MXG Software Status as of September 26, 1986.              
           This is the production release of MXG VERSION 4.4            
     Major enhancements in Version 4 are  listed  below.   Read  this   
     entire member  to  determine its impact.  New changes have been    
     added, and some Change descriptions have been reworded since part  
     of these  new  changes were printed in MXG NEWSLETTER EIGHT in May.
    Major items in Version 4:                                           
    1.New member INSTALL contains installation instructions for MXG     
      under either MVS or CMS versions of SAS. The MXG Exit Facility    
      is also documented therein. This member MUST be read to ensure    
      MXG installs without error.                                       
    2.VM Monitor processing to create VMONaaaa data sets directly with  
      SAS with VM MAP variable names. See change 4.85, below.           
    3.Support for RMF 3.4 and MVS 2.1.7 and Vector Processor data       
      introduced with 3090 processors. SMF manual TNL's thru GN28-1061  
      are included in MXG Version 4. New TYPE78CU and TYPE78IO data     
      sets and new data in TYPE78CF result from 3090 I/O architecture   
    4.IMSLOG CODE enhancement (TYPEIMS) puts log trace records together 
      for IMS transaction response and resource measurement.            
    5.CICS 1.6.1 and CICS 1.7 are now supported in VMAC110 code. New    
      program UTILCICS may have to be run to determine which of the     
      impacting PTFs are installed so that you can update IMACPTF.      
    6.Support for Landmark's The Monitor for CICS records, including a  
      INFILE exit to process compressed format data. See Change 4.94.   
    7.Support for Cullinet's IDMS Performance Monitor records.          
    8 ASM source for an exit to IDMS which will write SMF records that  
      contain IDMS log data, and SAS code to process those MXG-created  
      IDMS-LOG-SMF records. SAS code to process the IDMS DCLOG directly.
    9.Support for DOS POWER Version 2 account records. Impacting change 
      in V2 to DOSJOBS data, and five new DOS data sets now exits.      
   10.Support for DISOSS Version 3 Release 3 account records.           
   10.New member IMACPTF. Presently used only for CICS 1.6 records, this
      new maintenance feature allows MXG code to be enabled to support  
      those (dumb) PTFs which ambiguously change data format.           
   11.DB2 processing revised to capture all data segments in Release 2. 
   12.Revised ANALTAPE routine now with accurate counts.                
   13.MODEL204 accounting information now defaults ON (EXM24ACT).       
   14.NODUP option implemented in BUILDPDB/3 to remove duplicate SMF    
      input data from PDB data sets. (Full implementation for all data  
      sets requires SAS Version 5.15. See Change 4.38-39).              
   15.Too much more to list here. Read all of these changes! MXG now    
      creates 168 MXG SAS Data Sets (Version 1 had 78) with its 466     
      source library members (Version 1 had 189) processing data from   
      24 products for MVS, VM  and DOS data centers.                    
  What was not quite finished when development was frozen for 4.4?      
    1. CMS still has some known data errors in some fields. As far as   
       we know, all discrepancies are documented in the comments at     
       the beginning of VMACVMON.  There is very little CMS reporting,  
       and essentially no guidance as to which variables in which data  
       sets are important.  We have only validated the PERFORM, USER,   
       and DASTAP classes, though others are coded, they may not work   
       (yet).  A very small number of users have tested non-HPO systems 
       and UP systems - our primary validation was 03.34.0314 HPO 3.4   
       on an MP.  None of the planned EXECs for testing were completed  
       yet.  Because of the newness of MXG support for VM Monitor data, 
       users should validate the data carefully, and share with us any  
       discrepancies.  We will send MXG NEWSLETTERS if necessary to     
       communicate major CMS enhancements/discoveries over the next few 
       months.  Because the vast majority of the data is valid, we felt 
       you would prefer to have this now rather than later. Please help 
       us with your comments and expertise.                             
    2. Documentation!  MXG Version 4 will be eventually enhanced by the 
       printed MXG SUPPLEMENT (a  3-ring document  bound  like manuals  
       for IBM-PCs). The SUPPLEMENT will be indexed to the same chapters
       as the MXG BOOK, and will provide new sections of Chapter FORTY  
       for new and updated MXG data sets, as well as updates to other   
       chapters from all past MXG newsletters.  A significant poriton of
       the MXG SUPPLEMENT will deal specifically with the analysis of   
       VM Monitor data.                                                 
       Merrill Consultants will automatically send one copy of the MXG  
       SUPPLEMENT to all supported customers when it is completed, and  
       future MXG Newsletters will be sized to fit therein.             
       When completed, additional copies of the MXG SUPPLEMENT will be  
       available for purchase (at a mere pittance) from the Publications
       Department of SAS Institute. Please don't hassle SAS about the   
       publication date - they are not the hold up. Call us in Dallas   
       if you must, but don't expect it before year end. (Which year?)  
   1. EXTY72 and EXTY74 exit members were changed. If they exist in your
  USERID.SOURCLIB, your changes will override MXG changes. Thus only if 
  you have these members in your USERID. library, must you re-fit your  
  exit code. (The change externalized control of observations which had 
  previously buried inline in the MXG VMAC7072 member).                 
   2. TYPE72 data set may contain more observations with Version 4.     
  Previous versions only output if performance group received SERVICE,  
  but RPGNs can be defined to only count transactions; MXG missed those.
  Version 4 now outputs TYPE72 observations if either SERVICE or TRANS  
  are non-zero. This logic is now in EXTY72, if you wish to override.   
  3.  Version 3 and RMF 3.3 cause the first TYPE70 observation from each
  day's processing to have a missing value for the variable SU_SEC. This
  is because that value is now in the type 72 record (at long last) for 
  RMF 3.3+, but the type 70 record (from which we used to have to get   
  the number by table look up) always precedes its type 72.  Should only
  affect report programs which depend on non-missing SU_SEC in every    
  observation of TYPE70. You'll have to get SU_SEC from TYPE72 in the   
  future, since that's where it should have been all along.             
  4.  ROSCOE users must note Change 4.76.                               
  Please call if you experience any difficulties or problems. Barry     
  This  member  describes the  changes made  to the MXG Software since  
  Version 3 was shipped.  Changes to variables and data sets between    
  Versions 3 and 4 are documented in member DOCVER04. The total list    
  of the contents of all data sets, new and old, created now by MXG     
  Version 4 is in member DOCVER. VMON data sets in DOCVER with numeric  
  suffixes are not finalized, and may change in name and contents.      
  Always look for additional documentation in comments at the beginning 
  of each member. Note that the members affected by each change, below, 
  are listed under the date of change. Read those members too.          
  Additional documentation is available in past and future issues of    
  the MXG Newsletter, sent by Merrill Consultants to their Supported    
  Customers. Newsletter EIGHT was published May 31, 1986.               
