MXG Version 34.05 is  dated Jul 25, 2016, thru Change 34.173    
        MXG Version 34.04 was dated Jun 23, 2016, thru Change 34.144    
        MXG Version 34.03 was dated May 10, 2016, thru Change 34.114    
        MXG Version 34.02 was dated Apr  5, 2016, thru Change 34.083    
Final   MXG Version 34.01 was dated Mar 21, 2016, thru Change 34.062    
Third   MXG Version 34.01 was dated Mar 14, 2016, thru Change 34.058    
Second  MXG Version 34.01 was dated Mar 14, 2016, thru Change 34.057    
First   MXG Version 34.01 was dated Mar  7, 2016, thru Change 34.048    
ANNUAL: MXG Version 33.33 was dated Jan 18, 2016, thru Change 33.327    
Instructions for ftp download can be requested by using this form:                          
Your download instructions will be sent via return email.               
Contents of member CHANGES:                                             
I.    Current MXG Software Version 34.05 is available upon request.     
II.   SAS Version requirement information.                              
III.  WPS Version requirement information.                              
IV.   MXG Version Required for Hardware, Operating System Release, etc. 
V.    Incompatibilities and Installation of MXG 34.05.                  
VI.   Online Documentation of MXG Software.                             
VII.  Changes Log                                                       
  Member NEWSLTRS contains Technical Notes, especially APARs of interest
  and is updated with new notes frequently.  All Newsletters are online 
  at in the "Newsletters" frame.                     
  Member CHANGES contains the changes made in the current MXG version.  
  Member CHANGESS contains all changes that have ever been made to MXG. 
  All MXG changes are also online at, in "Changes".  
I.  MXG Version 34.05 dated Jul 25, 2016, thru Change 34.173.           
  Major CHANGES added in MXG 34.05, dated Jul 25, 2016:                 
  TYPE120  34.170  Support for WebSphere Liberty Batch SMF 120 Subty 12.
  TYPE120  34.163  Support for WAS Liberty V16.0 SMF 120 Subtype 11.    
  TYPE120  34.148  Support for ODM Version 8.8 SMF 120 subtype 100.     
  TYPE119  34.168  Support for SMF 116 Subtype 6 Home IP Address segment
  TYPE87   34.166  Support for SMF Type 87 Subtype 2 ENQ/DEQ records.   
  TYPE117  34.157  Support for SMF 117 Integration BUS V10 INCOMPATIBLE.
  TYPEIDMS 34.164  Support for IDMS Version 19 (INCOMPAT with R084146). 
  BUILDPDB 34.162  Support for z/OS 2.2 JES2 8-char JOBCLAS8 in BUILDPDB
  BLDSMPDB 34.153  Change 33.031 missed two instanced of LOWCASE().     
ERRORS CORRECTED:                                                       
  TYPEVMXA 34.169  zVM HIS macros for PRCMFC PRCMFM now work correctly. 
  CHECKSTN 34.167  Detection/Protection of duplicate SMF70STN values.   
  VMXGALOC 34.160  Revised for Linux, case sensitive directory names.   
  TYPERMFV 34.156  INVALID DATA for ASIQSCANxxx, incorrect informat.    
  ASMRMFV  34.152  The RMF III DOW filter was not working.              
  VMXGSUM  34.151  SYSLAST is now correctly set to last output dataset. 
  BUILDPDB 34.147  Large SPIN.SPIN6 due to PRINTWAY records cleared.    
  Major CHANGES added in MXG 34.04, dated Jun 25, 2016:                 
  VMXGSUM  34.137  New MXGSUMCLASS option can save CPU time, TEST IT!!  
  ASMRMFV  34.133  RMF III GMT offset feature for multiple time zones   
                   selects data for the data center hardware time zone. 
                   This is a new feature, so please test first.         
  TYPE102  34.123  Support for DB2 IFCID 365 and 376 corrections.       
  ANALCSQX 34.122  Concurrent MQ Apps logged on from SYSLOG CSQX msgs   
  TYPESYSL 34.121  Formal support of SYSLOG with all normal MXG tokens. 
  TYPE30   34.118  MXG created variable CPUZIPTM_CPUIFATM_INST wrong.   
  TYPEEDGR 34.116  RMM datasets enhanced with SYSTEM and EDGRTIME.      
  TYPEDCOL 34.115  DCDTIMEC Data Set Create Time not populated note.    
ERRORS CORRECTED:                                                       
  BLDSMPDB 34.131  ERROR: Invalid date constant "   .":d, FORCEDAY= fix 
  ANALRANK 34.127  NOT SORTED if only one variable was examined         
  VMXGCNFG 34.119  CPU Loop after program ended, if //SOURCLIB DD.      
  Major CHANGES added in MXG 34.03, dated May 10, 2016:                 
ERRORS CORRECTED:                                                       
  TYPEDB2  34.108  DB2 Sim Buff Pool DB2STSBP QBSP variables corrected. 
  ASUMCELP 34.106  z13 SMT_MODE SMT_NUM=2, NRZIPCPU finally correct.    
  TYPERMFV 34.100  ZRBASI ASILPGSZ, ZRBGEI many GEIxxxxx corrected.     
  TYPEVMXA 34.099  zVM 6.3 circumvent, 5.20 HWCLEN=384, new PRCAPMCT=11.
  VMACRMFV 34.092  MXG 34.01-34.02. ZRBCPU variables CPCGRPxx wrong.    
  TYPEIMS  34.087  MXG 34.02, IMS 12.1, IMS 07 misalign, DLRAZAAP fixed.
  ASMRMFV  34.095  Some ASMRMFV log dates off by one day, output fine.  
  TYPE72PD 34.111  New TYPE72PD RMF WLM POLICY DEFINITIONS dataset.     
  TYPE123A 34.105  Support for SMF 123 Liberty z/OS Connect EE Audit.   
  TYPE117  34.103  Support for IBM Integ Bus V 90005 SMF 117 INCOMPAT   
  READDB2  34.102  Support for IFCID=58's second dataset T102SA58.      
  IHDRRMFV 34.092  Support for IHDRRMFV "Header" Exit selection member. 
  TYPE80A  34.086  Support for TYPE8069 R_PKISERV GENCERT event SMF 80. 
  TYPEVMXA 34.085  Support for z/VM VXSYTEMP third section, plus more.  
  TYPEIMS  34.091  Support for IMS Log 16x Sign On/Sign Off log record. 
  ANALUOW  34.110  Parameter INCODE= added for tailoring/selection.     
  ANAL9914 34.107  SMT Topology Report typo, reports all systems.       
  GRAFWRKC 34.101  Improved CPU and MSU and Group Capacity SGPLOTs.     
  Major CHANGES added in MXG 34.02, dated Apr  5, 2016:                 
ERRORS CORRECTED:                                                       
                 YOU NEED THE UPDATED MOBWRK05 or MXG 34.02 and must run
                 between April 2 and 9th for the March report.          
 TYPEIMST 34.083  IMS56FA, ARRVTIME wrong if GMT offset NE ENDTIME GMT. 
 TYPE7072 34.072  R723DNST NOT EQUAL TO R723RTYP message eliminated.    
 TYPE85   34.067  z/OS 2.2 OAM SMF 85 INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED fixed.   
 RMFINTRV 34.078  RMFINTRV 33.33 and 34.01 had errors in MSU72/MSUSOFT/ 
 TYPESTC  34.081  Oracle/STC User SMF record GMTOFFTM "slightly" wrong. 
 TYPEVMXA 34.080  Support for z/VM SMT MODE, caused BROKEN REC ERROR.   
 TYPE102  34.072A Support for SMF 102 IFCID 58 Added segment.           
 TYPE73   34.068  Support for SPLIT RMF 73 records, optional _STY73EX   
 TYPEBBMQ 34.064  Circumvention BBMQ Short E6 records, datetimes fixed. 
 TYPE0203 34.074  SMF2IHASHMETH/SMF2ISIGTYPE were blank, bad bit test.  
 TYPE74   34.073  Dataset TYPE749 (PCIE) is enhanced with new vars.     
 TYPEVMXA 34.066  z/VM VXBYUSR enhanced, option forces USER 8709 ABEND. 
 TYPE42   34.070  I/O Connect Time S42CONNTM is calculated.             
  Major CHANGES added in FOURTH MXG 34.01, dated Mar 21, 2016:          
 TYPE7072 34.060  ITRM. VMXG70PR. "&PDB" must be "&PDBMXG" twice.       
  Major CHANGES added in THIRD MXG 34.01, dated Mar 14, 2016:           
Critical ERROR that caused the re-date:                                 
  VMXGINIT 34.052  WPS ONLY, 1st 34.01, RUN: in VMXGINIT FAILS INIT.    
                   Circumvent by deleting that line with the colon.     
New Products Support                                                    
  TYPE120  34.055  Proper Support of 120 ST 9 TYP1209R/TYP1209N datasets
                   ST 9 is either a REQUEST or ASYNC Event, only those  
                   two datasets are valid, with separate variable sets. 
  TYPE102  34.053  BMC APPTUNE defective FIX BPU3604, INPUT EXCEEDED.   
Errors Corrected:                                                       
  TYPE60   34.056  TYPE 60 variable SMF60ELP misaligned.                
  TYPE42   34.054  Variable SMF42LAN was not converted to EBCDIC.       
  TYPETMO2 34.049  TMON V4.0 microsec/tod change missed 15 variables.   
                   (None were in the important MONITASK dataset.)       
  Major CHANGES added in MXG 34.01, dated Mar  7, 2016:                 
New Products Support                                                    
  TYPERMFV 34.047  Support for z/OS 2.2 RMF III data records (COMPAT).  
  TYPE102  34.032  Support for DB2 Trace IFCIDS 311 and 321.            
  TYPE29   34.039  Support for SMF 29 IMS JAVA CPU and Garbage Collect  
  TYPEATF  34.041  Support for ATF V531 Enhanced Summarization Phase 2. 
  TYPEBBMQ 34.026  Support for MVMQ PTF BPL2558, times are microseconds.
  TYPENDM  34.017  Support for NDM-CDI SE Session End record.           
  TYPEPKSZ 34.020  Support for PK-ZIP INCOMPATIBLE increase field length
  TYPEVMXA 34.005  Support for zVM HIS (SMF 113) VXPRCMFC z/13 data.    
  TYPEDVS  34.014  Support for Rocket Software DVS User SMF record.     
  TYPEDCOL 34.042  Support for FLAG4 MegaByte format size variables.    
Errors Corrected:                                                       
  ITRM     34.011  Possible MXG 33.33 issues with ITRM documented.      
  TYPE113  34.027  TYPE113 CPU Speed SM1132SP wrong on Sub-Capacity z13.
  TYPECIMS 34.007  Correction for IMF 5100 incorrect values, no ABEND.  
  TYPESTC  34.019  Corrections/enhancements for Oracle STC SMF record.  
  UTILRMFI 34.006  UTILRMFI report was dropped accidentally in 33.024   
  PDBAUDIT 34.003  FILE _TMPLIB.XTY70CP.DATA does not exist.            
  TYPE71   34.043  New variables SMF71CPx,SMF714Kx,SMF71PLx were wrong. 
  ANALGRCA 34.015  New analysis of Group Capacity                       
  GRAFWRKC 34.044  New Capacity Group report of CEC resources by LPAR.  
  RMFINTRV 34.029  Capacity Group variables SMF70GNM/GMU added          
  TYPEHSM  34.002  New datetime and duration variables in HSMFSRST.     
  TYPE116  34.008  New Variables added to MQMACCTQ                      
  TYPE7072 34.010  TYPE72GO MSUxxxxx variables labeled/documented.      
    Please read CHANGESS for the complete list of major enhancements.   
  See member NEWSLTRS or the Newsletters frame at for
  current MXG Technical Notes.                                          
  All of these enhancements are described in the Change Log, below.     
II.   SAS Version requirement information:                              
   SAS Versions                                                         
     The current version nomenclature is SAS 9.4 TS1M3 (9.4M3) printed  
     as "SAS 9.4 (TS1M3)" or was "SAS 9.4 (TS04.01M2P07232014)" for     
     "SAS 9.4 (TS1M2)" (on SASLOG, if OPTION VERSIONLONG enabled),      
     for SAS 9.4 Maintenance Level M3 and m2.                           
     SAS V9.4 M3 Is RECOMMENDED, but MXG executes without error using   
     SAS Version 9.4 M0, M1, M2, and M3 or SAS Version 9.2 M1 and M2.   
     SAS V9.4 M2 is USABLE. SAS 9.4 M2 is at LEVEL A SAS Support        
     SAS V9.4 M1 and M0 had no errors and are at LEVEL A SAS Support    
     SAS V9.3   SAS 9.3 TS1M2 is USABLE. SAS 9.3 TS1M1 works.           
                But SAS 9.3 at TS1M0, the HOT FIX for SAS Note SN-43828,
                see CHANGE 29.169, IS REQUIRED:                         
                  The %MACRO compiler error is in processing %LET       
                  statements. While only two MXG members failed         
                  repeatedly in MXG QA tests on z/OS, there were random 
                  %LET errors in ASCII QA tests, so ANY use of %LET     
                  statement on ANY platform are vulnerable to this      
                  error, as the %MACRO compiler is SAS portable code,   
                  used on all platforms.  So this is NOT just an MXG    
                  error, but impacts ALL SAS programs.                  
                SAS9.3 is LEVEL A support from SAS.                     
     SAS V9.2   Was recommended, prior to 9.3, and was error-free with  
                MXG 26.03. SAS Hot Fix for SAS Note 37166 is required to
                use a VIEW with the MXG EXITCICS/CICSFIUE CICS/DB2      
                Decompression Infile Exit, but SAS V9.2 does execute ok.
                9.2 is LEVEL B Support from SAS, as of Sep 30, 2013.    
     SAS V9.1.3 must be at Service Pack 4.  Additionally, on z/OS 1.10  
                only, 9.1.3 requires SAS Hot Fix for SN-35332.          
                9.1.3 is support level C by SAS Institute, Sep 30, 2013.
                SAS V9.1.3 is NOT supported by SAS on Windows SEVEN.    
                with SAS 8.2.                                           
                SAS 8.2 is Level C Support from SAS as of Dec 31, 2011. 
      JCL in MXGSAS94 or MXGSAS93 can be used, or MXGNAMES can be used  
      As documented in Change 27.356, for SAS V9.2 or later):           
      The standard SAS JCL Procedure can be used for MXG with SAS V9.2+ 
           // EXEC SAS,CONFIG='MXG.SOURCLIB(CONFIMXG)'                  
      or you can continue to use the MXGSAS94 JCL Procedure example.    
      MXG 26.03 thru MXG 34.05 will execute under the previously listed 
      SAS Versions on all supported platforms                           
      Unrelated to the above SAS Note/Hot Fix, ODS users will want to   
      use MXG 29.06+, because SAS V9.3 did expose incompatibilities in  
      MXG code for ODS reporting, that were fixed in MXG Version 29.06. 
