with unlabeled variables     
Aug 15, 1985      but it also would not run. Removal of an unnecessary  
                  %INCLUDE and proper calculation of NUMDD now makes it 
                  usable for VS1 data.                                  
   Thanks to Fritz Ederer, SAS Institute, GERMANY.                      
     and a German VS1 site.                                             
Change 02.14      Step 3 of JCLTEST was  broken into two steps,  because
JCLTEST           the SAS limit of 32768 SYSIN card images was exceeded.
OTHRPRNT          TYPETEST/TYPEPRNT  now  operate on SMF records,  while
OTHRTEST          OTHRTEST/OTHRPRNT operate on non-SMF records.   Member
PRINTING          PRINTING was deleted.                                 
Jun 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
Change 02.13      Two new exits were created (for 370 or XA) to  set the
IMACPUSU          value of SU_SEC (CPU Factor, or  the Machine Dependent
IMACPUXA          Constant)  when a new  model CPU  which is  not in the
VMAC7072          table in VMAC7072 is  installed.  Under MVS/370, it is
Jun 30, 1985      used to separate different CPU versions.              
Change 02.12      Support for Release 4.3 of the TSO/MON Product.  Eight
Jun 30, 1985      TPUTHOLD, TSMSMTHK,  and TSMSNMTK  were added; and the
                  value of USRTHKTM was corrected.                      
Change 02.11      Added new ROSCOE monitor command AMS and protected for
VMACROSC          future new command names.                             
Jun 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 02.10      Variables RESPAVG and RESPSTD,  average  and  standard
VMAC7072          deviation of response time per ended transaction  were
Jun 30, 1985      added and SSQELAP was re-formatted and corrected.  For
                  period 1 TSO transactions,  RESPAVG is the trivial TSO
                  response time measurement used by IBM.                
   Thanks to Tom Incorvia, Macy's California, USA.                      
Change 02.9       LABELS were enhanced  to  reflect that  many variables
RMFINTRV          are rates per second. Labels for variables ending with
Jun 30, 1985      SWAP, TRAN, EXCP, IOTM, ACTV, RESD, and SERV  now have
                  "per second" in their label.                          
Change 02.8       The test  IF MCTSSDRL - COL GE 60 THEN ... should have
IMACICDL          been   IF MCTSSDRL - (COL-SEGSTRT) GE 60 THEN ...  All
Jun 30, 1985      DL/I variables now have non-missing values.           
   Thanks to Bill Gibson, SAS Institute, AUSTRALIA.                     
     and others.                                                        
Change 02.7       Macro _CICOTHR is defined  in IMACCICS and used in the
ANALCICS          other members to  control the ddname to which the data
BUILDPDB          sets  CICSACCT,  CICSEXCE,  and CICSYSTM  are written.
BUILDPD3          This is for consistency with the _CICTRAN  macro which
IMACCICS          controls for the ddname of the CICSTRAN data set.     
Jun 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Tom Hanson, Bradford Exchange, USA.                        
     and others.                                                        
Change 02.6       Support for  the  new  restructured type 6 record from
TYPE6             both JES2  and  JES3.  See WSCF-8518  for the complete
FORMATS           list of PTFs  which  create this new record.  New 3820
Jun 30, 1985      printer creates new variables.                        
   Thanks to Craig Feistner, CITICORP, USA.                             
   Thanks to Sam Sheinfeld, Kraft General Foods, USA.                   
Change 02.5       Support for  the NLDM  Release 3, which  contains both
TYPE39            variables and corrections, and more subtypes tested.  
FORMATS (Minor change was also made on Sep 3 for MXG 3B).               
Jun 30, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Mike Healey, Celenese, USA.                                
Change 02.4       Support for the DISOSS Accounting Log Records.        
May 30, 1985                                                            
Change 02.3       The default record ID numbers for TSO/MON records were
IMACTSOM          interchanged.  This caused a STOPOVER  Abend  when the
Apr 23, 1985      TSO/MON data was read.                                
  a. All occurrences of 199 and 0C7 are replaced with 200 and 0C8. The  
     original occurrences of 200 and 0C8 are replaced with 199 and 0C7. 
   Thanks to John Lemkelde, Pennsylvania Blue Shield, USA.              
Change 02.2       Model 204 records cause STOPOVER  ABEND.  The MXG test
VMACM204          site had modified the SMF  record format, and  MXG was
Apr 23, 1985      expecting the modified record format.                 
   Thanks to Mark Hoff, American President Lines, USA.                  
Change 02.1A      Errors in processing  IFCID  and  ASID segments of the
VMACDB2           type 100 subtype 0 (MXG dataset DB2STAT0)  were fixed.
Apr 23, 1985                                                            
  a. The Address space CPU  variables  QWSAEJST and  QWSASRBT captured  
     only the  first address space TCB and SRB times.  These variables  
     are  replaced by QWS1EJST, QWS1SRBT, QWS2EJST, and  QWS2SRBT, and  
     QWSAPROC is  replaced  by  QWS1PROC and  QWS2PROC to  provide the  
     task name which  produced  the corresponding CPU time.   All four  
     CPU variables are summed into the new variable CPUTM.              
  b. There  are multiple IFCID sections.  The original nine variables,  
     QWSCSCF, QWSCOTH1, and  QWSCOTH2 are  expanded into three sets of  
     variables, with  QWSC replaced  by  QWS1, QWS2, and  QWS3 for the  
     same suffixed variables for the three IFCID sections.              
  c. Variables QSSTCONT, QSSTCRIT, and  QSSTABND are totally invalid    
     until the PTF UP59374 for APAR PP42547 is installed.               
  d. Removed unnecessary variables from LENGTH 8 statement.             
Change 02.1A      Errors in processing  IFCID  and  ASID segments of the
VMACDB2           type 100 subtype 0 (MXG dataset DB2STAT0)  were fixed.
Apr 23, 1985      Formerly "Nits & Bits" with no change number:         
ANALCICS          TAMP corrected to TEMP in label                       
ANALVM            All references to VMSESS were corrected to VMSESSN.   
MONTHBLD          Syntax error in first PUT corrected.                  
VMACCIMS          Label for SYSTEM made consistent.                     
VMAC6             Label for NODE is now NJE NODE NUMBER                 
VMAC10            Format HEX2. applied to LCU, for consistency.         
VMAC1415          Label spelling LIMIE corrected to LIMIT.              
VMAC30            Format TIME12.2 applied to ALOCTM, DSENQTM, IOTM3420, 
VMAC74               IOTM3480 and RDRTM for consistency.                
VMAC80             Format HEX2. applied to LCHAN for consistency.       
UTILGETM           Added test to ensure NRSET is greater than zero.     
                   Added selection for type 22 record subtypes.         
LASTCHANGE: Version  2