  Note these SAS Zaps which you may need to install:                    
  Z5152456 - 0C4, 30A when over 20 variables on PLOT statement          
  Z5152254 - Protected data set errors after PROC DATASETS              
  Z5162525 - ABEND 999 with ERRORABEND when no variables in data        
             set for PROC CHART, PLOT, GPLOT and maybe others.          
  The following pages provide the sequential log of changes which have  
  been installed already in this MXG library. The most recent changes   
  are listed first.                                                     
NEXTCHANGE: Version  4                                                  
=====Changes thru 4.111 as of September 26, 1986======================  
Change 04.111     A new IBM error in CICS CMF records has been uncovered
Sep 26, 1986      and circumvented. Problem only occurs after other PTFs
VMAC110           (PP43887 and/or AP40463) are installed. MCTSSDRL (the 
                  data record length) is 2-8 bytes shorter than the real
                  data to be created. IBM truncates the data segment to 
                  the (incorrect) length specified by MCTSSDRL. An APAR 
                  will be issued next week. MXG circumvents by comparing
                  the expected length (EXPLEN, from IMACPTF status) with
                  MCTSSDRL. However, two fields SECOUCHR and PROGSTOR   
                  are overlaid by next segment, and will be missing in  
                  CICSTRAN data set when error is circumvented. Another 
                  error, hit when over 100 bytes of user data is added  
                  was found in MXG and was fixed.                       
   Thanks to Thom Conley, Gold Circle Stores, USA.                      
   Thanks to Kirby Kern, Commercial Federal Omaha, USA.                 
Change 04.110     SAS 5.15 ABENDs with  0C4 or 30-A when more than 20   
Sep 24, 1986      variables are specified on a PLOT statement. While SAS
ANALDALY          zap Z5152456 fixes the problem, the offending PLOT    
                  statements were split in MXG to circumvent problem.   
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
   Thanks to Drew Pierson, PRC, USA.                                    
Change 04.109     The JES 3 Accounting information in the type 26 purge 
Sep 24, 1986      record was not handled correctly, occasionally causing
VMAC26J3          a STOPOVER ABEND. Now, ACCOUNT1 is parsed directly    
                  from the 42-character field.  The STOPOVER dump Dave  
                  sent showed an undocumented field, OUTDEVCE, has been 
                  added to the Print section added with MVS 2.1.7.      
   Thanks to Dave Harrison, Celenese, USA.                              
Change 04.108     VM Monitor validation completed for MXG Ver 4.4. See  
Sep 21, 1986      details in member VMACVMON.  Almost all variables are 
VMACVMON          exact when compared with detail VM MAP listing with   
TYPEVMON          VM 3.4 HPO. Test sites have validated with non-HPO    
ANALVMON          VM Version 4.  HPO 4.2 has been coded, but the new    
                  variables have not been verified. Highly usable, but  
                  this gem is only faceted - polish will come in next   
                  Version of MXG.                                       
Change 04.107     ESP site input has further validated and enhanced the 
Sep 21, 1986      IMS Log processing.  Code now conforms to MXG Exit    
TYPEIMS           structure. RESPONSE time & components (when possible) 
                  are calculated.  John enhanced the data kept and also 
                  captured local data from the RACF segments.           
   Thanks to John Loo, Fluor Corporation, USA.                          
Change 04.106     More IBM CICS errors. With PP43887 on CICS 1.6.1, the 
Sep 19, 1986      record length MCTSSDRL is not always correct in the   
VMAC110           CMF type 110 record. Problem at IBM Level 2. Has      
                  caused specious 'missing TASKNR message'.             
                  Transaction JC.. sometimes has nulls for TASKNR which 
                  caused "missing TASKNR" message. Fix by message only  
                  IF TASKNR=. AND TRANNAME NE 'JC..' THEN DO;           
   Thanks to Tom Koelle, Citicorp Information Systems Research, USA.    
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
   Thanks to Bill Cohen, Drexel, Burnaham and Lambert, USA.             
Change 04.105     Validation of MXG DB2 data with DB2PRT caused fixes.  
Sep 17, 1986      QTMAXDS=DIF(QTMAXDS)  was deleted. MXG finds non-zero 
ANALDB2           for QBnCRIO fields, which are zero on DB2PRT report.  
                  QBnTCBA (n=1 to 4) disagree with DB2PRT at one site,. 
                  but seem ok at another. Validate and call if you can. 
                  SYSTEM added to SORT for DB2STAT1 and DB2STAT2 since  
                  DB2 subsystem id (QWHSSSID) is not unique for SORT.   
   Thanks to Martha Hall, Metropolitan Life Insurance, USA.             
   Thanks to Scott Peterson, Southern California Edison, USA.           
Change 04.104     VM Monitor cleanups                                   
Sep 19, 1986      Non-HPO system: MN003CIE thru CSE do not exist. Fixed.
VMACVMON          Used _HPO to test for class 0 code 3 to OUTPUT PERF & 
                  VMONINST data sets after 0/03 record for non-HPO, but 
                  OUTPUT them after class 0 code 4 for HPO systems.     
                  Non-AP system does not write class 0 code 1 record.   
                  Moved calculation of many variables to before OUTPUT. 
   Thanks to Wayne Kidd, SYNTEX, USA.                                   
Change 04.103     MXG Lock manager data variables QTXA.... in DB2ACCT   
Sep 16, 1986      have never been valid due to an MXG coding error. The 
VMACDB2           QTXA.... variables in DB2STAT1 have been valid, tho   
                  the IBM documentation is misleading. Now, QTXANPL     
                  no longer exists in DB2STAT1 (it is only in ACCT) and 
                  pointers to the six QTXA.... variables in DB2ACCT are 
                  now read in from the correct offset. This fix was not 
                  on 4.3 BETA tape.                                     
   Thanks to Sam Catalo, IBM Level 2, USA.                              
-----Changes thru 4.102 as of September 12, 1986 was the 4.3 BETA-----  
Change 04.102     DISOSS Version 3 Release 3 Accounting record is now   
Sep 12, 1986      supported. It provides more data than the perceeding  
TYPEDISO          record. See comments in TYPEDISO and DOCVER03.        
Change 04.101     Turnaround example code now calculates in minutes to  
Sep  8, 1986       be consistent with example in the book, and report   
ANALTURN          title identifies units.                               
Change 04.100     Cleanup of DATABASE data set built from TYPE1415 and  
Sep  8, 1986       step records. Unreferenced variables from step record
ANALDSET          are now deleted, saving space and avoiding confusion. 
   Thanks to Eustace Fernandez, Bow Valley Industries, CANADA.          