      See Changes 29.159 and 29.169.                                    
      And, only for z/OS 1.10 with SAS V9.1.3 with ANY version of MXG,  
      the SAS Hot Fix for SN-35332 is REQUIRED (to be completely safe). 
        Without this Hot Fix, "LIBREF XXXXXXXX IS NOT ASSIGNED" errors  
        can occur even though //XXXXXXXX DD is a valid SAS Data Library.
        This error ONLY occurs with z/OS 1.10 and SAS V9.1.3; it does   
        NOT occur with SAS V9.2, nor with z/OS 1.9.  It can be          
        circumvented by adding a LIBNAME statement that specifies the   
        ENGINE name. See the Technical Note in Newsletters for SN-35332.
        Note that SAS V9.1.3 is now at "Level B" Support from SAS.      
      Old MXG code may continue to execute with SAS V8.2, but V8 is now 
      "Level C" support from SAS Institute, and there are known errors  
      in V8.2 that are only fixed in SAS V9.  I no longer QA with V8.2; 
      While many MXG programs (accidentally) will still execute under   
      V8.2, I cannot guarantee that all of MXG executes error free.     
      PLEASE INSTALL V9.2/V9.3/V9.4, TO AVOID FIXED PROBLEMS!           
         If you are absolutely stuck on V8, you need to copy MXG member 
         V8GETOBS into USERID.SOURCLIB and rename to VGETOBS.           
      MXG Software has not executed under SAS V6 in many years.         
      The "PDB" libraries (i.e., SAS data libraries) must be created by 
      SAS V8 or later, but any of those data libraries can be read or   
      updated by the SAS Versions that MXG Supports, above.             
      For SAS Version V9.3:                                             
        SAS 93 TS1M1 is RECOMMENDED; for TS1M0, SAS Hot Fix in SAS Note 
        SN43828 is REQUIRED.  See text of Change 29.159.                
        With SAS 93 TS1M1, (or TS1M0 with that Hot Fix) MXG Versions    
        26.03 or later execute under SAS V9.3 on all platforms.         
        SAS Data Libraries created by SAS V8.2, V9.1.3, V9.2, V9.3 and  
        SAS V9.4 are interchangeable and can be read/written by any of  
        those versions, provided they are on the same platform.         
          BUT: on ASCII, the 32-bit and 64-bit SAS versions are NOT the 
          same "platform" and attempting to read/use the FORMAT catalog 
          created on one of those "platforms" on the other "platform"   
          will error out to remind you of that difference!              
        SAS V9.4 did change some V9.3 ODS processing defaults and syntax
        that might cause errors with MXG 29.05 or earlier; MXG 29.06,   
        Change 29.160 documents the major revisions made in MXG to fully
        support ODS, and MXG 29.06 is STRONGLY recommended for ODS with 
        SAS V9.3 or SAS V9.4.                                           
      For (Archaic) SAS Version V9.2 (TS1M0):                           
        Big Picture: SAS Version V9.2 is COMPATIBLE with MXG Software.  
        On z/OS, SAS changed the DSNAMES for some of the SAS libraries, 
        so you do need to use the new MXGSAS92 JCL Procedure for MXG,   
        but it still uses the CONFIGV9 configuration file.              
        However, NEW, and documented in Change 27.356, with SAS V9.2+:  
          The standard SAS JCL Procedure can be used for MXG:           
             // EXEC SAS,CONFIG='MXG.SOURCLIB(CONFIMXG)'                
          instead of using the MXGSAS92 JCL Procedure example.          
        SAS Data Libraries are compatible for V8.2, V9.1.3, V9.2, V9.3, 
        and V9.4. "PDBs" can be read/written interchangeably between    
        these SAS versions.                                             
        MXG Versions 26.03+ do execute with SAS V9.2 with NO WARNINGS   
        and with NO ERRORS reported.                                    
          Pre-MXG 26.03, SAS Hot Fix F9BA07 was required to suppress a  
          new SAS V9.2 WARNING, that on z/OS, set CC=4 (condition/return
          code). That warning is harmless (to MXG code) and all MXG     
          created SAS datasets were correct, even with that warning.    
          The ONLY exposure was ONLY on z/OS, and ONLY if condition code
          tests are used in your MXG jobstreams.                        
        SAS Version 9.2 requires z/OS 1.7 or later, both officially as  
        documented by SAS Institute, and actually as V9.2 fails with 0C4
        under z/OS 1.4.                                                 
      For SAS V9.1.3 on z/OS with Service Pack 4:                       
        On z/OS 1.10, Hot Fix SN-35332 is REQUIRED.                     
        CONFIGV9 now specifies V9SEQ instead of V6SEQ.  As V6SEQ does   
        not support long length character variables, it can't be used.  
       SAS V9.1.3 with current Service Pack 4 is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  
       For (back-level!) SAS V9.1 or V9.1.2 on z/OS:                    
        SN-013514 is REQUIRED to be able to read datasets that were     
          created by V6SEQ (tape) engine.                               
        SN-012437 is REQUIRED to prevent creation of corrupt/unreadable 
          datasets with tape engines V7SEQ, V8SEQ, or V9SEQ.            
        Both fixes ARE included in SAS V9.1.3, but V9.1 or 9.1.2 is NOT 
          SAFE without those two hot fixes, and if you do NOT have those
          two fixes on 9.1 or 9.1.2, you MUST set V6SEQ in CONFIGV9.    
        With MXG 23.02 or later, V9SEQ is the default sequential engine 
        specified in CONFIGV9, but if you are back at SAS V9.1 or V9.1.2
        you MUST install the two hot fixes listed above.                
       For SAS Version 8.2, HotFix Bundle 82BX08 (or later) was required
         as an absolute minimum level when that SAS Version was last    
         supported by MXG Software.  PLEASE INSTALL SAS V9.x ASAP.      
       Sequential Engine Status:                                        
          V9SEQ was fixed in V9.1.3; it has been default in CONFIGV9.   
          V8SEQ was always safe under SAS V8.2, but it wasted CPU time  
            by always compressing when writing in tape format.          
          V6SEQ, if used under V9.1.2, requires SN-013514, but V6SEQ    
                 should no longer be used, as it does not support long  
                 length variables.                                      
      MXG QA tests are executed with V9.4, on z/OS, on Windows Seven and
      Eight (64-bit) on 64-bit hardware, and sometimes on Centos 6.4,   
      but MXG users execute MXG on MANY (ALL??) SAS platforms, including
      AIX, Linux, and other 'nix' variants, on many different hardware  
      platforms, and since they all work we don't need to list them.  If
      SAS executes so does MXG.                                         
      Prior QA tests have been run with all SAS releases available at   
      that time on Linux RH8 on Intel, on Solaris v2.8 on a Model V880, 
      and on HP-UX v11.11 model rp5470, confirming full compatibility.  
      MXG should execute under ALL SUPPORTED SAS VERSIONS on EVERY SAS  
      platform without errors! Each new MXG version is also tested with 
      the SAS ITSV/ITRM product by the ITRM developers.                 
III.  WPS Version requirement information:                              
      WPS Version 3.1.1 maintenance level 731 required for PDB to tape  
      WPS Version 3.01 (also shows 3.1.1) is required for AUTOEZOS.     
      WPS Version 3.01  is required for MOBILWRK, PICTURE fails in 2.5. 
      WPS Version 3.01  executed MXG 32.03 BUILDPDB with no errors.     
      WPS Version 3.0   requires MXG 31.09 (see Change 31.251).         
      WPS Version 2.4   required MXG 27.09 (see Change 27.239).         
      WPS Version 2.3.5 required MXG 27.05.                             
      See NEWSLETTERS for WPS Support Statement.                        
      WPS prints this message ERROR: COULD NOT CREATE DATA SET "PDB.ID" 
      when the LIBNAME PDB does not exist; there would also have been a 
      prior log message  NOTE: Library PDB does not exist   as the clue.
IV.   MXG Version Required for Hardware, Operating System Release, etc. 
   MXG is usually NOT sensitive to z/OS Hardware changes, but:          
     The z/EC12 with 85+ engines required MXG 30.07.                    
     Support for 255 engines was added in MXG 31.04.                    
     The z/13 with 61+ LPARs requires MXG 32.05 IF NON-SMT MODE.        
   However, for the z13 processor on z/OS, the new SMT-MODE RMF 70 was  
   read the SMT-format RMF records (which are written if you have zIIP  
   engines AND have enabled the new PROCVIEW CORE option for            
   Multi-Threading, even if only one thread is enabled).                
   The new zEDC compression hardware requires MXG 33.07 to support the  
   new metrics.                                                         
   For z/VM, MXG REQUIRES MXG 33.02 to support the z/13 changes.        
    Availability dates for the IBM products and MXG version required for
    error-free processing of that product's data records:               
                                       Availability     MXG Version     
      Product Name                     Date              Required       
      MVS/ESA 4.1                      Oct 26, 1990         8.8         
      MVS/ESA 4.2                      Mar 29, 1991         9.9         
      MVS/ESA 4.2.2                    Aug 15, 1991         9.9         
      MVS/ESA 4.3                      Mar 23, 1993        10.10        
      MVS/ESA 5.1.0 - compatibility    Jun 24, 1994        12.02        
      MVS/ESA 5.1.0 - Goal Mode        May  3, 1995        13.01        
      MVS/ESA 5.2.0                    Jun 15, 1995        13.05        
      MVS/ESA 5.2.2                    Oct 19, 1995        13.09        
      OS/390  1.1.0                    Feb 22, 1996        14.01        
      OS/390  1.2.0                    Sep 30, 1996        14.05        
      OS/390  1.3.0 Compatibility Mode Mar 28, 1997        14.14        
      OS/390  1.3.0 WLM Goal Mode      Mar 28, 1997        15.02        
      OS/390  2.4.0                    Sep 28, 1997        15.06        
      OS/390  2.5.0                    Feb 24, 1998        15.06        
      OS/390  2.6.0                    Sep 24, 1998        16.04        
      OS/390  2.7.0                    Mar 26, 1999        16.09        
      OS/390  2.7.0 APAR OW41318       Mar 31, 2000        18.03        
      OS/390  2.8.0                    Aug 24, 1999        16.09        
      OS/390  2.8.0 FICON/SHARK        Aug 24, 1999        17.08        
      OS/390  2.8.0 APAR OW41317       Mar 31, 2000        18.03        
      OS/390  2.9.0                    Mar 31, 2000        18.03        
      OS/390 2.10.0                    Sep 15, 2000        18.06        
      OS/390  PAV                      Oct 24, 2000        18.09        
      z/OS 1.1                         Mar 30, 2001        18.11        
      z/OS 1.1 on 2064s                Mar 30, 2001        19.01        
      z/OS 1.1 with correct MSU        Mar 30, 2001        19.02        
      z/OS 1.2                         Oct 31, 2001        19.04        
      z/OS 1.1,1.2 APARs to 78         Oct 31, 2001        19.05        
      z/OS 1.2+ APAR OW52227           Apr 26, 2002        20.02        
      z/OS 1.3+ APAR OW52227           Apr 26, 2002        20.02        
      z/OS 1.2 JESNR Z2 MODE           Apr 26, 2002        20.03        
      z/OS 1.3 JESNR Z2 MODE           Apr 26, 2002        20.03        
      z/OS 1.4 Tolerate                Sep 27, 2002        20.03        
      z/OS 1.4 Support                 Sep 27, 2002        20.06        
      z/OS 1.4 Over 16 CPUs/LPARs      May 29, 2003        21.02        
      z/OS 1.4 DFSMS/rmm, RACF         Aug 29, 2003        21.04        
      z/OS 1.5                         Mar 31, 2004        21.21        
      z/OS IRD ASUM70PR/ASUMCEC        Sep 22, 2003       *24.10        
      z/OS IRD TYPE70PR                Mar 11, 2004       *24.10        
      z/OS IRD TYPE70,RMFINTRV         Mar 22, 2002       *24.10        
      z/OS 1.6 - No IFAs               Sep 30, 2004       *22.09        
      z/OS 1.6 - With IFAs             Sep 30, 2004       *22.11        
      z/OS 1.7 (COMPATIBLE CHANGES)    Sep 30, 2005       *24.10        
      z/OS 1.7 (SPLIT70 CORRECTION)    Sep 30, 2005       *24.10        
      z/OS IFA data in RMF 79s         Sep 30, 2005        23.10        
      z/OS 1.8 - ASMTAPEE assembly     Sep 30, 2005       *25.03        
      z/OS 1.8 - SMF 119 INCOMPAT      Sep 30, 2005       *25.06        
      z/OS More than 32 LPARs          Jan 30, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS SPLIT RMF 70 records        Jan 30, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS Dupe SYSTEMs in a SYSPLEX   Jan 30, 2006       *24.02        
      z/OS IRD errors corrected        May 15, 2006        24.03        
      z/OS ASUMCEC errors corrected    May 15, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS ASUM70LP errors corrected   Jun 13, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS zIIP Processor Support      Jun 22, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS Dedicated zIIP Support      Mar  8, 2008       *26.01        
      z/OS Dedicated zAAP Support      Mar  8, 2008        26.01        
      z/OS 1.8 (COMPATIBLE CHANGES)    Sep 20, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS 1.9 (INCOMPAT, 54 CPs)      Sep 27, 2007        25.10        
      z/OS 1.9 MXGTMNT at ML-39 reASM  Sep 27, 2007        25.10        