Change 04.99      Support for IDMS log data and exit code to create SMF 
Sep 21, 1986      records from IDMS log data. This is in addition to the
IDMSEXIT          IDMS Performance Monitor SMF record supported by   MXG
IDMSLOG           Change 4.61. All documentation is in member IDMSEXIT, 
IMACIDMS          which contains the ASM source for an IDMS exit which  
                  will create four SMF records with IDMS log-type data  
VMAC200-203       without reading the IDMS DCLOG. Members TYPE200-3 will
TYPE200-203       create labeled MXG data sets from these MXG IDMS SMF  
EXTY200-203       records.  Member IDMSLOG will read the DCLOG itself,  
                  but variables are not labelled (yet). Member IMACIDMS 
                  defines the actual MXG IDMS SMF record IDs. There are 
                  additional reports in IDMS.... members.               
   Thanks to Peter Bailey, Software Product Services, Woking, ENGLAND.  
Change 04.98      Support for DOS POWER Version 2 coded, which contains 
Sep 12, 1986      impacting changes in data format (DOSJOBS especially).
TYPEDOS           Five new data sets are now created by MXG from V2:    
FORMATS           DOSBEGIN (startup statistics), DOSNET (network stats) 
EXDOSBEG          DOSPOOL (spool accounting), DOSXPCC (connection), and 
EXDOSNET          DOSXRC (transmit/receive spool). New member IMACDOSA  
EXDOSPOL          now defines DOSJOBS variable APLICATN; code had been  
EXDOSXPC          inline. Read comments at beginning of member TYPEDOS  
IMACDOSA          for all V2 documentation and DOS changes              
   Thanks to Paul Ehresmann, Compusource, USA.                          
Change 04.97      Several cleanup changes by 4.1 ESP user. TYPE75 data  
Sep  6, 1986      not created if RMFINTRV run standalone. UTILCICS had  
RMFINTRV          missing semicolon in comments. Two CICSTRAN variables,
UTILCICS          IWAITCN & IWAITTM were not in KEEP list (they exist   
VMAC110           only if DLI counting is enabled in member IMACICDL).  
   Thanks to Norbert Korsche, OMV-AG, AUSTRIA.                          
Change 04.96      Several 4.1 ESP changes. Inconsistency between JES2   
Sep  6, 1986      and JES3 _NODUP macro corrected. OUTDEVCE & SYSTEM    
BUILDPDB          appended to TYPE6 bylist in NODUP SORT to avoid dupes 
BUILDPD3          which had been encountered. Division by DURATM in type
VMAC74            74 protected for DURATM=0. CPUTM added to PDB.JOBS.   
   Thanks to Bill Cohen, Drexel Burnham, USA.                           
   Thanks to M. Morris, Northern VA Highway Department, USA.            
Change 04.95      TYPE 59 changes for NJE BDT in TNL GN28-1122 to SMF   
Sep  6, 1986      manual were coded. I have never had type 59 records   
VMAC59            to test, and no site has ever validated this code.    
Change 04.94      The MONITOR FOR CICS from Landmark is now validated   
Sep  6, 1986      and will now process compressed data, if the INFILE   
EXITMONI          exit TMON (JCL + SOURCE are in EXITMONI) is installed.
IMACMONI          IMACMONI defaults to uncompressed format only. Once   
TYPEMONI          TMON is installed, either format is supported.        
   Thanks to Bob Rutledge, Sherwin Williams Paint, USA.                 
   (I can see why - they know he's so valuable you'll try to steal him).
Change 04.93      Test for CICTRANV at location 50 applied to CICS 1.6.1
Sep  5, 1986      without PP43887. Test should be at 51 with that PTF.  
VMAC110           MXG was updated to test for PTF and then test at 50 or
                  51 as appropriate.                                    
   Thanks to Glen Wall, Databank, NEW ZEALAND.                          
Change 04.92      Calculation of some CPU variables was not perfect when
Sep  5, 1986      a 3084 was split into two 3081's. Only if the CPU was 
VMAC7072          online during the entire interval will the CPU and its
                  contribution to wait be counted. If a processor is    
                  offline at any time during the interval, it will not  
                  be counted in NRCPUS and its wait will not be added to
                  CPUWAITM. Now, the CPUWAITn variable for that CPU will
                  contain the actual wait for that CPU (before this     
                  change, it's CPUWAITM was set equal to DURATM).       
   Thanks to Andy Yu, B.C. Systems-Hi Tech Systems, CANADA.             
Change 04.91      Substantial changes in DB2 data. MXG did not correctly
Sep  4, 1986      capture all of the DB2 data segments. See description 
VMACDB2           in comments in VMACDB2.                               
   Thanks to Martha Hall, Metropolitan Life, USA.                       
Change 04.90      Type 40 (dynamic allocation) record did not include   
Sep  4, 1986      +OFFSMF in line 67, causing error if VSAM SMF file    
VMAC40            was read by MXG. Minimal impact, as 40 data is in 30  
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
=====Changes thru 4.89 were ALPHA Version 4.2=========================  
Change 04.89      Support for the ROSCOE Response Time Monitor records  
Aug  4, 1986      (new in ROSCOE Release 5.4).  Reports are provided,   
TYPEROSC          and Chuck Hopf's paper (in DOCRRTM) discusses the     
VMACROSC          good and the not so good of this response data. This  
JCLROSC           code is preliminary; variables are 8 rather than the  
DOCROSC           4 bytes they will be, etc. The reports match okay.    
Change 04.88      New routine analyzes SMF operator records 8,thru 11 to
Aug  4, 1986      detect when operators have varied tape drives online  
ANALVARY          simultaneously to multiple systems.                   
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 04.87      SAS/GRAPH reports using RMFINTRV data were revised to 
Aug  4, 1986      use SAS Version 5 Graphics catalogs. CLSTRPLY allows  
GRAFRMFI          TSO users to REPLAY these graphs.                     
Change 04.86      Quotes were missing around the test value for CPUVERSN
Aug  4, 1986      in the example.                                       
   Thanks to Huddie Dean, Chilton Corp Dallas, USA.                     
Change 04.85      VM Monitor Support is now credible. The PERFORM, USER,
Aug  4, 1986      and DASTAP records are almost complete, and the VM MAP
TYPEVMON          reports have been mostly validated.  Read all of the  
                  notes and comments in VMACVMON.  More reports still   
                  remain, and some important variables are not yet      
                  deduced by MXG (help IS solicited), but tests under   
                  VM HPO 3.4 look good. No HPO 4.2 data has been tested,
                  but I think the code will work for VM Release 3 and 4,
                  with or without HPO.                                  
   Thanks to Allan Russell, SAS Institute Europe, GERMANY.              
   Thanks to Daniel Delorge, SAS Institute, FRANCE.                     
Change 04.84      Validation of THE MONITOR FOR CICS (Landmark Corp's   
Aug  3, 1986      product) data uncovered a few errors which are fixed. 
TYPEMONI          Most of the variables are already documented in MXG   
                  Book Chapter 40 (CICSTRAN and CICSYSTM sections), but 
                  also note that THE MONITOR only provides the elapsed  
                  (attach to detach) response time; the IRESP (internal 
                  response, ELAPSED-WTTCIOTM, which excludes the user   
                  think and typing time) is not captured by THE MONITOR.
                  This change affected many lines to the MXG 4.1 code.  
   Thanks to Neil Ervin, Borg Warner Chemicals, USA.                    
   Thanks to Bob Rutledge, Sherwin Williams Paint, USA.                 
Change 04.83      Some type 80s do not have the RACFTYPE and RACFDATA   
Jul 17, 1986      segment, which was required for OUTPUT. This fix adds 
VMAC80            %%INCLUDE SOURCLIB(EXTY8) to handle these cases.      
   Thanks to Tom Wiebe, NERCO, USA.                                     
Change 04.82      INPUT statement did not include +OFFSMF offset to read
Jul 11, 1986      VSAM SMF data correctly. Normal SMF data was handled  
VMAC8911          okay.                                                 
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 04.81      VMONCU data was incorrectly documented by IBM. An obs 
Jul 10, 1986      will be created only if the device actually had busy  
VMACVMON          measured from CPU or from APU.                        
   Thanks to Terry Magill, NAS, USA.                                    
Change 04.80      CICSTRAN IRESPTM (Internal response) was non-zero even
Jun 30, 1986      if ERRFLAG was on, because it was carried from prior  
VMAC110           transaction, because it was not initialized to missing
                  before each calculation.                              
   Thanks to Evangeline Jacobs, Stearns Catalytic, USA.                 
   Thanks to James Tummins, Stearns Catalytic, USA.                     
Change 04.79      GDGATTR changed to PIB1., HEX2. from character, as    
Jun 22, 1986      it conflicted with VMAC6367. (Not caught by UTILXREF  
VMAC6156          because neither variable is actually KEPT, and only   
                  caused problem if 6156 and 6367 simultaneously built.)
   Thanks to Malcolm Morgan, Wachovia Bank, USA.                        
   Thanks to Norbert Riehout, Great Western, USA.                       
-----Changes thru 4.78 were in Pre-Release of Version 4.1.              
Change 04.78      Correction to Change 4.55 for RACF 1.7. The OFFSET    
Jun  9, 1986      equations added by 4.55 was restored to the original: 
VMAC80              OFFSET=OFFSET+1+OFFSMF;                             
                  Type 80s from TOPSECRET need OFFSET=OFFSET-3+OFFSMF,  
                  still under investigation with that vendor.           
   Thanks to Tom Weibe, NERCO, USA.                                     
Change 04.77      CICS Transaction variable TRMCHRCN, total characters  
Jun  9, 1986      in and out, was not created for CICS 1.7. (It was an  
VMAC110           INPUTed variable in 1.6).                             
   Thanks to Barbara Watters, EXXON Houston, USA.                       
-----Changes thru 4.76 completed May 31, 1986 Release of Version 4.1.   
Change 04.76      Variable CPUTM in the ROSCO... data sets was renamed  
May 31, 1986      to CPUTCBTM to be consistent with its meaning. Note   
VMACROSC          that CPUTM was removed, which may cause your ROSCO... 
                  report programs (other than ANALROSC, which we fixed  
                  to use CPUTCBTM) to fail. (We had to correct this one,
                  because the ROSCO label for CPUTM could override the  
                  correct TYPE30 label.) Sorry I didn't catch this one  
                  when I validated the original ROSCOE code.            
Change 04.75      Queueing percentages are now correct. EVENTS should   
May 31, 1986      have been the divident instead of NRSAMPLES.          
Change 04.74      Conflicts in LABELs for variables with the same name  
May 31, 1986      in different MXG data sets were resolved. Changes in  
DOC               LABEL were to clarify and be consistent, but should   
                  not really be noticed; PHYSICAL*BLOCK SIZE*(BYTES)    
                  replaced BLOCK*SIZE, for example.                     
Change 04.73      Change 4.65 was redesigned, and its description below 
May 31, 1986      was changed after printing of MXG Newsletter EIGHT.   
Change 04.72      VM Account Card data set VMVCNA was  all wrong (though
May 29, 1986      it didn't raise an error) due to IBM format changes we
TYPEVM            overlooked.                                           
   Thanks to Jonathan Aliber, Fidelity Systems, USA.                    
Change 04.71      Test for blank SYSEXEC to delete non-execution purge  
May 28, 1986      records was expanded to also test for nulls (hex 0) as
BUILDPDB          NJE purge records are null, whereas JES are blank.    
   Thanks to Al Loyd, DOD, Ft. Meade, Md, USA.                          
Change 04.70      AVGRSPTM (average response time) variable added to the
May 28, 1986      NLDM Type 39 data sets.                               
Change 04.69      You should know this already, if you read INSTALL like
May 27, 1986      you were supposed to (first). MXG EXIT Facility is now
INSTALL           documented in member INSTALL (essentially as it will  
                  be in Chapter 33 of the MXG Supplement).  Additional  
                  sections in INSTALL cross reference member to product 
                  to MXG data set created to EXIT member names. Read it.
Change 04.68      Member TYPEDOS was restructured to extend the MXG EXIT
May 27, 1986      facility to DOS. See comments in TYPEDOS, and INSTALL.
TYPEDOS           It should not impact present DOS data sets in any way,
EXDOS...          unless you choose to enable it.                       
   Thanks to Barry Lewis, CIA, USA.                                     
Change 04.67      Standalone execution of RMFINTRV (by removal of the   
May 27, 1986      comment block around the SMF processing) did not keep 
RMFINTRV          all of the RMF data sets which are kept when RMFINTRV 
                  is invoked by BUILDPDB. Standalone RMFINTRV now agrees
   Thanks to Barry Lewis, CIA, USA.                                     
Change 04.66      JES3 clock differences between LOCAL and GLOBAL       
May 27, 1986      processors can cause BUILDPD3 to not recognize that   
BUILDPD3          the job is complete. _TIMEDIF macro is now defined    
IMACTIME          in IMACTIME to allow installations to specify a time  
                  "fuzziness" for BUILDPD3 logic. Read IMACTIME.        
   Thanks to Barry Lewis, CIA, USA.                                     
Change 04.65      Incorrect PTF information in IMACPTF can cause CICS   
May 31, 1986      data sets to be built with no apparent error, but     
VMAC110           containing invalid data (notably, TASKNR missing.)    