      z/OS new z10 variables           Mar  5, 2008        26.01        
      z/OS 1.8 With HiperDispatch      Sep 15, 2008       *26.10        
      z/OS 1.9 With HiperDispatch      Sep 15, 2008       *26.10        
      z/OS 1.10 (INCOMPAT, MXG code)   Sep 15, 2008        26.07        
      z/OS 1.10 With HiperDispatch     Sep 15, 2008       *26.10        
      z/OS 1.10 RMF III, SMF 119       Jul 20, 2009        27.05        
      z/OS 1.11                        Sep  2, 2009        27.08        
      z/OS 1.11 New 30 variables       Apr 14, 2010       *28.02        
      z/OS 1.12                        Aug 17, 2010       *28.05        
      z/OS 1.12 SMF 85 Subtype 79      Aug 17, 2010       *29.03        
      z/OS 1.12 VMGUEST option         Aug 17, 2010       *29.06        
      z/OS 1.13                        Sep 30, 2011        29.03        
      z/OS 1.13 - MXGTMNT only         Dec 15, 2011        29.08        
      z/OS 1.13 SMF 119 ST 6 INCOMPAT  Feb  7, 2012        30.01        
      z/OS 2.1  - Most Records support Jul 23, 2013        30.05        
      z/OS 2.1  - ID=0 ERROR MESSAGE   Jul 23, 2013        31.07        
      z/OS 2.1  - ID=85 INCOMPAT       Jul 23, 2013        32.03        
      z/OS 2.1  - ID=70 SMF70CPA       Jul 23, 2013        32.03        
      z/OS 2.1  - INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED ERROR SMF 74    33.10        
      z/OS 2.2  COMPATIBLE CH 33.189   Aug 19, 2015        33.08        
      z/OS 2.2 MXGTMNT ABEND S0E0-28   Sep 15, 2015        33.09        
               REQUIRES ASMTAPE ML-55  Sep 15, 2015        33.09        
      z/OS 2.2 OAM SMF 85 ABEND 33.067 Apr  5, 2016        34.02        
      z/OS 2.2 SPLIT 73, ABEND 33.068  Apr  5, 2016        34.02        
      z990 CPUs - CPUTYPE '2084'x      Aug 25, 2003        21.04        
      z890 CPUs - CPUTYPE '2086'x      Jun 24, 2004        22.07        
      z9   CPUs - CPUTYPE '2094'x      Jul 20, 2005       *24.24        
      z9EC CPUs - CPUTYPE '2094'x:                                      
             with 64-bit z/OS - no change required        *24.24        
             with 32-bit z/OS only:    Aug 26, 2006        24.06        
      z9BC CPUs - CPUTYPE '2096'x:                                      
             with 64-bit z/OS - no change required         24.01        
             with 32-bit z/OS only:    Jul 27, 2006       *24.24        
      z10  CPUs - CPUTYPE '2097'x      Dec  7, 2008        25.11        
      z10  HiperDispatch/Parked Time   Mar  3, 2008       *26.10        
      z196 (INCOMPAT IF GT 64 ENG)     Aug 17, 2010        28.05        
      zEC12                            Nov 14, 2012        30.07        
      z13   non-SMT Mode               May 27, 2014        32.05        
      z13   SMT Mode Change 33.217     Sep 15, 2015       *33.09        
      z13   SMT Mode NRZIPCPU 34.106   May 10, 2016        34.03        
      CICS/CTG V9 Transaction Gateway  ??  ??  2013        31.31        
      CICS/ESA 3.2                     Jun 28, 1991         9.9         
      CICS/ESA 3.3                     Mar 28, 1992        10.01        
      CICS/ESA 4.1                     Oct 27, 1994        13.09        
      CICS/ESA 5.1 aka CICS/TS V1R1    Sep 10, 1996        14.07        
      CICS-Transaction Server V1R1     Sep 10, 1996        14.07        
      CICS-TS V1R1 with APAR UN98309   Sep 15, 1997        15.06        
      CICS-TS V1R2  CICS/TS 1.2        Oct 27, 1997        15.06        
      CICS-TS V1R3  CICS/TS 1.3        Mar 15, 1999        17.04        
      CICS-TS V2R1  CICS/TS 2.1        Mar 15, 2001        18.11        
      CICS-TS V2R2  CICS/TS 2.2        Feb  9, 2002        19.19        
       CICSTRAN subtype 1 support only                    *19.19        
       CICSTRAN subtype 2 completed                       *19.08        
      CICS-TS V2R3  CICS?TS 2.3        Dec 19, 2003                     
       Using UTILEXCL to create IMACEXCL:                  21.04        
       Reading un-Excluded CICS with TYPE110, no IMACEXCL:*22.04        
      CICS-TS V2R3  CICS/TS 2.3        Aug 13, 2004        22.04        
      CICS-TS V3R1  CICS/TS 3.1        Jan 18, 2005        22.22        
      CICS-TS for Z/OS Version 3.1     Mar 15, 2005                     
       Using UTILEXCL to create IMACEXCL:                  22.13        
       Reading un-Excluded CICS with TYPE110, no IMACEXCL: 22.22        
      CICS-TS V3R2  CICS/TS 3.2        Dec  6, 2007        25.11        
      CICS-TS for Z/OS Version 3.2     Jun 29, 2007        25.03        
      CICS-TS/3.2 Compressed Records   Nov  3, 2007        25.11        
      CICS-TS/4.1 (CICSTRAN INCOMPAT)  Mar 13, 2009        27.01        
      CICS-TS/4.1 (STATISTICS ST=2)    Sep 18, 2009        27.08        
      CICS-TS/4.2 CICSTRAN/STATISTICS  Jun 24, 2011        29.03        
      CICS-TS/4.2 CICSRDS MNSEGCL=5    Jun 24, 2011       *29.05        
      CICS-TS/4.2 INVALID STID=116     Jan 31, 2012       *30.01        
      CICS-TS/5.1 (INCOMPATIBLE)       Dec 14, 2012       *30.08        
      CICS-TS/5.1 for valid TASZIP/ELG Jan 21, 2013       *30.30        
      CICS-TS/5.1 MNSEGCL=5 INCOMPAT   Jun 17, 2013       *31.03        
      CICS-TS/5.2 COMPATIBLE CICSTRAN  Jun 13, 2014       *31.03        
      CICS-TS/5.2 INCOMPAT Statistics  Jun 13, 2014       *32.03        
      CICS-TS/5.3 INCOMPAT CICSTRAN    Apr 29, 2015        33.04        
      CICS-TS/5.3 OPEN BETA            Sep 31, 2015        33.08        
      CICS-TS/5.3 RESOURCE SEGCL=5     Sep 31, 2015        33.09        
      CICS-TS/5.3 CICSTRAN INCOMPATIBL Oct 29, 2015        33.11        
      CICS-TS/5.3 GA date              Dec 11, 2015        33.??        
      DB2 2.3.0                        Oct 28, 1991        10.01        
      DB2 3.1.0                        Dec 17, 1993        13.02        
      DB2 4.1.0 Tolerate               Nov  7, 1995        13.07        
      DB2 4.1.0 Full support           Sep 11, 1996        14.07        
      DB2 5.1.0 Tolerate               Jun 27, 1997        14.14        
      DB2 5.1.0 Full support           Jun 27, 1997        15.02        
      DB2 6.1.0 initial support        Mar 15, 1999        16.09        
      DB2 6.1.0 all buffer pools       Mar 15, 1999        18.01        
      DB2 6.1.0 parallel DB2           Mar 15, 1999        19.19        
      DB2 7.1.0 parallel DB2           Mar 31, 2001        19.19        
      DB2 7.1.0 corrections            Mar 31, 2001        20.06        
      DB2 8.1 Tolerate, no packages    Mar 31, 2004        20.20        
      DB2 8.1 New Data Packages wrong  Mar 31, 2004        21.08        
      DB2 8.1 Support with Packages    Mar 31, 2004       *23.09        
      DB2 8.1 with all zIIP Variables  Sep 30, 2006        24.08        
      DB2 8.1 +PK47659                 Sep 12, 2008        26.08        
      DB2 9.1 See Change 25.265.       Dec  7, 2007        25.11        
      DB2 9.1 Full Support +PK/56356   Sep 12, 2008        26.08        
      DB2 10.1 Tolerate                Oct  1, 2010        28.06        
      DB2 10.1 New vars + Compressed   Nov  1, 2010       *28.07        
      DB2 10.1 Invalid Header pre APAR Jan 12, 2011       *28.28        
      DB2 10.1 IFCID=225 INCOMPAT      Sep 23, 2011       *29.07        
      DB2 10.1 QWHCCV for QWHCATYP=8   Oct  3, 2011       *30.07        
      DB2 10.1 DBID/OBID decode        Jan 21, 2013       *30.30        
      DB2 10.1 QLSTxxxx vars corrected Jun 21, 2013       *31.04        
               (ONLY IMPACTS DB2STATS)                                  
      DB2 11.1 TOLERATE DB2 V11.1      Jun 21, 2013        30.30        
      DB2 11.1 DB2STATS QLST CORRECT   Jun 21, 2013        31.04        
      DB2 11.1 SUPPORT NEW VARIABLES   Jun 21, 2013        31.08        
      DB2 11.1 IRLM NEW SEGMENT        Jun 21, 2013        32.10        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.1                    Mar 13, 1993        11.11        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.2                    Jun 24, 1994        12.02        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.3                    Dec 29, 1995        13.09        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.4                    Sep 28, 1997        15.04        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.4 HSM                Sep 23, 1998        16.04        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.5                    ??? ??, 1999        16.04        
      DFSORT SMF V1R5                  Mar  1, 2006        24.02        
      MQM 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4          Apr 25, 1996        14.02        
      MQ Series 1.2.0                  May 26, 1998        16.02        
      MQ Series 2.1.0                  Oct  2, 1999        17.07        
      MQ Series 5.2                    Dec 16, 2000        18.10        
      MQ Series 5.3                    Dec 16, 2002        21.05        
      MQ Series 6.0                    Feb 14, 2006        23.23        
      Websphere MQ Series 7.0          ??? ??, 2009       *28.06        
      Websphere MQ Series 7.1          MAR 12, 2011        29.03        
      Websphere MQ Series 8.0          Jun 24, 2011        29.05        
      NETVIEW 3.1 type 37              ??? ??, 1996        14.03        
      NPM 2.0                          Dec 17, 1993        12.03        
      NPM 2.2                          Aug 29, 1994        12.05        
      NPM 2.3                          ??? ??, 1996        15.08        
      NPM 2.4                          Nov 18, 1998        17.01        
      NPM 2.5                          Feb ??, 2000        18.02        
      NPM 2.6                          Nov ??, 2001        19.06        
      RMDS 2.1, 2.2                    Dec 12, 1995        12.12        
      RMDS 2.3                         Jan 31, 2002        19.11        
      TCP/IP 3.1                       Jun 12, 1995        12.12        
      TCP/IP 3.4                       Sep 22, 1998        16.04        
      WebSphere 5.0 APAR PQ7463        Aug 19, 2003        21.04        
      WebSphere 6.0                    Feb 18, 2006        23.23        
      WebSphere 7.0                    Oct  7, 2010        28.06        
      WebSphere 8.0                    Jul 17, 2011        29.05        
      DOS/VSE POWER V6.3.0             Dec 19, 1998        16.08        
      VM/ESA  2.0                      Dec 23, 1992        10.04        
      VM/ESA  2.1                      Jun 27, 1993        12.02        
      VM/ESA  2.2                      Nov 22, 1994        12.06        
      VM/ESA  2.3                      Jun  1, 1998        16.08        
      VM/ESA  2.4                      Mar  1, 2001        19.03        
      z/VM    3.1                      Mar  1, 2001        19.03        
      z/VM    3.1 DATABYTE=0           May  2, 2002        20.02        
      z/VM    4.2 ??                   May  2, 2002        20.02        
      z/VM    4.4                      Jan 22, 2005        22.22        
      z/VM    5.1                      Jan 22, 2005        22.22        
      z/VM    5.2                      Jan 22, 2006        24.01        
      z/VM    5.3 TOLERATE             Jun  7, 2007        25.05        
      z/VM    5.3 NEW VARIABLES        Sep 12, 2008        26.08        
      z/VM    5.4 (COMPATIBLE)         Sep 12, 2008       *27.01        
      z/VM    6.1 (NO CHANGES)         Jul  7, 2008        27.01        
      z/VM    6.2                      Dec  2, 2011        29.04        
      z/VM    6.3 INCOMPATIBLE         Jul 23, 2013        31.05        
      z/VM    6.3 z/13                 Jan 23, 2016        33.33        
      IMS log 4.1                      Jul  4, 1994        12.02        
      IMS log 5.1                      Jun  9, 1996        14.05        
      IMS log 6.1                      ???  ?, 199?        20.03        
      IMS log 7.1                      ???  ?, 200?        20.03        
      IMS log 8.1                      May 21, 2003        21.02        
      IMS log 9.1                      Mar 96, 2004       *26.01        
      IMS log 10.1                     Mar 06, 2007       *26.01        
      IMS log 11.1                     Apr  1, 2010       *28.02        
      IMS log 12.1                     Jan 23, 2012       *29.29        
      IMS log 13.1 (NOT 56FA)          May 25, 2013        31.03        
      IMS log 13.1 (56FA RECORD)       May 27, 2014        32.05        
      IMS log 14.1 COMPATIBLE          Dec 19, 2015        33.13        
      AS400 3.7.0                      Nov  1, 1996        15.01        
      AS400 4.1.0                      Dec 30, 1996        15.08        
      AS400 4.2.0                      Apr 27, 1998        16.02        
      AS400 4.4.0                      Sep 27, 1999        17.07        
      AS400 4.5.0                      Jul 27, 2000        18.07        
      AS400 5.2.0 - Most records       Jul 23, 2003        21.03        
      AS400 5.2.0 - QAPMMIOP           Jul 23, 2003        22.04        
      AS400 5.3.0                      Jan 22, 2005        22.22        
      AS400 5.4.0                      Aug 26, 2006        24.06        
      AS400 6.1.0                      Jun 29, 2008        26.05        
    Note: Asterisk by the version number means the Version number       
          was changed (to the MXG version required), after an earlier   
          MXG version was listed as supporting this product release,    
          usually because an APAR modified the product's data records.  
          Or a coding error in MXG could be the reason for the change!  