                  This was because MXG used the ?? marker to supress    
                  the dump of the record, the error message and _ERROR_ 
                  set by SAS for TASKNR. The ?? has been retained, but  
                  an MXG ERROR MESSAGE now notifies you that the CMF    
                  data format has been changes, and suggests you run    
                  UTILCICS which will identify your PTF level by APPLID.
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
     for lots of good input here.                                       
Change 04.64      Minor changes during testing of 4.61 (IDMS-RTE)       
May 19, 1986      Insert RT1DCDTW=DATEJUL(RT1DCDTW); Format 12.2 of     
VMACRTE           RT1DCTIT,TTT changed to 8., TST,TUT,TWT to 14.4;      
                  IO is PAGES READ + PAGES WRITTEN; BST reports show    
                  BATCH for Program Type when Type Task is Batch.       
-----Changes thru 4.63 completed the first pre-release of Version 4.1.  
Change 04.63      Support for The Monitor for CICS product of Landmark  
May 13, 1986      Systems. Variable names were taken from existing MXG  
TYPEMONI          data sets CICSTRAN and CICSYSTM (book, page 398) when 
FORMATS           possible. The code has only been syntax checked; the  
                  MONITOR data tape did not arrive. Two test sites will 
                  validate before you read this; call before believing. 
Change 04.62      Split into five steps and better documented. Version 4
May 13, 1986      broke the SAS limit of 32768 SYSIN cards (it is fixed 
TESTIBM           NEW VERSION OF MXG. Self documenting. New naming code:
TESTUSER          members used to test MXG will begin with TEST.        
TESTOTHR          Old MXG testing members TYPETEST,OTHRTEST,TYPEPRNT, & 
                  OTHRPRNT are deleted in Version 4 to force the issue. 
Change 04.61      Support for Cullinet's IDMS Performance Monitor SMF   
May 12, 1986      record. Called RTE because it was born as the Run Time
TYPERTE           Evaluator product of Business Software Technology. The
FORMATS           SMF record type (their default 230) must be enabled in
EXTYRTE           IMACRTE. The monitor provides task level resource data
   Thanks to Myles McCarthy, Fidelity Systems, USA.                     
Change 04.60      Support for RMF System Availability Management data   
May 12, 1986      records. Three data sets SAMINFO, SAMTERM & SAMSKED   
TYPESAM           can be built from data captured by the new RMF/SAM    
                  component introduced in RMF 3.4.  SAMTERM & SAMSKED   
                  are from installation data, SAMINFO is created from   
                  RMF data sent to the SAM Info/MGT data base, extracted
                  with a SAM supplied utility.  SAM detects system level
                  availability events (IPLs, WAITs, LOOPs), and step    
                  terminations, but nothing at the subsystem level.     
Change 04.59      Corrected calculation of OSWAITTM variable (which     
May 12, 1986      had omitted multiply by 16). In the process, all      
VMAC110           duration (TM) variables which had been created by     
                  (PIB4., then /62500) are now instead created with     
                  the equivalent (PIB4.6, then *16) for consistency.    
   Thanks to Barbara Watters, EXXON Houston, USA.                       
Change 04.58      Support for type 24 JES2 SPOOL OFFLOAD Program        
May 12, 1986      Product. Separate information for jobs offloaded      
VMAC24 and SYSOUT files offloaded from SPOOL.                           
Change 04.57      Support for additional segment (CTC) in type 50 SMF   
May 12, 1986      VTAM Tuning Statistics record. The existing SNA VTAM  
VMAC50            data is supplemented with new data for VTAM CTC use.  
Change 04.56      Support for BDT (Bulk Data Transfer) type 59 SMF      
May 10, 1986      record has been coded. It has not been validated by   
VMAC59            actual data records. Call if you have verified it.    
Change 04.55      Support for RACF 1.7 type 80 SMF record. Fields are   
May  9, 1986      decoded with several new formats.                     
Change 04.54      Consolidation of the multiple LABEL, FORMAT, & LENGTH 
May  8, 1986      statements to avoid redundant SAS statements. This    
DOC               has the added advantage that these MXG data sets      
                  will now have all variables in alphabetic order.      
                  VMAC7072 VMAC71 VMAC73 VMAC74 VMAC75 VMAC76 VMAC77    
                  VMAC78   VMAC30                                       
Change 04.53      New variables AVGPAGMS and AVGSWPMS are now created to
May  7, 1986      match RMF reports of same values.                     
Change 04.52      Final validation of RMF 3.4 data showed three wrong   
May  6, 1986      values which are now corrected. EXTFRMON is PIB4.0,   
VMAC71            not PIB4.1; MIGAGEAV is PIB4.1, not PIB4.0; and       
                  PVTMVTOT is now a rate per second with correct label. 
Change 04.51      New documentation shows the new measure of all path   
May  6, 1986      busy should be   PCTPTHBY=100*PCTPTHBY/NRCMPTSM;      
VMAC78            Comparison of MXG PCTCUBSY (using RMF manual equation)
                  does not exactly match % CU BUSY field on RMF report; 
                  usually close, sometimes MXG shows 26% while RMF only 
                  has 17%. Checking with IBM, think we are right.       
   Thanks to Jan Van Lent, Fokker BV, Schiphol, THE NETHERLANDS.        
Change 04.50      STARTIME in the TYPE38IN interval data set had the    
May  6, 1986      prior day's date if the interval ended after midnight.
VMAC38            Subtract NPATM from SMFTIME inside DATEPART function. 
   Thanks to Roger Konydyk, Steelcase, USA.                             
Change 04.49      IMACPTF added. A new maintenance facility for MXG in  
May  6, 1986      which MXG code to support certain IBM PTFs (Program   
IMACPTF           Temporary Fixes) is enabled. Currently used only by   
                  VMAC110 to support CICS PTFs. Check here first if     
                  you find a PTF which changes data; it may already be  
                  supported in MXG, awaiting only your enablement here. 
Change 04.48      CICS PTF PP43887 adds new field in middle of record.  
May  6, 1986      For sites using CICS IRC (Inter Region Communication) 
VMAC110           the new variables WTIRIOTM and WTIRIOCN give the total
                  time (and count of times) that this transaction waited
                  for IO from the other CICS IRC region. You must update
                  IMACPTF to enable _PP43887 when this PTF is installed.
                  With the PTF installed and not enabled in MXG, the    
                  data in CICSTRAN variables will be wrong.             
   Thanks to Sheldon Auerbach, AmeriTrust Cleveland, USA.               
Change 04.47      IMACKEEP (which contains your re-definitions of the   
May  6, 1986      MXG _VAR.... macro which contains KEEP= list for all  
BUILDPDB/3        MXG data sets) must be INCLUDEd after EXPDBINC.       
   Thanks to Malcolm Morgan, Wachovia Bank, USA.                        
Change 04.46      Line 73 assumed OFFSET was from beginning of QSAM     
May  6, 1986      data, but it is from beginning of the BSAM record.    