    Availability dates for non-IBM products and MXG version required:   
                                                        MXG Version     
      Product Name                                       Required       
      Demand Technology                                                 
       NTSMF Version 1 Beta                                14.11        
       NTSMF Version 2.0                                   15.05        
       NTSMF Version 2.1                                   15.06        
       NTSMF Version 2.2                                   16.04        
       NTSMF Version 2.3                                   17.10        
       NTSMF 2.4.4                     Aug  9, 2002        20.04        
       NTSMF 2.4.5   INCOMPAT          Apr  1, 2003        21.02        
       NTSMF 2.4.7                     Sep 30, 2004        22.08        
       NTSMF 3.1.4                     Mar 15, 2009        27.01        
       NTSMF 4.0                       Mar 15, 2011        29.03        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 2                       13.06        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 3.0                     16.02        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 3.1                     20.04        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 4.0                     22.10        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 5.0                     30.02        
       The Monitor for CICS/ESA 1.2 -                      12.12        
       The Monitor for CICS/ESA 1.3 -                      15.01        
       The Monitor for CICS/ESA 2.0 -                      15.06        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 2.1 -                      20.04        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 2.2 - 20.335, 21.134       21.04        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 2.3 including CICS/TS 3.1  22.08        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 3.2 (almost all)           25.11        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 3.2 (almost all)           27.01        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 3.3 (for CICS/TS 4.1,4.2)  29.07        
       TMON/CICS 3.4 (for CICS/TS 5.1)               30.30-32.12        
        (Do not use 32.13,32.32,33.01,33.02,33.03 for 3.4)              
       TMON/CICS 3.4 (for CICS/TS 5.1 - Change 33.099)     33.04        
       TMON/CICS 4.0 (for CICS/TS 5.2 - Change 33.195)    *33.09        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 1.3  -                      12.05        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 1.5  -                      12.05        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 2.0  -                      15.09        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 3.0  -                      19.19        
       TMON/MVS Version 4.4                                32.04        
       Omegamon for CICS V200 User SMF                     12.05        
       Omegamon for CICS V300 User SMF                     13.06        
       Omegamon for CICS V400 User SMF                     16.02        
       Omegamon for CICS V400 type 110 segments            16.02        
       Omegamon for CICS V500 User SMF                     18.01        
       Omegamon for IMS V110 (ITRF)                        12.12        
       Omegamon for IMS V300 (ITRF)                        14.04        
       Omegamon for IMS V550/V560 (ITRF)                   25.05        
       Omegamon for MVS V300                               13.05        
       Omegamon for MVS V400                               13.06        
       Omegamon for DB2 Version 2.1/2.2                    13.05        
       Omegamon for VTAM V160                              12.04A       
       Omegamon for VTAM V400                              15.15        
       Omegamon for VTAM V500                              18.08        
       Omegamon for SMS V100/V110                          12.03        
       ACF2 6.2                                            16.04        
       ASTEX 2.1                                           14.04        
       IDMS 18                                             32.05        
       IDMS 19 (INCOMPAT after PTF R084146 Change 34.164)  33.05        
       NETSPY 4.7                                          14.03        
       NETSPY 5.0                                          14.03        
       NETSPY 5.2                                          16.05        
       NETSPY 5.3                                          18.03        
       NETSPY 6.0                                          20.10 20.305 
       NETSPY 7.0                                          20.10 20.305 
       SAR/VIEW R11                                        23.07 23.196 
      BMC, was Boole & Babbage                                          
       APPTUNE V11R2 SMF 102                               33.11 33.264 
       IMF 3.1 (for IMS 5.1)                               12.12        
       IMF 3.2 (for IMS 6.1 only)                          15.09        
       IMF 3.2 (for IMS 5.1 and 6.1+)                      16.04        
       IMF 3.3 (for IMS 7.1 and 8.1)                      *22.08        
       IMF 4.1 (for IMS 9.1)                              *26.02        
       IMF 4.4 (for IMS 9.1)                              *31.08        
       IMF 4.5 (for IMS 11.1)  (No change since 4.4)       31.08        
       IMF 4.6 a/k/a Mainview IMS                         *31.08        
       IMF 5.1 a/k/a Mainview IMS                         *34.01        
       IMF 5.2 a/k/a Mainview IMS                          34.01        
       Mainview for MQ Version 4.4                         29.03        
       Mainview for MQ Version 5.1                         30.02        
       Mainview for MQ Version 5.2                         33.01        
       Mainview for CICS Version 6.5 (CICS/TS 5.1)         30.30        
       Mainview for CICS Version 6.4 (CICS/TS 4.2)         30.04        
       Mainview for CICS Version 6.1                       26.26        
       Mainview Auto Operator data file                    28.28        
       Mainview for DB2 THRDHIST file                      20.20        
       Mainview for TCP/IP                                 20.20        
       Mainview for IP                                     34.??        
       Mainview for Batch Optimizer                        19.19        
       LMS 3.1                                             12.12A       
      Oracle V9, V10                                       24.06        
       2.1                                                 33.05        
       1.4                                                 33.08        
       APAF 4.1, 4.3                                       16.08        
      Velocity Software                                                 
       XAMAP 3.4                                           22.10        
       XAMAP 3406                                          24.03        
       XAMAP 3.7                                           27.10        
       XAMAP 4.1   Now Renamed to ZVPS 4.1                 29.07        
       XVPS  4.2                                           31.06        
       ZVPS  5.4                                          *33.07        
V.    Incompatibilities and Installation of MXG 34.05.                  
 1. Incompatibilities introduced in MXG 34.05:                          
  a- Changes in MXG architecture made between 34.05 and prior versions  
     that can introduce known incompatibilities.                        
 2. Installation and re-installation procedures are described in detail 
    in member INSTALL (which also lists common Error/Warning messages a 
    new user might encounter), and sample JCL is in member JCLINSTT for 
    SAS Version 9.                                                      
    MXG Definitions with regard to MXG Software Changes:                
    COMPATIBLE   A change in a data record which did not alter either   
    COMPAT       the location or the format of all of the previously-   
                 kept MXG variables is COMPATIBLE, and you can continue 
                 to run the old version of MXG software, which will read
                 the new records without error, but none of any new data
                 fields or any new record subtypes will be created/kept 
                 until you install the MXG Version with this change.    
    INCOMPAT     A change in a data record that causes the current MXG  
                 version to fail, visibly or invisibly, with or without 
                 error conditions or messages, and the output datasets  
                 may contain wrong values and incomplete observations,  
                 and/or observations may have been lost.                
                 You MUST install the new MXG Version with this change  
                 to process data records that have been INCOMPATIBLY    
                 changed by their vendor.                               
    TOLERATE     In other words, the old MXG Version TOLERATES the new  
                 data records, if they are COMPATIBLY changed.          
    EXPLOIT      Once you use the new MXG Version to read the changed   
                 records, all of the new fields, subtypes, etc, that are
                 described in this change will be created in the MXG    
                 datasets, so the new MXG Version EXPLOITS the new data,
                 and you have full support of the new data records.     
      An MXG Version never "expires" nor "goes out of Support".  When   
      you put in a new product/subsystem/Release/APAR that incompatibly 
      changed its records then you must install the current MXG Version 
      or at least be using the minimum level of MXG that is currently   
      documented in the preceding list in section IV.                   
     COSMETIC     Some Changes will start with COSMETIC.  This indicates
                  that that change only alters a displayed value or may 
                  be a spelling error in a label, but it is "cosmetic"  
                  in that it ONLY affected the display, and the output  
                  data sets created are NOT impacted by this change.    
VI.   Online Documentation of MXG Software.                             
    MXG Documentation is now described in member DOCUMENT.              
    See also member INDEX, but it may be overwhelming.                  
VII.  Changes Log                                                       
--------------------------Changes Log---------------------------------  
 You MUST read each Change description to determine if a Change will    
 impact your site.  All changes have been made in this MXG Library.     
 Member CHANGES always identifies the actual version and release of     
 MXG Software that is contained in that library.                        
 The CHANGES selection on our homepage at            
 is always the most current information on MXG Software status,         
 and is frequently updated.                                             
 Important changes are also posted to the MXG-L ListServer, which is    
 also described by a selection on the homepage.  Please subscribe.      
 The actual code implementation of some changes in MXG SOURCLIB may be  
 different than described in the change text (which might have printed  
 only the critical part of the correction that need be made by users).  
 Scan each source member named in any impacting change for any comments 
 at the beginning of the member for additional documentation, since the 
 documentation of new datasets, variables, validation status, and notes,
 are often found in comments in the source members.                     
Alphabetical list of important changes in MXG 34.05 after MXG 33.33:    
  Member   Change    Description                                        
  ANAL9914 34.107  SMT Topology Report typo, reports all systems.       
  ANALCSQX 34.122  Concurrent MQ Apps logged on from SYSLOG CSQX msgs   
  ANALGRCA 34.015  New analysis of Group Capacity                       
  ANALRANK 34.127  NOT SORTED if only one variable was examined         
  ANALUOW  34.110  Parameter INCODE= added for tailoring/selection.     
  ASMRMFV  34.095  Some ASMRMFV log dates off by one day, output fine.  
  ASMRMFV  34.133  RMF III GMT offset collects multiple time zones data.
  ASMRMFV  34.152  The RMF III DOW filter was not working.              
  ASUMCELP 34.106  z13 SMT_MODE SMT_NUM=2, NRZIPCPU finally correct.    
  BLDSMPDB 34.131  ERROR: Invalid date constant "   .":d, FORCEDAY= fix 
  BLDSMPDB 34.153  Change 33.031 missed two instanced of LOWCASE().     
  BUILDPDB 34.147  Large SPIN.SPIN6 due to PRINTWAY records cleared.    
  BUILDPDB 34.162  Support for z/OS 2.2 JES2 8-char JOBCLAS8 in BUILDPDB
  CHECKSTN 34.167  Detection/Protection of duplicate SMF70STN values.   
  GRAFWRKC 34.044  New Capacity Group report of CEC resources by LPAR.  
  GRAFWRKC 34.101  Improved CPU and MSU and Group Capacity SGPLOTs.     
  IHDRRMFV 34.092  Support for IHDRRMFV "Header" Exit selection member. 
  ITRM     34.011  Possible MXG 33.33 issues with ITRM documented.      
  PDBAUDIT 34.003  FILE _TMPLIB.XTY70CP.DATA does not exist.            
  READDB2  34.102  Support for IFCID=58's second dataset T102SA58.      
  RMFINTRV 34.029  Capacity Group variables SMF70GNM/GMU added          
  RMFINTRV 34.078  33.33 and 34.01 had errors in MSU72/MSUSOFT/etc.     
  TYPE0203 34.074  SMF2IHASHMETH/SMF2ISIGTYPE were blank, bad bit test. 
  TYPE102  34.032  Support for DB2 Trace IFCIDS 311 and 321.            
  TYPE102  34.053  BMC APPTUNE defective FIX BPU3604, INPUT EXCEEDED.   
  TYPE102  34.072A Support for SMF 102 IFCID 58 Added segment.          
  TYPE102  34.123  Support for DB2 IFCID 365 and 376 corrections.       
  TYPE113  34.027  TYPE113 CPU Speed SM1132SP wrong on Sub-Capacity z13.
  TYPE116  34.008  New Variables added to MQMACCTQ                      
  TYPE117  34.103  Support for IBM Integ Bus V 90005 SMF 117 INCOMPAT   
  TYPE117  34.157  Support for SMF 117 Integration BUS V10 INCOMPATIBLE.
  TYPE119  34.168  Support for SMF 116 Subtype 6 Home IP Address segment
  TYPE120  34.055  Proper Support of 120 ST 9 TYP1209R/TYP1209N datasets
  TYPE120  34.148  Support for ODM Version 8.8 SMF 120 subtype 100.     
  TYPE120  34.163  Support for WAS Liberty V16.0 SMF 120 Subtype 11.    
  TYPE120  34.170  Support for WebSphere Liberty Batch SMF 120 Subty 12.
  TYPE123A 34.105  Support for SMF 123 Liberty z/OS Connect EE Audit.   
  TYPE29   34.039  Support for SMF 29 IMS Java CPU and Garbage Collect  
  TYPE30   34.118  MXG created variable CPUZIPTM_CPUIFATM_INST wrong.   
  TYPE42   34.054  Variable SMF42LAN was not converted to EBCDIC.       
  TYPE42   34.070  I/O Connect Time S42CONNTM is calculated.            
  TYPE60   34.056  TYPE 60 variable SMF60ELP misaligned.                
  TYPE7072 34.010  TYPE72GO MSUxxxxx variables labeled/documented.      
  TYPE7072 34.072  R723DNST NOT EQUAL TO R723RTYP message eliminated.   
  TYPE71   34.043  New variables SMF71CPx,SMF714Kx,SMF71PLx were wrong. 
  TYPE72PD 34.111  New TYPE72PD RMF WLM POLICY DEFINITIONS dataset.     
  TYPE73   34.068  Support for SPLIT RMF 73 records, _S73 required.     
  TYPE74   34.073  Dataset TYPE749 (PCIE) is enhanced with new vars.    
  TYPE80A  34.086  Support for TYPE8069 R_PKISERV GENCERT event SMF 80. 
  TYPE85   34.067  z/OS 2.2 OAM SMF 85 INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED fixed.  
  TYPE87   34.166  Support for SMF Type 87 Subtype 2 ENQ/DEQ records.   
  TYPEATF  34.041  Support for ATF V531 Enhanced Summarization Phase 2. 
  TYPEBBMQ 34.026  Support for MVMQ PTF BPL2558, times are microseconds.
  TYPEBBMQ 34.064  Circumvention BBMQ Short E6 records, datetimes fixed.
  TYPECIMS 34.007  Correction for IMF 5100 incorrect values, no ABEND.  
  TYPEDB2  34.108  DB2 Sim Buff Pool DB2STSBP QBSP variables corrected. 
  TYPEDCOL 34.042  Support for FLAG4 MegaByte format size variables.    
  TYPEDCOL 34.115  DCDTIMEC Data Set Create Time not populated if.      
  TYPEDVS  34.014  Support for Rocket Software DVS User SMF record.     
  TYPEEDGR 34.116  RMM datasets enhanced with SYSTEM and EDGRTIME.      
  TYPEHSM  34.002  New datetime and duration variables in HSMFSRST.     
  TYPEIDMS 34.164  Support for IDMS Version 19 (INCOMPAT with R084146). 
  TYPEIMS  34.087  MXG 34.02, IMS 12.1, IMS 07 misalign, DLRAZAAP fixed.
  TYPEIMS  34.091  Support for IMS Log 16x Sign On/Sign Off log record. 
  TYPENDM  34.017  Support for NDM-CDI SE Session End record.           
  TYPEPKSZ 34.020  Support for PK-ZIP INCOMPATIBLE increase field length
  TYPERMFV 34.092  MXG 34.01-34.02. ZRBCPU variables CPCGRPxx wrong.    
  TYPERMFV 34.100  ZRBASI ASILPGSZ, ZRBGEI many GEIxxxxx corrected.     
  TYPERMFV 34.156  INVALID DATA for ASIQSCANxxx, incorrect informat.    
  TYPESTC  34.019  Corrections/enhancements for Oracle STC SMF record.  
  TYPESTC  34.081  Oracle/STC User SMF record GMTOFFTM "slightly" wrong 
  TYPESYSL 34.121  Formal support of SYSLOG with all normal MXG tokens. 
  TYPETMO2 34.049  TMON V4.0 microsec/tod time change missed 15 vars.   
  TYPEVMXA 34.005  Support for zVM HIS (SMF 113) VXPRCMFC z/13 data.    
  TYPEVMXA 34.066  z/VM VXBYUSR enhanced, option to USER 8709 ABEND.    
  TYPEVMXA 34.080  Support for z/VM SMT MODE, caused BROKEN REC ERROR.  
  TYPEVMXA 34.085  Support for z/VM VXSYTEMP third section, plus more.  
  TYPEVMXA 34.099  zVM 6.3 circumvent, 5.20 HWCLEN=384 new PRCAPMCT=11. 
  TYPEVMXA 34.169  zVM HIS macros for PRCMFC PRCMFM now work correctly. 
  UTILRMFI 34.006  UTILRMFI report was dropped accidentally in 33.024   
  VMXGALOC 34.160  Revised for Linux, case sensitive directory names.   
  VMXGCNFG 34.119  CPU Loop after program ended, if //SOURCLIB DD.      
  VMXGINIT 34.052  WPS ONLY, First 34.01, RUN: in VMXGINIT FAILS INIT.  
  VMXGSUM  34.137  New MXGSUMCLASS option can save CPU time, TEST IT!!  
  VMXGSUM  34.151  SYSLAST is now correctly set to last output dataset. 
  See member CHANGESS for all changes ever made to MXG Software, or     
  the CHANGES frames at                              
Inverse chronological list of all Changes:                              
======= Changes thru 34.173 were in MXG 34.05 dated Jul 25, 2016========
Change 34.173  Support for IAM Shorter Record INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED. 