VMAC80            Change +1 to -3 (to account 4-byte RDW difference).   
   Thanks to Craig Feitzner, Citicorp, USA.                             
Change 04.45      Support for Database 2 Release 2 changes to type 100  
Apr 22, 1986      and 101 SMF records.                                  
VMACDB2         DB2STAT0: Q9STCTRC, QWSDCKPT, QWSDINV1-4                
     The new type 102 SMF record written by DB2 trace is not presently  
      decoded by MXG; when pushed by a user with data in hand, we will  
      investigate its complexity and eventually support it.             
Change 04.44      Support for the NPDA type 37 SMF record.              
Apr 21, 1986                                                            
Change 04.43      CMS Support, for the  execution of MXG under CMS SAS. 
Apr  8, 1986      Installation instructions are contained in this new   
INSTALL           member.                                               
Change 04.42      VM Monitor data support. The VMONnnnn data sets which 
Apr  8, 1986      can be created from VM monitor records are documented 
TYPEVMON          in INSTALL. All other documentation is in VMACVMON    
VMACVMON          comments. Note that you must have SAS Version 5.12    
                  or later to read Monitor data from the virtual reader 
                  (which needs MONITOR exit, new with 5.12).            
Change 04.41      All PROC DELETE's were changed to PROC DATASETS NOLIST
Apr  8, 1986      because SAS no longer supports PROC DELETE.           
DOC               BUILDPDB/3 ANALDB2,DOS,ESV,ROSC                       
Change 04.40      The FWINDEX calculation for overflow DLI call counting
Apr  7, 1986      was incorrect; when overflow occurred (almost never,  
VMACCIMS          except for occasional big BMPs), overflow count was   
                  added to wrong bucket.                                
   Thanks to Ron Root, Sun Company Dallas, USA.                         
Change 04.39      Duplicate data removal (Change 4.38) was disabled due 
Apr  7, 1986      to a SAS error in the NODUP option of PROC SORT when  
BUILDPDB          NODUP and KEEP= or DROP= were used. NODUP compared the
BUILDPD3          records (wrongly) using the output buffer length. With
                  KEEP or DROP, the output record is shorter than input,
                  causing SAS to falsely detect and delete non-duplicate
                  records. SAS HAS FIXED THE PROBLEM IN 5.15 AND LATER. 
                   (See SAS usage note 2079 for 5.08 and earlier).      
                  To enable duplicate data removal for all SORTS after  
                  you install SAS 5.15, EDIT BUILDPDB/3 and change the  
                  MACRO _NODUP % to MACRO  _NODUP  NODUP % as described 
                  in comments.                                          
                  This disabling of the NODUP option only affects the   
                  job records (6, 26, and 30); the majority of the PROC 
                  SORTs in BUILDPDB do not use KEEP= and thus NODUP is  
                  enabled.  When duplicate records are encountered by   
                  the NODUP options, SAS tells you with a log NOTE.     
   Thanks to Dale Ingold, SAS Institute Cary, USA.                      
     for quick response and repair.                                     
Change 04.38   1. Duplicate data records in the input SMF file will now 
Mar 26, 1986      be automatically deleted from the PDB files, and a    
BUILDPDB          SAS NOTE on the LOG will tell you that duplicate data 
BUILDPD3          was found and deleted for each SAS data set.          
                  Note that this will still only remove identical SMF   
                  data in today's input SMF file. Re-processing data    
                  today (which was previously processed) would not be   
                  detectable by the NODUP options. This enhancement     
                  provides most of the function which the non-existent  
                  ANALDUPE member was intended to perform.              
                  Removal of duplicate data is done by the addition of  
                  the SAS NODUP option to the first SORT of the input   
                  data sets, and by adding variables to the BY list to  
                  force uniqueness for the NODUP option. Since the high 
                  level BY variables in those SORTs were not changed,   
                  your present reporting should not be impacted. You may
                  want to take advantage of the new sort order, since it
                  ususally will eliminate a sort in your reporting.     
                  Because CICSTRAN data set is created direct from the  
                  SMF data, there is no SORT in BUILDPDB/3 and there is 
                  no automatic duplicate removal in BUILDPDB/3. In your 
                  CICSTRAN report programs you normally must sort the   
                  data anyhow. To remove dupes, simply add NODUP to the 
                  PROC SORT and expand the BY list to include all the   
                  variables in the CICSACCT By list, below.             
                  The following list shows the original sort order with 
                  a + to indicate where new sort variables were added.  
       Dataset  BY Variables                                            
       CICSYSTM APPLID STRTTIME+ ENDTIME                                
       TYPE0    SYSTEM+ IPLTIME                                         
       TYPE21   SYSTEM+ SMFTIME  DEVNR                                  
       TYPE70   SYSTEM STARTIME+ SMFTIME                                
       TYPE71   SYSTEM STARTIME+ SMFTIME                                
       TYPE73   SYSTEM STARTIME+ CHPID SMFTIME                          
       TYPE73P  SYSTEM STARTIME+ CHAN SMFTIME                           
       TYPE73L  SYSTEM STARTIME+ LCHAN SMFTIME                          
       TYPE74   SYSTEM STARTIME+ DEVNR SMFTIME                          
       TYPE78   SYSTEM STARTIME+ LCUID SMFTIME                          
       TYPE78CU SYSTEM STARTIME+ LCUID SMFTIME                          
       TYPE78IO SYSTEM STARTIME+ IOPIQID SMFTIME                        
       TYPE78VS SYSTEM STARTIME+ SMFTIME                                
       TYPE30_1 READTIME JOB JESNR  JINTTIME+                           
       TYPE30_4 READTIME JOB JESNR  TERMTIME+                           
       TYPE26   READTIME JOB JESNR+ JPURTIME   SYSEXEC                  
   Thanks to ???, NRMA, AUSTRALIA.                                      
     who suggested this in 1984.                                        
Change 04.37      Variable EXCPRMF in type 30 data sets is calculated   
Mar 26, 1986      from data in the 30 (IOUNITS) and from the IOCCOEFF   
VMAC30            coefficient in the type 72. If a 30 was encountered   
VMAC7072          before a 72, EXCPRMF would be missing. However, if    
                  duplicate 30 records were separated by a 72, the      
                  first 30 had missing EXCPRMF, while the duplicate had 
                  a value, which prevented NODUP option in SORT from    
                  recognizing the true duplicate. Now, IOCSYSTM is      
                  retained from 72 and compared with SYSTEM in 30 to    
                  only create EXCPRMF when preceding 72 is from same    
                  system, and thus allow NODUP option to delete dupes.  
Change 04.36      When the EJST,SRBT suffix variables from QWSA were    
Apr 07, 1986      split into QWS1 and QWS2, and when ISEQ,SBNA,SCF,     
ANALDB2           SRND,SRNW,SRSW,OTH1,OTH2 suffix variables from QWSC   
                  were split into QWS1, QWS2 and QWS3 prefixes, the     
                  DIF() operations necessary to make the DB2 data       
                  meaningful were overlooked in ANALDB2, which affects  
                  those variables (and CPUTM) in DB2STAT0 data set.     
                  New variables DB2TCBTM,DB2SRBTM,ELAPSTM,JOB are now   
                  created in DB2ACCT.                                   
                  Remember, ANALDB2 is not optional; it is automatically
                  invoked by TYPEDB2, and must be included in EXPDBCDE  
                  if you create DB2 data sets with BUILDPDB.            
   Thanks to Mike Schilling, NORWEST Information Services, USA.         
Change 04.35      TERMADDR and MINIADDR in several VM data sets built   
Mar 24, 1986      from VM Accounting Card data should not be $HEX6. as  
TYPEVM            they were characters all along. Remove from FORMAT.   
   Thanks to ???, ???.                                                  
Change 04.34      Under XA only, the PAG values in SMF are the sum of   
Mar 24, 1986      PAG + FIX, but MXG did not recognize that fact. With  
VMAC71            this change, the MXG value of PAG variables will be   
                  correct (and are less than the MXG V3 values).        
   Thanks to Les Czegel, CIL, CANADA.                                   
Change 04.33      Interval begin time INTBTIME added to the TYPE30_D DD 
Mar 24, 1986      level data set, so that DD observations from different
VMAC30            intervals of the same step (i.e., same INITTIME) can  
                  be recognized.                                        
   Thanks to Chuck Hopf, Computer Language Research (FASTAX), USA.      
Change 04.32   1. The Vector Processor accounting times (VPU & VPI) for 
Mar 24, 1986    USE and AFFinity were added to PDB.JOBS and PDB.STEPS.  
BUILDPDB       2. INTBTIME (interval begin time) was added to the BY    
                  TYPE30_V (now that RMF 3.3 provides INTBTIME).        
               4. SMFTIME was appended to the BY list (READTIME JOB     
                  JESNR INITTIME SMFTIME) for TYPE30_D (DD statistics)  
                  so DD records from different intervals (which will    
                  have same INITTIME) can be identified and ordered.    
Change 04.31      New data in TYPE21 record now supported. New counts   
Apr  4, 1986      of errors for 3480, tape unit serial number, DCBOFLG, 
VMAC21            and separate counts of bytes written and read added.  
                  See TNL GN28-1095 for PTF OZ89909, Jan 16, 1986.      
Change 04.30      Data sets TYPE78PA, TYPE78SP, and TYPE78VS were not   
Mar 20, 1986      created by BUILDPDB (but were for BUILDPD3). This     
BUILDPDB          change adds those three (small) data sets to the PDB. 
   Thanks to Wing Louie, Metropolitan Life, USA.                        
Change 04.29      ZDATE ("Zee date zee data was added to zee PDB") was  
Mar 20, 1986      added to _JOURNAL macro for CICS journal format data. 
RMFINTRV          ZDATE was also added to the KEEP list for RMFINTRV.   
   Thanks to Cathy Hellums, Aristar, USA.                               
Change 04.28      TYPE72 and TYPE74 data sets do not always contain all 
Mar 20, 1986      possible observations. Only if SERVICE or SIOCOUNT was
VMAC7072          non-zero would MXG OUTPUT, and the control logic was  
EXTY72            in the VMAC member. Now, the control logic for their  
VMAC74            OUTPUT statement has been moved to their EXTYnn member
EXTY74            so that sites which want all observations can make    
                  the change in their exit code. Sites which use TYPE74 
                  for availability want all observations, and sites that
                  use report perf. groups but capture only transactions 
                  may want all TYPE72 observations. The default was not 
                  changed, only the location of the default logic was.  
   Thanks to Barbara Watters, EXXON Houston, USA                        
Change 04.27      PRQUETM is now correct for JES3. For JES2, the start  
Mar 20, 1986      of print queue time is JFINTIME, but JES3 does not    
BUILDPD3          terminate output processing (JFINTIME) until purge.   
                  Thus JPRNTIME (start of output processing) must be    
                  uses for JES3 start of print queue time.              
Change 04.26      4381-III CPU factor (pre-RMF 3.3) for single CPU is   
Mar 20, 1986      now correct. 4381 de-rates UP by 85% when MP'ed, but  
VMAC7072          all other MVS machines de-rate 95%, 92% and 89% when  
                  2, 3, or 4 processors are online.                     
   Thanks to David Belsham, Lloyds Corporation.                         
Change 04.25      Inconsistent RMF data caused NOTSORTED error in one   
Mar 20, 1986      site because BY statement was missing. Additional     
RMFINTRV          check added to advise if RMF data was inconsistent.   
   Thanks to Pat Goetzinger, Northwestern Bell (of Nebraska!), USA.     
Change 04.24      Production version of RMF 3.3 relocated LCUID field   
Mar  4, 1986      in TYPE78   data set (only for 3090 CPUs).            
   Thanks to Greg Scriba, First National of Chicago, USA.               
-----Changes thru 4.23 completed first PRE-RELEASE of Version 4.0-----  
Change 04.23      Partitioning 3084s into 3081s, etc., caused MXG to    
Jan 31, 1986      incorrectly calculate PCTCPUBY after splitting the    
VMAC7072          CPUs. Beautiful fix (print of source,  highlighted    
                  with his changes, and with two pages of descriptive   
                  documentation) was supplied by, and therefore         
   Thanks to Stephen Secher-Jensen, ANZ Bank, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.     
Change 04.22      The current version of MODEL 204 now contains the     
Jan 27, 1986      M24ACCT and M24USER by default, so the exit is now    
EXM24ACT          set to default ON (was OFF). See member.              
   Thanks to David Daner, Sun Company, USA.                             
Change 04.21      IMS Log processing code. IMSTRAN and IMSMISS data sets
Jan 22, 1986      are built from sequences of IMS log records. This code
TYPEIMS           was originally written and tested in Europe.  It seems
IMACIMS           to handle IMS 1.3 quite well, and is self-documenting.
EXIMSTRN          Wherever possible, variable names of IMS Log data are 
EXIMSMIS          the same as those used for the IMF/Control IMS data   
                  set CIMSTRAN, page 413.                               
   Thanks to Allan Russell, SAS Institute Europe, GERMANY.              
Change 04.20      JES3 BUILDPDB ABEND and CONDCODE "fixes" were not     
Jan 22, 1986      completed with change 4.xx. Variables ABEND and       
BUILDPD3          CONDCODE were added following KEEP= _PDB30_5 in       
                  PROC SORT DATA=TYPE30_5 OUT=TYPE30_5 (KEEP= ....      