VMACIAM        Change 34.008A in MXG 34.01 added support for V9.2 with  
Jul 25, 2016   segment lengths of 292 and 264 bytes for IAMIAINL and    
               IAMIASTL, but V9.0 has shorter 204/148 segment lengths   
               that are now detected and protected.                     
   Thanks to Paul Naddeo, Fiserv, USA.                                  
   Thanks to Bernie Ethridge, Fiserv, USA.                              
Change 34.172  Reserved Change Number.                                  
Change 34.171  The "IHDR" member for BMC MAINVIEW FOR IP did not contain
IHDRMVIP       the MACMVIH macro variable, which also needed to be      
VMXGINIT       defined in the %GLOBAL statement in VMXGINIT.            
Jul 24, 2016                                                            
Change 34.170  Support for WebSphere Liberty Batch SMF 120 subtype 12.  
EXT12012       Creates new dataset:                                     
VMAC120           dddddd   dataset    description                       
VMXGINIT          T12012   TYP12012   WAS LIBERTY BATCH                 
Jul 23, 2016                                                            
Change 34.169  The zVM HIS macros _TPRCMFC/_TPRCMFM/_XPRCMFC/_XPRCMFM   
VMACVMXA       must also create VXMTRPRP to populate the PFXCPT array.  
Jul 19, 2016   The _Tdddrrr macros read VMINPUT and the _Xdddrrr macros 
               read the MWINPUT file to create each VXdddrrr dataset.   
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks Inc., USA                            
Change 34.168  Support for SMF 119 Subtype 6 Home IP Address section    
VMAC119        adds these first three instances to dataset TYP11906:    
Jul 16, 2016     IFADDLIN1='IFADDINTFNAME*1'                            
   Thanks to Wolfgang Kueller, S-Itsolutions, AUSTRIA                   
Change 34.167  Protect for duplicate SMF70STN values in TYPE70PR data.  
VMAC7072      -New SOLUTION FOR THE PROBLEM:                            
VMXGINIT         The below text shows SMF70STN can not be used to match 
Jul 16, 2016     TYPE113 data with TYPE70PR data, but an alternative way
Jul 25, 2016     to identify which LPARNAME segment belongs to this SMF 
                 record:  IF PARTISHN(SMF70PTN)=LPARNUM(SMF70LPN) then  
                 that LPARNAME is the LPARNAME of this SMF 70 record,   
                 and can then be matched with the TYPE113s.  But this   
                 only works if only TYPE113s from this system are read. 
                 And the new solution ONLY works for 113/70 merge.      
                 This change text will be revised after further tests.  
              -Original Change text, prior to Jul 25:                   
               NOT BE MERGED/COMBINED.                                  
               The SMF70STN (LPAR's SYSTEM name) is needed in ASUM113   
               as it is the only mapping from the z/OS SMF SYSTEM name  
               to that systems LPARNAME, and must be used there so the  
               TYPE70PR LPAR utilization variables can be added to the  
               PDB.ASUM1131 dataset. But RMF data with the same SMF70STN
               for different LPARNAMEs has occurred and that corrupts   
               the PDB.ASUM1131 dataset with incorrect values and       
               creating multiple LPARNAMEs when there was only one      
               system's SMF 113 records.                                
               The original solution required you to tell MXG the real  
               SYSTEM name of those LPARNAMEs that are duplicated, using
               the new "exit" MXGSTNFX macro variable:                  
                 %LET MXGSTNFX=                                         
                  %QUOTE( IF      LPARNAME='EJQ1' THEN SMF70STN='EJQ1'; 
                          ELSE IF LPARNAME='EJQ2' THEN SMF70STN='EJQ2'; 
               That statement can be put in "USERID.SOURCLIB(IMACKEEP)" 
               so it is always used when TYPE70s are processed, or it   
               can be the top of the SYSIN for a specific job.          
               But it may not be required with the PARTISHN fix.        
              -The new CHECKSTN program reads your TYPE70PR dataset     
               (from either WORK.TYPE70PR or PDB.TYPE70PR automatically)
               to produce a report ONLY if duplicate SMF70STN values for
               different LPARs are found.  It is executed at the start  
               of ASUM113 program to alert you if you have this problem 
   Thanks to Jim Poletti, EdJones, USA.                                 
Change 34.166  Support for SMF Type 87 Subtype ENQ/DEQ records.         
EXTY8702       Code has been syntax checked, await subtype 2 records to 
VMAC87         validate the updated code.                               
Jul 14, 2016                                                            
Change 34.165 -RMF Type 74 dataset TYPE74SL variable R748LFBC was input 
FORMATS        as RB4. but it is a binary value, now input as PIB4.     
VMAC74           R748LFBC /*FI CHAN*BIT*ERROR*RATE*/                    
Jul 13, 2016  -Format MG0748L had value decimal 7 for 10GB Ethernet but 
               that may have been a guess for the undocumented value    
               that is now documented as 10x or 16 decimal.             
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks Inc., USA                            
Change 34.164  Support for IDMS Version 19 (which is INCOMPATIBLE only  
VMACIDMS       when you install IDMS PTF R084146)!  There was no change 
Jul 13, 2016   in the V19 SMF record's format, but R084146 changed the  
               value of SMFHDR to 1900, which caused this error message:
                  UNKNOWN IDMS RECORD PMHRTYPE=201                      
                  FOUND AND SKIPPED. SMFHVER=1900 _N_=2 START COL=25    
               because MXG had one test for SMFHVER='1800' that needed  
               to be changed to GE '1800' to read records with the PTF. 
   Thanks to William Marshall, Ensono, USA.                             
Change 34.163  Support for SMF Type 120 Subtype 11 Liberty that
EXT120BL       created three new datasets:                              
EXT120BC          dddddd   dataset   description                        
EXT120BU          T120BL   TYP120BL  Liberty Server Request Network     
FORMATS           T120BC   TYP120BC  Liberty Classify Segments          
VMAC120           T120BL   TYP120BU  Liberty User Segments              
VMXGINIT         For the User segment, SM120BDH is $CHAR32 with $HEX64  
Jul 13, 2016     format, and can be decoded in EXT120BU and _KT120BU can
                 be tailored to add the new variables you created.      
               Unfortunately, NONE of these new fields have IBM-provided
               field names; MXG had to create names beginning SM120Bxx  
               to be somewhat consistent with previous IBM name choices.
               You will have to use the variable label to actually map  
               back to the marginal documentation of these new records. 
   Thanks to David Follis, IBM, USA                                     
   Thanks to Steve McKee, FMR, USA.                                     
Change 34.162  Support for z/OS 2.2 JES2 8-character JOBCLAS8 variable, 
BUILD005       which is now added to the JES2 PDB.JOBS and PDB.STEPS    
Jul 11, 2016   datasets, so both the 1-char JOBCLASS and the 8-char     
Jul 24, 2016   JOBCLAS8 variables are kept.  JOBCLAS8 variable has been 
               created in SMF 30s and 26s, from either JES2 or JES3, so 
               only BUILD005 for the JES2 PDB needed to be updated.     
                Note that JES3 PDB.JOBS and PDB.STEPS, changes variable 
                JOBCLASS to 8-characters.                               
               Jul 24: UNINIT JOBCLAS8 in SPIN.SPIN26J2 corrected.      
   Thanks to Jan Tielemans, KBC, BELGIUM.                               
Change 34.161 -Missing values for variables WQTTTIME/WQOPENTI/WQCLOSTI  
VMAC116        in dataset MQMQUEUE were created from (only) subtype=2   
Jul 11, 2016   records. IBM does NOT provide a GMT offset field in 116, 
               but MXG heuristically created the offset value in the    
               subtype 1 (where the WTASINTE interval end can be used   
               with SMFTIME), but there is no similar end time field    
               in subtype 2 records.  Now, GMT116OFF is created and     
               retained and used for subtype 2 records.  The name was   
               changed to not impact other SMF records with GMTOFF.     
              -Missing values were created for variable WTASPRET for    
               old WTASVER LT 8 records; the /4096 was always executed  
               but is now only calculated for GE 8 records.             
Change 34.160 -VMXGALOC did not check for the valid YYMMDD format in the
VMXGALOC       DATEFMT= parameter and could then fail with an invalid   
Jul 11, 2016   format error. If you used YYMMDD6 or YYMMDD8 it worked.  
              -VMXGALOC previously upcased directory names, anticipating
               possible name comparisons with upper case source text;   
               this was fine for  Windows, but only worked on Linux if  
               the directory name was all upper case, because names on  
               Linux are case-sensitive (i.e., directory A is NOT a).   
               The upcase was removed, but on Linux you must use the    
               exact casing of the directory name in your BASEDIR=.     
              -The BASEDIR= directory must exist, or VMXGALOC will shut 
               itself down, setting MXGRTRN to ABEND, and printing an   
               additional message on Linux with the name you supplied to
               remind you casing is required there.                     
   Thanks to Joe Varkey, Verisk Analytics, USA.                         
Change 34.159  If you did not use the ODSTYPE parameter ANALAVAI failed,
ANALAVAI       looking for a macro variable created by VMXGODSO, which  
Jul 4, 2016    was not executed. Now checks the value of ODSTYPE and if 
               it is NO or NULL, suppresses VMXGODSC.                   
Change 34.158  Cosmetic.  If you specified BUILDPDB=NO, the display of  
UTILBLDP       parameters you entered showed the internal default list  
Jul 11, 2016   MXGINCL of members to be included.  Those members were   
               NOT included with BUILDPDB=NO, but the displayed list    
               was not accurate.  Now only those actually included from 
               your INCLAFTR= parameter are displayed on the log.       
Change 34.157  Support for SMF 117 IBM Integration Bus Version 
VMAC117        which INCOMPATIBLY removed fields in the FLOW segment.   
Jul 10, 2016   But MXG didn't keep some identity variables from FLOW in 
               the other three datasets.  Previously known as Websphere 
               Message Broker.                                          
   Thanks to Betty Wong, Bank of America, USA.                          
Change 34.156  RMF III NOTE: INVALID DATA FOR ASIQSCANxxxxx because some
VMACRMFV       variables with PIB informat were input with RB informat. 
Jul 10, 2016                                                            
Change 34.155  New type 42 subtypes that contain a JOB variable did not 
IMACJBCK       include the IMACJBCK Job Name Check macro that allows you
VMAC42         to select observations to be output.  IMACJBCK has been  
Jul  9, 2016   added for these TYPE42xx datasets: 4220/4221/422A/4222/  
               4223/424A/4224/4225/4227/4237/42VS. In case you were not 
               aware, these comments document IMACJBCK selection:       
                      ID JOB READTIME SMFTIME SYSTEM                    
                 6  25 26 30 32 42 59 91                                
               FOR SMF 30 RECORDS, NRCPU=0 IF THIS IS A MULTIDD='Y'     
               RECORD.  AND %LET MACJBCK can be used instream.          
   Thanks to Michael Oujesky, DTCC, USA.                                
Change 34.154  Reserved Change Number.                                  
Change 34.153  Change 33.031 missed two instances of the LOWCASE()      
BLDSMPDB       function that should have been converted to UPCASE().    
Jul  6, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Richard Krueger, Sentry, USA.                              
Change 34.152 -DOW= filter was not working and all days of the week were
ASMRMFV        selected instead.                                        
Jul  5, 2016  -Message RMFV014W ALL DATA SETS BYPASSED was not shown    
               when applicable.                                         
    Thanks to Randy Hewitt, HPE Enterprise Services                     
Change 34.151   When VMXGSUM finished SYSLAST was not pointing at the   
VMXGSUM         output dataset created but rather at an intermediate    
Jul  1, 2016    dataset created. Now when VMXGSUM is done SYSLAST is set
                to the output dataset created so that you can then do a 
                PROC whatever without a dataset name.                   
Change 34.150  FORMAT MGCICUU for CICS variable WBRUSAGE has two new    
FORMATS        values of 4:ATOM and 5:JVMSERVER.                        
Jun 30, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Wayne Bell, UNIGROUP, USA.                                 
Change 34.149  Reserved Change.                                         
Change 34.148  Support for ODM Version SMF type 120 subtype 100 
VMAC120        adds variables to TY120100 dataset:                      
Jun 30, 2016      SM120RULEXETYP='RULESET*ENGINE*TYPE'                  
               While the SMF 120 record is created by WebSphere, the    
               subtype 100 was given to ODM and is not from WAS.        
   Thanks to Paul Volpi, UHC, USA.                                      
Change 34.147  BUILDPDB processing of PRINTWAY/INFOPRINT product SMF 6  
BUILD005       records that have no matching 30s nor 26s were left in   
VGETJESN       SPIN.SPIN6 until SPINCNT expired when they were finally  
VMAC6          output to PDB.PRINT dataset.  There are two types of     
Jun 28, 2016   PRINTWAY records.  MXG decodes them setting variables    
                BASIC:    TYPETASK/SUBSYS/SUBSYS6 are set to 'TCP'.     
                EXTENDED: TYPETASK/SUBSYS/SUBSYS6 are set to 'TCPE'     
               and the logic in BUILDPDB outputs all 'TCP ' records to  
               PDB.PRINT, while 'TCPE' records that didn't match today  
               are held in SPIN.SPIN6 to match the other records from   
               those jobs.                                              
                 Trivia: JCTJOBID for BASIC contains PSnnnnnn which     
                 is not documented and is different than PSFnnnnn for   
                 type 6 records created by PDF.                         
   Thanks to Paul Maradin, HP Advanced Solutions, USA.                  
   Thanks to Grayg Mitrou, HP Advanced Solutions, USA.                  
Jun 28, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Joseph F. Faska, DTCC, USA                                 
Change 34.145 -IFCID 106 new variables QWPBSQLL and QWP4DDLTO parms are 
VMAC102        input and kept in dataset T102S106.                      
VMACDB2H      -QWHSRELN value could be truncated and print 10.0999999.  
Jun 27, 2016   Now it is forced to print as 10.1.                       
Jul  3, 2016  -QWPRRENAMETABLE decoded from QWP4MISB and kept.          
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks Inc., USA                            
   Thanks to Lai Fai Wong, Bank of America, USA.                        
======= Changes thru 34.144 were in MXG 34.04 dated Jul 25, 2016========
Change 34.144 -RMFINTRV message MSU variables are UNINITIALIZED has no  
VMXGRMFI       actual impact; LENGTH was defined in R72HOUR but those   
VMXGSUM        variables are not initialized until the MERGE RMF70HOUR. 
Jun 23, 2016   Relocated the LENGTH statement to eliminate messages.    
              -VMXGSUM with NOSORT=YES printed note that MXGSUM2 could  
               not be deleted, but it doesn't exist with that option, so
               also no actual impact.  Note no longer printed.          
Change 34.143  ZVPS 4.2.3 variable CPUUTIL in dataset XAMSYS was likely 
VMACXAM        zero because new SYTCUV segment also input CPUUTIL for   
Jun 21, 2016   each CPU and the last value was kept in XAMSYS.  Now,    
               from SUBSUM segment is renamed at input and renamed back 
               at XAMSYS output.                                        
   Thanks to Douglas C. Walter, CitiCorp, USA.                          