   Thanks to Bill Cohen, Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, USA.                 
Change 04.19      The catalog record at the end of the 61,65 and 66     
Jan 15, 1986      records was not decoded. The program will now (if     
VMAC6156          you choose) decode and print (but not add to the      
                  TYPE6156 data set) these catalog segments. See the    
                  'how to' comments in the member itself.               
   Thanks to Gary Bortner, Lucky Stores, USA.                           
   Thanks to John Lemkelde, Pennsylvania Blue Shield, USA.              
Change 04.18      Added five more work groups OTH1-OTH5 to RMFINTRV     
Jan  8, 1986      data set. Added Exit EXRMFINT so you can label the    
RMFINTRV          variables to describe that OTH1 is IDMS, etc.         
EXRMFINT          Comments added to IMACWORK to show how to use.        
IMACWORK          March 20, calculation code finally added!             
   Thanks to George Scott, Rockwell International Corporation, USA.     
   Thanks to Greg Scriba, First National of Chicago, USA.               
Change 04.17      Support for CICS 1.7. Major changes in internal data  
Jan  8, 1986      format, with some new variables, but minimal impact   
VMAC110           on your programs. Will be discussed in future issue   
FORMATS           of MXG Newsletter. Do not gen CICS 1.7 with EXCLUDEs. 
Change 04.16      Input format for OFFDATE in DOSRJE is MMDDYY6., and   
Jan  8, 1986      PRTYJOB=MOD(PRTYJOB,16) replaced PRTY=MOD(PRTY,16).   
   Thanks to Joseph G. Ogurchak, Westfield Companies, USA.              
Change 04.15      PTF UZ90402 for RMF 3.3 alters MVS/XA RMF format for  
Dec 29, 1985      Vector Processors, even if you don't have one! The    
                  following changes were published in MXG NEWSLETTER    
                  SEVEN prior to availability of Version 4.1. Actual    
                  code in Version 4 is more comprehensive that the      
                  quick fix printed in Newsletter Eight.                
VMAC7072          a. VECONSAM and VECTORON variables added to TYPE70.   
VMAC22            b. VECTORON added.                                    
VMAC30            c. Step level vector utilization variables added.     
                  d. Interval begin time, INTBTIME, finally put in      
                     the subtype 2 and 3 interval records by IBM.       
   Thanks to George Scott, Rockwell International Corporation, USA.     
Change 04.14      Constant 000000954 should be 000000953674. Causes a   
Dec 29, 1985      very small rounding error. Almost a nit.              
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
Change 04.13      Standard deviation of response time calculation can   
Dec 26, 1985      cause negative square root. Test added to avoid the   
VMAC7072          illegal argument error message. SSQELAP wraps inside  
                  RMF, creating above problem. IBM has been notified.   
Change 04.12      RMF 3.3 expanded LCUID to two bytes in the subtype 1  
Dec 18, 1985      record. MXG V3 missed this change, causing LCUID to   
VMAC78            be zero in TYPE78CF.                                  
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
Change 04.11      SAS Version 5 requires quotes around all character    
Dec 02, 1985      strings. LABEL and FORMAT statements had been fixed,  
TYPEPRNT          but execution with NOTEXT82 option suraced others.    
OTHRPRNT          Quotes in SPLIT='*' and quotes around hex character   
FORMATS           values in PROC FORMAT were added to these members:    
BUILDPD3          (Also removed superfulous PROC PRINT from BUILDPD3)   
                   ANALPROG ANALTSOR ANALTURN ANALVM                    
   Thanks to David Henley, Blue Cross, USA.                             
Change 04.10      INTRVAVG is always missing. Change equations (two)    
Dec 02, 1985      which calculate INTRVAVG to use INTRVSUM as first     
VMAC76    term on right side of equation.                               
   Thanks to Kenneth D. Jones, Maritime Telegraph and Telephone, CANADA.
Change 04.09      RESPAVG and RESPSTD and AVGMEMSZ values were carried  
Dec 02, 1985      into next PERFGRP.PERIOD if TRANS=0 or CPUUNITS=0.    
VMAC7072          After each of the 6 IF statements which calculate     
                  these variables, insert 'ELSE variable=.;' to set     
                  the value to missing.                                 
   Thanks to Sue Rosansky, Metropolitan Life, USA.                      
Change 04.08      Logic to set return code to 4096 or less was added    
Nov 19, 1985      to parallel type 4, 30 and 34 records as well.        
   Thanks to Sam Ferrarelli, Philadelphia Electric, USA.                
Change 04.07      Additional tests for zero denominator added for the   
Nov 19, 1985      variable NRSAMPLE (which strangely is sometimes 0).   
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
Change 04.06      Change 2.22(a) was not completely applied for JES3.   
Nov 19, 1985                                                            
               a. Find the three lines which create TYPE30_5 from the   
                  SET TYPE30_5 SPIN30_5; statement.                     
                  Replace those three lines with the similar eight      
                  lines from member BUILDPDB.                           
               b. Find MACRO _SUMSTP. Remove the variable TAPEDRVS in   
                  that macro definition by blanking it out.             
               c. Find DATA ONE30_5, then find FORMAT CONDCODE HEX4.    
                  insert two lines: ABEND=ABEND5;  CONDCODE=CONDCOD5;   
   Thanks to George Scott, Rockwell International Corporation, USA.     
   Thanks to Martin Hamburg,Johns Hopkins Univ Applied Physics Lab, USA.
Change 04.05      Five new variables (RMF 3.3 only) were INPUT out of   
Nov 18, 1985      order. Starting at OFFPGDS+392, variables should be   
VMAC71            MIGAGEMN,MX,AV, and EXTFRMIN,ON.                      
   Thanks to Sue Rosansky, Metropolitan Life, USA.                      
Change 04.04      Removed lower case from IMACINTV, as it caused SPF    
Nov  6, 1985      to change case and data values became lower case!     
   Thanks to Dennis Dwyer, CITICORP Person-to Person, USA.              
Change 04.03      Minor correction to MG078CV format to add HIGH.       
Nov  6, 1985                                                            
   Thanks to Joe Faska, Chemical Bank, USA.                             
Change 04.02      Corrected algorithm for counting tape drives  used    
Nov  4, 1985      and added count of tape drives potentially needed.    
ANALTAPE          Many lines involved. Call for information.            
   Thanks to Robin Templer, SAS Institute, AUSTRALIA.                   
Change 04.01      Backed out 2.3. Default record ID from TSO/MON and    
Nov  4, 1985      MXG now agree (they're alphanumeric: CMD - SYS for    
IMACTSOM          199 and 200 respectively).                            
   Thanks to Ray Dickensheets, Yellow Freight System, USA.              
LASTCHANGE: Version  4