   Thanks to Brent Turner, Citigroup, USA.                              
Change 34.142  Change 34.010 did not set the lengths for the new        
VMXGRMFI       variables created and could result in multiple length    
Jun 21, 2016   error messages when running TRNDRMFI.                    
Change 34.141  WARNING: MEMNAME HAS DIFFERENT LENGTHS is eliminated.    
Jun 20, 2016                                                            
Change 34.140  Housekeeping.  BUILD001 intentionally leaves all of the  
ANALID         CICS Statistics Data Sets in //WORK after the SMF DATA   
ASUMTAPE       step, so they are available to be copied by EXPDBOUT if  
BUIL3005       desired, and so that CICINTRV can be created in BUILD004,
BUILD005       by VMXGCICI, but now those datasets are deleted after the
PDBAUDIT       PDB.CICINTRV has been created.  Other members similarly  
SPUNJOBS       left unneeded datasets in //WORK that are deleted now, to
VMAC113        minimize the required disk space.                        
Jun 19, 2016                                                            
Change 34.139  The highest memory usage in BUILDPDB was in the VMXGSUM  
BUILD005       step that created INTVSIOS, but that dataset is already  
BUIL3005       sorted, so the option to use CLASS NWAY is suppressed and
Jun 17, 2016   NOSORT=YES is specified to bypass the sort and PROC MEANS
               is executed with a BY statement which reduced memory from
               242MB to 195MB, and now the DATA step is largest, also   
               requiring 195MB for this tailored BUILDPDB execution.    
Change 34.138  Cosmetic.  Variable OVOLSER was 20 bytes ending with a   
TYPETMS5       period in byte 20 unless Site Tailoring for Multiple CA/1
Jun 16, 2016   catalogs was used (Change 27.111).  Period is now gone.  
   Thanks to Doug Medland, IBM Global Services, CANADA.                 
Change 34.137  Major revision to VMXGSUM that could save CPU time.      
ASUMCACH       This change creates a new parameter, CLASSNWAY with the  
VMXGINIT       default value of &MXGSUMCLASS, which itself has default  
VMXGSUM        value of blank, so that you can enable the new logic with
Jun 17, 2016   only   %LET MXGSUMCLASS=YES;   in //SYSIN, which changes 
               the current summarization logic to use the CLASS/NWAY    
               feature of PROC MEANS, instead of the original default.  
              -The default VMXGSUM logic can be a four step process with
               an optional DATA step created (if INCODE=, NORMx=, or    
               INTERVAL=x arguments are used) to feed the PROC SORT that
               feeds the PROC MEANS which may be followed by another    
               optional DATA step (if NORMx= or OUTCODE= are used).     
              -The MXGSUMCLASS=YES revision alters the default logic to 
               remove the SORT and instead invokes the CLASS and NWAY   
               options on the PROC MEANS, which can greatly reduce the  
               amount of CPU time consumed since the SORT is eliminated 
               (in one simple test the zOS CPU time went from 68 seconds
               to 28 seconds!                                           
              -But, it is VERY possible for the use of CLASS to require 
               a significant increase in the virtual storage (REGION)   
               required, in return for reduced CPU time.                
              -The original MXG design was required because when first  
               created, virtual memory was an extremely limited resource
               and the algorithm minimized memory required.  But now,   
               with memory no longer so restricted nor expensive, using 
               MXGSUMCLASS option lets test and observe the trade off   
               to see which options is of benefit to your invocation.   
              -Executing MXG on z/OS using MXGSUMCLASS=YES:             
               It is possible you could save some CPU time but the      
               cost is an increase in high memory usage - more than     
               doubled in some tests and the CPU time saved will be     
               primarily in ASUM* TRND* ANAL* GRAF* members run after   
               BUILDPDB (BUILD005 only has 3 VMXGSUMs, but VMXGCICI     
               for PDB.CICINTRV has many that may or may not be helped.)
               MXGSUMCLASS=YES did fail once because the utility files  
               used filled the //WORK space, so that specific case in   
               ASUMCACH has disabled MXGSUMCLASS to circumvent.         
                  The amount of CPU time saved is a complex function of 
                  the complexity of the data - the number of OBS, BY    
                  groups, and count of intersects - each impact memory  
                  utilization so that you must test across several day's
                  data since the results can vary from day to day as the
                  complexity changes.                                   
              -%LET MXGSUMCLASS=YES; applies to ALL VMXGSUM invocations 
               after that statement in that job step. You can change any
               VMXGSUM invocation after that to revert to the original  
               logic by adding CLASSNWAY=NO to that VMXGSUM invocation. 
              -Executing on ASCII thus far has not shown a significant  
               benefit with MXGSUMCLASS but 'your mileage may vary'.    
              -These are test results from zOS running SAS 9.3 and using
               UTILBLDP with inclusion of many of the ASUMxxxx members, 
               all of which are VMXGSUM invocations:                    
               %INCLUDE INSTREAM;                                       
                           JOB                 CPU  % CPU           CPU 
                           CPU  % CHG      READING READING   PROCESSING 
          TEST            TIME    CPU         DATA  DATA           DATA 
       BY USED      1:17:53.66    .     0:46:28.06  59.65    0:31:25.60 
       CLASS USED   1:10:19.36   9.72   0:47:12.14  67.12    0:23:07.22 
                    % CPU      % CPU                                    
                  PROCESSING   CHANGE    TOTAL  % CHANGE        TOTAL   
          TEST       DATA    PROCESSING   EXCP    EXCP        IO TIME   
       BY USED       40.35        .     1478119     .      0:28:39.67   
       CLASS USED    32.88      26.43   1199259   18.87    0:17:11.95   
                               HIGH     % CHANGE                        
                  % CHANGE    MEMORY      HIGH                          
          TEST    IO TIME      USED      MEMORY                         
       BY USED        .        280M         .                           
       CLASS USED   39.99      242M       13.38                         
               And here are some further tests comparing BUILDPDB on zOS
               and Windows 10.  The same input data was used in both    
               but the DB2/CICS data was compressed so on zOS the CICS  
               SMF INFILE exit was used but on Windows more CPU time was
               consumed to read the data. zOS is running SAS 9.3 and    
               Win 10 is running 9.4.                                   
     Test BUILDPDB Only     zOS NWAY    zOS BY     Win NWAY  Win BY     
     Data step elapsed       0:10:35    0:10:59    0:07:07     0:07:03  
     Data step CPU           0:08:51    0:08:53    0:07:09     0:07:02  
     Data Step MAX K Memory   173496     173496     320388      320388  
     Job elapsed Time        0:14:30    0:14:54    0:08:35     0:08:32  
     Job CPU                 0:11:25    0:11:30    0:08:13     0:08:08  
     Job MAX K High           173496     173500     449928      449928  
     Step with HIGH memory   DATA STEP DATA STEP    SORT         SORT   
                                                  DB2ACCTP    DB2ACCTP  
     Test with ASUMs        Win 10 NWAY  Win 10 BY                      
     Data step elapsed          0:07:28    0:07:08                      
     Data step CPU              0:07:15    0:07:09                      
     Data Step MAX K Memory      320388     320388                      
     Job elapsed Time           0:10:02    0:10:58                      
     Job CPU                    0:09:24    0:09:54                      
     Job MAX K High              727880     449928                      
     Step with HIGH memory      ASUMCACH      SORT                      
     TECHNOTE:  Using MXGSUMCLASS=YES on zOS                            
     Thus far this applies only to zOS.  There are no known exposures on
     ASCII.  Members that have failed:                                  
        BUILD005/BUIL3005 - automatically suppressed on zOS             
        ASUMCACH - automatically suppressed on zOS                      
     There are two failure modes.                                       
      1) UTILITY files fill up work and cannot expand                   
      2) Memory failures as memory expands                              
     The problems will occur if you have many OBS (at least tens of     
     millions possibly hundreds) and many BY groups which create a large
     number of intersections.                                           
     If you have a failure, bring the member that failed into your      
     The simplest change is to add CLASSNWAY=NO to the parameter list of
     the VMXGSUM invocation.  That will revert to the original logic for
     VMXGSUM of DATA STEP/SORT/MEANS/DATA STEP but also means you will  
     not be saving any time.                                            
     A more complex option is to modify the parameters.  For each BY    
     group MEANS must build a counter for each of the variables in any  
     of the SUM MEANS MAX etc parameters.  That can quickly add up to a 
     lot of space.  So you can either reduce the complexity by reducing 
     the variables in the BY list or by reducing the number of variables
     being SUMMed MEAned MAXed etc.                                     
     An example using ASUMCICX (only a partial copy):                   
             SYSTEM SHIFT %                                             
     Are OPERATOR USER TERMINAL really necessary in your summarized     
     data?  In many cases TERMINAL is an IP address that is largely     
     meaningless.  OPERATOR and USER may be the same.  Reducing the     
     number of variables in the BY list can help.                       
        INDATA=  _LSUUOW ,                                              
        OUTDATA= _LSUCICS ,                                             
        SUMBY=   _BSUCICS ,                                             
        DURATM  =INTERVAL,                                              
        MAX=     RESPMAX,                                               
                 DB2WAITM MROTRAN,                                      
     In the SUM= list do any of your reports depend on all of these     
     variables?  If not eliminate those variables.  Do any of your CICS 
     transactions use DB2?  If not eliminate the DB2 variables.         
     The key to getting the advantage of reduced CPU and elapsed time on
     zOS with these members is reducing the complexity.                 
Change 34.136  Support for up to six USERCHAR fields, and revisions     
UTILEXCL       to support USER fields that are in the middle of the     
IMACIC3U       segment, which were not correctly handled.               
Jun  8, 2016                                                            
Change 34.135  Additional Q8ST variables are INPUT if they exist:       
Change 34.134  VMXGCOPY copies from multiple inputted SAS Data Libraries
VMXGCOPY       to one output Data Library with member selection, etc.   
Jun  7, 2016   If your parameters were lower case nothing was found to  
               copy since the values passed back for LIBNAME and MEMNAME
               are uppercase and the compare was always false.  To make 
               it worse it also failed with a bad macro variable name   
               reference because the variable was not constructed when  
               nothing was found.                                       
   Thanks to Tim Hare, Southwood Shared Resource Center, USA.           
Change 34.133 -Support for GMT Offset in MINTIME Sample Set filtering,  
ASMRMFV        improved MXG00 table data, and other minor enhancements. 
ADOCRMFV      -The GMT offset feature scales RMF MONITOR III Sample Set 
JCLCRMFV       begin (SSHTIBEG) and end (SSHTIEND) timestamps to a      
JCLDRMFV       common user specified GMT time offset ranging from -12 to
JCLRMFV        +12 hours or -720 minutes to +720 minutes.               
VMACRMFV       IMPORTANT: This support does NOT modify any timestamps   
Jun 11, 2016   in the output RMFBSAM file. The SSHTIBEG and SSHTIEND    
               time stamps are modified temporarily ONLY during the     
               FROMDATE=/TODATE= FROMDATE=/TODATE= filter processing.   
              -The purpose of the support is to allow an installation to
               input RMF III data sets from different time zones and    
               build a PDB with data relative to a specific time zone.  
              -Although GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is technically an     
               obsolete term replaced by the modern UTC (Coordinated    
               Universal Time) term, GMT still appears extensively in   
               RMF documentation and within MXG itself.  So the term GMT
               is still used for historical consistency.                
              -The new ASMRMFV keyword to specify a GMT offset is       
               GMTOFFSET=.  Aliases are GMTOFF=, GMT=, GMTOFFSET,       
               GMTOFF, and GMT.                                         
              -When the '=' is missing then GMTOFFSET=0 is implied.  The
               '=' is required to specify a non-zero GMT offset value.  
              -Any of the following formats are supported for GMTOFFSET=
               (and aliases GMTOFF=,GMT=) :                             
                 h              -h             +h                       
                 hh             -hh            +hh                      
                 hH             -hH            +hH                      
                 hhH            -hhH           +hhH                     
               where h ranges from 0 to 9 and hh from 00 to 12.  Values 
               over 12 are flagged as errors and will abend ASMRMFV.  An
               h or hh value of zero means scale timestamps to GMT time.
               Unsigned h or hh values imply a positive GMT offset.  A  
               '-' sign is required to specify a negative offset.       
               The capital 'H' suffix is optional and is provided just  
               to make the unit measure clear if desired.               
              -Positive GMT offsets are for time zones east of GMT up to
               the International Date Line including most (if not all)  
               of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and many island      
              -Negative GMT offsets are for time zones west of GMT up to
               the International Date Line including North and South    
               America and some island groups.                          
              -A few time zones have GMT offsets that are not integer   
               hour values such as India, some Australian zones, and    
               some island groups.  For example, India is GMT+5:30.     
              -For the support of these non-integer offset time zones   
               any of the following formats are supported for GMTOFFSET=
               (and aliases GMTOFF=, GMT=) in minutes:                  
               mM             -mM            +mM                        
               mmM            -mmM           +mmM                       
               mmmM           -mmmM          +mmmM                      
               where m ranges from 0 to 9, mm from 00 to 99, and mmm    
               from 000 to 720 (12 hours).  Values over 720 are flagged 
               as errors and will abend ASMRMFV.  An m, mm, or mmm value
               of zero means scale timestamps to GMT time.  Unsigned m, 
               mm, or mmm values imply a positive GMT offset.  A '-'    
               sign is required to specify a negative offset.           
               Any user can still specify this form even for integer    
               hour offsets by converting the hours x 60 to get minutes.
               For example, GMT=-4 and GMT=-240M are equivalent.        
               The 'M' suffix is REQUIRED for a GMT minutes offset.  If 
               omitted the value will be handled as an hour value       
              -NOTE: When using GMTOFFSET= the FROMDATE=/TODATE= and    
               FROMTIME=/TOTIME= filter values MUST be coded based on   
               the REQUESTED offset time zone.  This is NOT necessarily 
               the Local Time for the time zone where ASMRMFV is        
              -GMTOFFSET= processing follows these steps for each RMF   
               Monitor III MINTIME Sample Set:                          
               1) The Sample Set begin (SSHTIBEG) and end (SSHTIEND)    
               timestamps are first converted to GMT time using the     
               SSHSTDIF GMT offset field from the Sample Set Header     
               (SSH) present for each Sample Set.  Then they are set    
               into temporary timestamp fields for filtering.           
               2) If GMTOFFSET=0 is in effect, then no further changes  
               are applied to the temporary timestamps and filtering    
               continues with the timestamps in GMT Time.  They are     
               compared to the FROMDATE=/TODATE= and FROMTIME=/TOTIME=  
               option settings.                                         
               3) If GMTOFFSET= is non-zero then the temporary timestamp
               fields are further altered with the negative or positive 
               offset value.  These altered timestamps are referred to  
               as Adjusted Time in ASMRMFV documentation and messages.  
               They are compared to the FROMDATE=/TODATE= and           
               FROMTIME=/TOTIME= option settings.                       
               4) As noted earlier any selected Sample Set tables are   
               output to the RMFBSAM file with their original timestamps
              -Examples of GMTOFFSET= use follow.  In all cases it is an
               installation responsibility to transfer the multi time   
               zone RMF Monitor III data sets to the ASMRMFV execution  
               site prior to processing.  The RMF provided ERBV2S and   
               ERBS2V Clists are one method to create and retrieve a    
               sequential copy of an RMF Monitor III VSAM data set.     
              -Example 1: A London based company wants build an RMF III 
               PDB for yesterday with RMF III VSAM data sets input from 
               several different time zones in Europe and Asia for their
               peak hours of 09:00 to 15:00.  They want to see what     
               other activity is occurring elsewhere during this time.  
               ASMRMFV statements:                                      
               FROMDATE=YESTERDAY TODATE=YESTERDAY                      
               FROMTIME=0900  TOTIME=1500  GMT                          
              -Example 2: A New York corporation wants build an RMF III 
               PDB for two days ago in June with RMF III VSAM data sets 
               input from several different time zones in the United    
               States for the prime time hours of 08:00 to 17:00.  They 
               need to see if some moving some workloads might result in
               fewer delays.  They are using Daylight Saving Time and   
               their time zone is at GMT=-4.                            
               ASMRMFV statements:                                      
               FROMDATE=*-2   TODATE=*-2                                
               FROMTIME=0800  TOTIME=1700  GMTOFF=-4                    
              -NOTE: For sites using GMTOFFSET= processing and Daylight 
               Saving Time the GMT offset changes during the fall       
               transition to Standard Time and the GMT offset increases 
               by 1 hour.  In the example above it becomes GMTOFF=-5.   
               One advantage of using pure GMT offsets is that time     
               changes such as this are not an issue because RMF III    
               keeps the GMT offset for each Sample Set.  RMF III does  
               not have any awareness of Daylight Saving Time and so it 
               is a user responsibility to code GMTOFFSET= correctly    
               before and after a time change.                          
              -Example 3: An India enterprise wants build an RMF III PDB
               for the last five days with RMF III VSAM data sets input 
               from several different time zones in Asia and Europe for 
               their early morning hours of midnight to 07:00.  India   
               Time is at GMT+05:30 hours.  They want to see if some    
               workload balancing might be possible across multiple data
               centers to reducing processing delays or take advantage  
               of available CPU cycles.                                 
               ASMRMFV statements:                                      
               FROMDATE=*-5   TODATE=*-1   WINDOW                       
               FROMTIME=0000  TOTIME=0700  GMT=+330M                    
              -Most ASMRMFV timestamp messages are revised or added to  
               now display the GMT time when GMTOFFSET is used.  These  
               RMFV001I Current Time and Last IPL Time                  
               RMFV008I Input data set Last Open Time                   
               RMFV012I Sample Set Found Begin and End Times            
               RMFV013I Sample Set Selected Begin and End Times         
               RMFV017I RMF and z/OS Version Found Time                 
               RMFV023W Sample Set Date/Time - Service Policy missing   
               RMFV032E Sample Set Date/Time - Program service failure  
               RMFV039I Sample Set Date/Time - SHOWSAMP option info     
               RMFV070* Sample Set Date/Time - Service Class Find error 
               RMFV071* Sample Set Date/Time - Report  Class Find error 
               RMFV072* Sample Set Date/Time - Workload Name Find error 
               RMFV073* Sample Set Date/Time - Resource Group Find error
               RMFV076I Sample Set Date/Time - SHOWASI option info      
               RMFV078I Sample Set Date/Time - Prior Service Policy use 
               (* = E, W, or I depending on error settings)             
              -In addition all above messages (except RMFV001I and      
               RMFV008I) display the Adjusted Time if GMTOFFSET is      
               non-zero.  So it is possible to get up to three messages 
               for each timestamp display when GMTOFFSET= is in effect: 
               Local Time, GMT Time, and Adjusted Time.  These provide  
               an audit trail and verify program operation is correct.  
              -New parameter SHOWGMT (aliases SHGMT, SG) will display   
               GMT versions of timestamp messages even if GMTOFFSET is  
               not in effect.  SHOWGMT is forced if GMTOFFSET is in     
               effect.  Updated message RMFV037I displays SHOWGMT       
              -New parameter NOSHOWGMT (aliases NOSHGMT, NOSG) will     
               suppress GMT versions of timestamp messages.  NOSHOWGMT  
               is the default so there should be little need to code    
               this option.                                             
              -New parameter SHOWASI (alias SHASI) displays some ASI    
               entry data when selected.  This is intended primarily for
               debugging as it will produce voluminous output in the    
               ASMRMFV log.  This function formerly required a          
               re-assembly and re-link to be enabled.  Updated RMFV037I 
               message shows status of this setting.                    
              -New parameter NOSHOWASI (alias NOSHASI) suppresses ASI   
               data display.  This is the default and should not need to
               be coded.                                                
              -New RMFV006I message shows GMTOFFSET status and offset   
              -New RMFV014I message displays when all tables have been  
               excluded due to filtering that were not originally       
               excluded by an entire data set bypass condition.  For    
               example, this can occur when using range and/or pattern  
               filters to select specific jobs that did not run in the  
               selected time range.                                     
              -New aliases added SHSAMP for SHOWSAMP and NOSHSAMP for   
               NOSHOWSAMP (default)                                     
              -New aliases added SHMATCH for SHOWMATCH and NOSHMATCH for
               NOSHOWMATCH (default).                                   
              -New aliases added SHZERO for SHOWZERO (default) and      
               NOSHZERO for NOSHOWZERO.                                 
              -New aliases added SHALL for SHOWALL and NOSHALL for      
               NOSHOWALL (default).                                     
              -Add sections to MXG00 ASMRMFV Initialization table for   
               table capacities, table sizes, buffer/workarea settings, 
               multiple filter logic options, filter options, GMT offset
               settings, report options, output options, error options, 
               and table selection options.  Updated BUILD00 subroutine.
               Nearly all ASMRMFV parameter options are now saved except
               contents of range and pattern tables.  These fields      
               become variables in the ZRBASM data set in the MXG PDB.  
              -Raise MXG00 record version to X'04' from X'03'.          
              -Code path improvements for SHOWTS and STCKCONV           
              -Some data set names and volume serial numbers were       
               incorrect in the MXG00 ASMRMFV Initialization table.     
              -The CAT and CPC tables were not included in example      
               discussions in the JCLRMFV, JCLCRMFV, and JCLCRMFV       
              -Documentation updates to:                                
               Section  2 Terminology (Timestamps)                      
               Section  5 Input Data Selection Parameters               
               Section  6 Report Control Parameters                     
               Section 12 Messages                                      
               Section 13 Filtered Records                              
               Section 15 Program and IBM Limitations                   
               Section 26 ASMRMFV and MXG PDB Data Relationships        
               Section 27 Summary                                       
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 34.132  Unused.                                                  
Change 34.131  ERROR: Invalid date constant "    .":d with BLDSMPDB was 
BLDSMPDB       caused by a typo, the lack of an underscore on the old   
Jun  1, 2016   style _TODAY macro, causing LASTWEEK to be miscalculated.
               Impacts MONTHLY job, but FORCEDAY=01JUN16 circumvents.   
   Thanks to Jim Hayes, Huntington Bank, USA.                           
Change 34.130  New variable GEICSARE, Unallocated Common Area Left, is  
VMACRMFV       now input and kept in RMF III dataset ZRBGEI, formatted  
May 31, 2016   with MGBYTES.                                            
   Thanks to Dave Cogar, Wells Fargo, USA.                              
Change 34.129  Variable R723MCPG, the number of periods in this service 
VMAC7072       class, is now kept in dataset TYPE72PD.                  
May 30, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Jim Horne, Lowe's Companies, Inc., USA.                    
Change 34.128  Zen CSM records ZOSAPOOL dataset new ZOSA_POOL_TYPE is   
VMACZOSA       'E' for ECSA Pool or 'D' for DataSpace Pool.             
May 27, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Jerome Vitner, Experian, USA.                              
Change 34.127  If only one variable was being examined, a NOT SORTED    
ANALRANK       error could occur due to an insufficiently specified     
May 24, 2016   BY list.                                                 
   Thanks to Tom MacCabe, Dominion Resources Services, Inc., USA.       
Change 34.126  TYPETMS5 observations for tapes created by old versions  
VMACTMS5       of DFDSS contained zeros for BLKSIZE but PGM='ADRDSSU'   
May 23, 2016   tapes are always BLKSIZE=65520, so MXG sets that value   
               for these old tapes.                                     
   Thanks to Jim Agrippe, Cleveland Clinic, USA.                        
Change 34.125  Documentation only. Mainview for IMS IMF/CIMS maintenance
VMACCIMS       PUT 1502 PTFs BQI2154, BPK2892 were supposed to correct  
May 23, 2016   corrects zIIP CPU times where zIIP Eligible time TRXZIOCP
               was greater than the CPU time on CP, TRXZONCP, but does  
               not appear to correct the problem as of this date.       
Change 34.124  MXG Format MGD044K for DB2 Trace Dataset T102S044 updated
FORMATS        with new values.                                         
May 18, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Giuseppe Giacomodonato, EPVTECH, ITALY.                    
Change 34.123 -Support for IFCID 365 populates T102S365 dataset.        
VMAC102       -Support for IFCID 376 corrects QW0376VN so only QW0376VL 
May 18, 2016   bytes are input.  Variable QW0376TS is an invalid 8-byte 
Jun  1, 2016   value:   '1982A5641F29CA5A'x and '0E5F1F1D09F14040'x     
               are not valid TODSTAMP nor 10-byte DB2 time fields.      
   Thanks to Lai Fai Wong, Bank of America, USA.                        
Change 34.122  ANALCSQC counts concurrent MQ Applications from SYSLOG in
ANALCSQX       this tailored use of TYPSSYSL that selects only logon    
May 17, 2016   +CSQX500I and logoff +CSQX501I MSGID to create a session 
               event observation, which ANALCNCR then processes to count
               and plot concurrent sessions for each quarter hour.      
   Thanks to Tom M. Kane, AT&T, USA.                                    
Change 34.121  Formal support for SYSLOG (including multi-line messages)
EXSYSLOG       with all MXG dataset tokens, to replace SYSLOG member, in
FORMATS        particular, so EXSYSLOG/_ESYSLOG dataset exit exists so  
IMACSYSL       only desired MSGID are output.  TYPESYSL exists but only 
TYPESYSL       creates raw data in WORK.SYSLOG; TYPSSYSL must be used as
TYPSSYSL       it invokes the _SSYSLOG sort macro that combines multi   
VMACSYSL       messages into one observation and writes out PDB.SYSLOG. 
May 17, 2016                                                            
PDBAUDIT       occurs if your //SPIN DD was created with SAS Version 6, 
May 17, 2016   which allowed only 8-character SAS dataset/member names. 
               You need to create a new VERSION 9 format data library by
               copying the current //SPIN DD data to a NEW V9 SPIN DSN: 
                 // EXEC MXGSASV9                                       
                 //SPIN    DD DSN=YOUR.OLD.SPIN,DISP=SHR                
                 //SYSIN DD *                                           
                  PROC COPY IN=SPIN OUT=SPINNEW MT=DATA;                
               and then delete OLD and then rename NEW to OLD.          
               You probably also need to examine all of your re-used SAS
               data libraries (PDB,MON,TUE,...WEEK,MONTH, i.e., those   
               with DISP=OLD that are re-written each time), to see if  
               any were also created with SAS V6, with the output of    
                 PROC CONTENTS DATA=PDB._ALL_ NODS DETAILS              
               to see what ENGINE created each of those data libraries. 
               While MXG has had long dataset names for some time, this 
               is the first instance in the "mainline" SMF processing   
               code members used in BUILDPDB, and was introduced in MXG 
               33.07 in the new PDBAUDIT report of your PDB libraries.  
                  (SAS 6.08 dates back to 1992, so this site's          
                   SPIN dataset has stood the test of time!!)           
   Thanks to Jeanne Vetter, Dell Services, USA.                         
Change 34.119  There is a known SAS exposure that can cause a CPU loop  
VMXGCNFG       after a program has finished, in SAS termination, if you 
May 17, 2016   try to dynamically allocate a DD that was already in JCL.
               If you use the CONFIG= CONFIMXG option as your MXG JCL   
               it does dynamically allocate the SOURCLIB and LIBRARY DD,
               but the restriction was only documented.  This change    
               prevents the loop by testing for their allocation, and   
               causing the job to USER ABEND 777 before the SAS program 
               actually starts.                                         
Change 34.118  MXG created variable CPUZIPTM_CPUIFATM_INST was wrong and
VMAC30         usually negative because the three component variables   
May 15, 2016   should have been added to get the IFA/ZIP Instructions.  
   Thanks to Paul Volpi, UHC, USA.                                      
Change 34.117  CPU and SU_SEC values for z13 processors added to the    
GRAFWRKX       formats so that you can model these newer systems with   
May 12, 2016   your existing data.  This is a very simplistic model     
               that will only convert the CPU time from the current     
               model to whatever model you specify with NEWMODEL=.      
Change 34.116  Enhancement for RMM/EDGHSKP/TYPEEDGR adds new variables  
VMACEDGR       SYSTEM and EDGRTIME to all datasets, retained from the   
May 13, 2016   Header record.                                           
   Thanks to Linda Berkeley, USPS, USA.                                 
Change 34.115  Variable DCDTIMEC, Data Set Create Time in DCOLDSET is   
VMACDCOL       only populated if                                        
May 11, 2016     - the dataset is on an EAV volume (more than 65K CYL)  
                 - the volume is the first volume for the dataset       
                   (DCDTIMEC is zero in the DSCB for other volumes)     
                 - for non-VSAM, EATTR=OPT must be specified (JCL or    
                   Data Class), because EATTR=NO is the default for     
                   non-VSAM, EATTR=OPT is the default for VSAM.         
               The DCDTIMEC comes from the FORMAT 9 DSCB control block  
               (in the VTOC), created for EAS-eligible datasets on EAV  
               that have EATTR=OPT, except that these datasets          
               do not have FORMAT 8/9 DSCBs.                            
   Thanks to Donna Roff, FISA NYC GOV, USA.                             
======= Changes thru 34.114 were in MXG 34.03 dated May 10, 2016========
Change 34.114  Enhancement to TCP analysis %ANALTCP program that allows 
ANALTCP        selection by user name remote IP address for FTP, API, or
ANAL119        Telnet datasets from SMF 118 (TCP) or 119.               
Jun  8, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Dave Ireland, USDA, USA.                                   
Change 34.113  Support for COMPUWARE Hiperstation SIEM User SMF record. 
EXSIEM01       New datasets are created from these subtypes:            
EXSIEM02         dddddd    dataset    description                       
EXSIEM03         SIEM01    SIEM3270   SIEM 3270 Session         01      
IMACSIEM         SIEMA1    SIME3270A  SIEM 3270 Screen Lines    01      
TYPESIEM         SIEM02    SIEMTCP    SIEM TCP                  02      
TYPSSIEM         SIEM03    SIEMMQ     SIEM MQ                   03      
VMACSIEM       Currently, only subtype 1 is created.                    
May  9, 2016  -May 19.  Variable SIEMLPAR NOT FOUND corrected.          
May 19, 2016                                                            
Change 34.112  MXG 34.01,34.02. DCOLLECT dataset DCOLBKUP variables     
VMACDCOL       UBDSIZE and UBRECSP were incorrectly multiplied by the   
May  9, 2016   original *1024 that should have been removed when the    
               tests for UBFLAG4 was added in Change 34.042.            
   Thanks to Thomas Peiper, TIETO SWEDEN AB, SWEDEN.                    
Change 34.111  New TYPE72PD, RMF WLM POLICY DEFINITIONS dataset is now  
EXTY72PD       created for every service and reporting class.           
May 6, 2016                                                             
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks, Inc, USA.                           
Change 34.110  Parameter INCODE= added so you can add selection SAS     
ANALUOW        code on all variables and not just time and transaction  
May 3, 2016    name. Logic added to detect that no data was found and   
               terminate ANALUOW                                        
   Thanks to Dave Ireland, USDA, USA.                                   
Change 34.109  DB2 Package Dataset DB2ACCTP does not contain QX......   
VMACDB2        variables.  QX variables exist only in DB2ACCT and the   
May  4, 2016   DB2STATB datasets (initially from DB2STAT1).             
   Thanks to Jane S. Stock, USPS, USA.                                  
Change 34.108  DB2 Simulated Buffer Pool DB2STSBP/DB2STATS variables    
VMACDB2        QBSPIUS, QBSPSUS (current) and QBSPHSU, QBSDPHUS (hwmark 
May  3, 2016   pages) should not have been deaccumulated.               
               Variable QBSPREADS is now correctly deaccumulated.       
               And variable QBSTRHS in DB2STATB is now deaccumulated.   
   Thanks to Lai Fai Wong, Bank of America, USA.                        
Change 34.107 -A typo, SYSTYPE instead of &SYSTYPE caused unresolved    
ANAL9914       macro because no observations were created. The correct  
May  3, 2016   syntax for the report for SYSTEM=SYS1 and SYSTYPE=Z13 is 
May  4, 2016     %ANAL9914(SYSTEM=SYS1,SYSTYPE=Z13);                    
May  5, 2016  -No longer restricted to a single system unless you use   
               the SYSTEM= parameter; by default reports on all SYSTEMS.
               Cleans up after itself and produces NOTES to tell you    
               when there is a problem.                                 
   Thanks to Luis A. Mendoza, TRANSUNION, USA.                          
Change 34.106  z13 in SMT_MODE with SMT_NUM=2, variable NRZIPCPU, count 
VMAC7072       of zIIP engines in the CEC, can be wrong in datasets     
VMXG70PR       PDB.TYPE70, PDB.ASUMCELP, and PDB.ASUMCEC, but is correct
Apr 30, 2016   in PDB.TYPE70PR, and variable ZIPCPUS, zIIPs online to an
               LPAR, was also correct in those datasets.                
              -Note that IBM's CPC Report counts ONLINE ZIPs per LPAR,  
               but MXG's ZIPCPUS='ONLINE*AND*NOT*PARKED'                
              -Do NOT use the PDB.ASUM70PR nor PDB.ASUM70LP datasets;   
               they are by SYSTEM and thus selection is required, and   
               they don't have correct data on system's whose SMF data  
               was not read; those LPARs are in PDB.ASUMCELP.           
   Thanks to Elie Sawaya, Royal Bank of Canada, CANADA.                 
Change 34.105  Support for SMF 123 Liberty z/OS Connect EE Audit Record:
EXTY123A         DDDDDD   DATASET    DESCRIPTION                        
IMAC123A         TY123A   TYPE123A   z/OS CONNECT EE AUDIT              
TYPE123A      -In 2009, IBM used SMF 123 for S/390 Parallel Query Server
TYPS123A       which is still in TYPE123, although I presume that record
VMAC123A       is no longer created.                                    
Apr 30, 2016                                                            
May 19, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Victoria Lepak, Aetna, USA.                                
   Thanks to Don Bagwell, Aetna, USA.                                   
Change 34.104  Support SMF 112 OMEGAMON CICS recorded version 530, which
VMACOMCI       was not listed in the test for valid versions.           
Apr 28, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Bob Duchesneau, Northwestern Mutual, USA.                  
Change 34.103  Support for IBM Integration Bus, Version SMF 117 
VMAC117        INCOMPATIBLE changes to the FLOW record.                 
Apr 28, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Ben Thompson, Northern Territory Government, AUSTRALIA.    
Change 34.102 -For IFCIDs that create more than one T102Sxxx dataset,   
READDB2        READDB2 needs IFCID-specific logic, but the new T102SA58 
VMAC102        dataset for IFCID=58 was overlooked.                     
Apr 28, 2016  -Support for T102SA58 dataset in Change 34.072 was correct
               only for DB2 V12 with a longer new segment; this change  
               supports and validates the shorter DB2 10.1 record.      
              -No "Truncated" name fields existed in test records so the
               support for those longer 0058 names awaits test data.    
   Thanks to Phil Grasser, Norfolk Southern, USA.                       
Change 34.101  Revision to the graphics code to add a solid black line  
GRAFWRKC       indicating where the group cap lies on both the percent  
Apr 28, 2016   CPU and the MSU charts. This required summarization of   
               the data so that there was only a single OBS per by      
               group and uses the VLINE parameter of SGPLOT. The graphs 
               only work if you are running SAS 9.3 or higher.  If not  
               a message will be on the log and a PROC TABULATE will    
               be run instead.                                          
Change 34.100 -ZRBASI dataset variable ASILPGSZ was incorrect.          
VMACRMFV      -ZRBGEI dataset variables below are now correctly divided 
Apr 28, 2016   by SSHSMPNR:                                             
               and variable GEIRSHR is now kept in dataset ZRBGEI.      
   Thanks to Matthew Chappell, QLD Dept Transport Main Roads, AUSTRALIA 
Change 34.099  zVM 6.3 z13 SMT-Mode MONWRITE support and correction.    
VMACVMXA      -PRCMFM (5.20) HIS SMT-Mode-Only was not as presumed.  I  
Apr 23, 2016   had thought the new HIS record would be like the new z/OS
Apr 26, 2016   SMF 113 Subtype 1, with interval data instead of the     
May  9, 2016   accumulated fields.  But the new PRCMFM is unrelated to  
               existing HIS counters in PRCMFC, and reports only the new
               MT-diagnostic counters, with only two (MTDIA448-MTDIA449)
               documented, and three others (MTDIA452,MTDIA453,MTDIA456)
               are populated, but IBM has claimed them proprietary so   
               their content is not documented.                         
               But all five are kept in VXPRCMFM dataset.               
              -PRCAPM (5.10) CRYPTO record has undefined Crypto Type 11 
               that is now supported after IBM z/VM Support UPDATED the 
               documentation today at                                   
   Thanks to Wolfgang Kueller,s IT Solutions, AUSTRIA.                  
Change 34.098  If the same POLICY-NAME is used in different SYSPLEX, the
ANALACTM       report did not print the WLM definitions because of the  
Apr 23, 2016   filter criteria.  This revision adds SYSPLEX variable to 
               protect for this unwise choice.                          
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks, Inc, USA.                           
Change 34.097  RESERVED CHANGE NUMBER.                                  
Change 34.096  Cosmetic.  Using WANTONLY=DB2ACCT,IFCIDS=ACCOUNT, READDB2
CLEARDB2       unexpectedly also created the WORK.DB2STSBP dataset; the 
READDB2        READDB2 code to suppress it was not added to the MACKEEP,
Apr 21, 2016   and a typo in CLEARDB2 had changed _WDB2SBP to _WDB2SBR. 
Change 34.095 -Gregorian dates were not displayed correctly in ASMRMFV  
ASMRMFV        message log due to incorrect leap year testing in        
ADOCRMFV       FINDGREG code.  Dates of the form ddmmmyyyy were listed  
Apr 20, 2016   as one day later than actual.  Day of the week values in 
Apr 27, 2016   these messages were also one day later than actual.      
May 11, 2016   Julian dates of the form yyyy.ddd are correct.           
              -NOTE: RMFBSAM output data was NOT affected only the dates
               in ASMRMFV log messages.  ASMRMFV does not modify dates  
               in the RMFBSAM output file.                              
              -A S0C4 Abend could occur when an VSAM I/O Read Error     
               happened processing the Sample Set Header (SSH) RMF III  
               table.  This Abend was also possible processing the Data 
               Set Header (DSH) and Service Policy (SVP) tables.        
              -Several buffer handling improvements for performance are 
               added and described below.                               
              -Three initial buffer size adjustments are changed to     
               reduce FREEMAIN/GETMAIN overhead when an increase is     
               needed during processing.  These are applied to the 32752
               RMF III VSAM Record Size to avoid buffer expansions.     
               Buffer          Prior x Record Size    New x Record Size 
               -------------   -------------------    ----------------- 
               Decompression          2                   160           
               Sample                 1                     2           
               Service Policy         1                    18           
              -Decompression buffer expansions are particularly CPU     
               expensive because the IBM ERB3RDEC decompression program 
               must decompress the data first to find out if it fits in 
               the buffer.  If not, the buffer must be expanded and the 
               decompression repeated on the subsequent call.           
              -The increases in buffer sizes are offset by new logic    
               that only applies the adjustments to the first buffer    
               acquisition.  Any subsequent expansions now only request 
               the actual memory needed, but should be rare.  In prior  
               ASMRMFV versions the adjustment was applied to every     
               GETMAIN so the buffer areas became unnecessarily large   
               when several expansions of the same buffer were needed.  
              -In testing with 12 various RMF Monitor III data sets     
               buffer memory used was actually slightly less than the   
               current production ASMRMFV level.  Your actual results   
               will vary.  REGION=300M was used for these jobs.         
               ASMRMFV 33.274                   ASMRMFV 34.095          
               LSR     16000K                   LSR     16000K          
               INDEX      32K                   INDEX      32K          
               SAMPLE   2207K                   SAMPLE   3198K          
               DECOMP   7521K                   DECOMP   5118K          
               SVP        96K                   SVP      1151K          
                       ======                           ======          
               *ALL*   25855K                   *ALL*   25499K          
               Expands      6                   Expands      0          
              -The assembler symbols &MULTD, &MULTS, and &MULTP remain  
               tailorable in ASMRMFV by the user as before.  These set  
               the initial buffer size multipliers for the              
               Decompression, Sample, and Service Policy buffers        
               respectively.  Any change to these values requires an    
               assembly and link of ASMRMFV.                            
              -The BUFFERS parameter in ASMRMFV provides a listing after
               each RMF Monitor III data set processed to show buffer   
               usage and expansions.  Ideally expansions should be zero.
               The default is NOBUFFERS and the display is suppressed.  
              -NOASIX parameter causes ABEND S0C4 or RMFV075W messages; 
               tests for this parameter were incomplete, but it is an   
               emergency parameter to suppress ASI extension data,if ASI
               data needed to be bypassed. NOASIX causes data loss and  
               was intended to be used only when recommended by support.
               Next ASMRMFV will correct; this is just a don't use note!
    Thanks to Randy Hewitt, HPE Enterprise Services, USA.               
    Thanks to Randy Shumate, Reed Elsevier Technology Services, USA.    
Change 34.094  PDB.JOBS observations with ABEND='JCL' were created for  
BUILD005       purge records that were for job transmission. Now,       
Apr 18, 2016    IF JSTRTIME=. AND SYSEXEC LE ' ' AND SYSTRANS GT ' '    
Apr 19, 2016   the TYPE26J2 purge observation is output in PDB.NJEPURGE 
               instead of PDB.JOBS.                                     
              -Variable INTRDR is now kept in PDB.JOBS.                 
    Thanks to Ian Porter, NISSAN-NEDC, ENGLAND.                         
Change 34.093  New parameter GRAPHS= with a default of YES added so that
GRAFWRKX       you can specify TABULATE=YES without creating any graphs.
Apr 16, 2016   Tabulate was cleaned up so that there is only a single   
               table generated rather than a table for each variable.   
Change 34.092 -Support for IHDRRMFV "Header" Exit member to select which
IHDRRMFV       RMF III records are to be read by TYPERMFV from RMFBSAM. 
IMACRMFV       Your selection code can be put in member IHDRRMFV in your
VMACRMFV       "USERID.SOURCLIB(IHDRRMFV)" tailoring library, or you can
VMXGINIT       use the macro variable MACRMFVH "instream" to select:    
Apr 13, 2016     //SYSIN DD *                                           
Apr 15, 2016       %LET MACRMFVH= %QUOTE(IF ERBDTYPE='ASIG3'; );        
Apr 21, 2016       %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(TYPERMFV);                         
               would only populate the ZRBASI dataset.                  
              -Removed incorrect second INPUT of CPCGRPNM/CPCGRPLM that 
               could cause STOPOVER INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED ERROR.     
              -These ZRBASI variables are now input as PIB versus RB:   
   Thanks to Randy Hewitt, Hewlett Packard, USA.                        
Change 34.091  Support for IMS Log 16x Sign On/Sign Off record creates  
EXIMS16        new IMS16 dataset.                                       
FORMATS         dddddd   dataset   description                          
IMAC16          IMS16    IMS16     IMS SIGN ON / SIGN OFF               
Apr 15, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Gene Heikkinen, Blue Cross Minnesota, USA.                 
Change 34.090  TYPE115 Macro _WTY115X wasn't listed in _N115 null macro.
VMAC115        TYPECIMS Macro _WIMFMQ  wasn't listed in _N116 null macro
VMACCIMS       UTILBLDP, cosmetic, extra blank lines were printed in the
UTILBLDP       code that clears the old style macros.                   
Apr 13, 2016   A new QA report will detect _Nxxxx omissions.            
   Thanks to Andre G. Moretto, IBM Global Technology Services/Delta, USA
Change 34.089  Support for SAMS VANTAGE User LSPOOLPO record INCOMPAT   
VMACSAMS       changes.  These new variables in SAMSLSPC dataset:       
Apr 14, 2016     SAMSBYFR  ='FREE*BYTES'                                
                 SAMSCLFR  ='MAXIMUM*FREE*EXTENT IN*TRACKS'             
                 SAMSEAV   ='EXTENDED*ADDRESS*VOLUME?'                  
                 SAMSFREEC ='TOTAL*FREE*SPACE IN*CYLINDERS'             
                 SAMSLPAR='LPAR WHERE VANTAGE RUNS'                     
                 SAMSMFEB  ='MAX FREE*EXTENT*IN BYTES'                  
                 SAMSSHR   ='DASD*VOLUME*SHARE*STATUS'                  
                 SAMSSUBS='SUBSYSTEM WHERE VANTAGE*RUNS'                
                 SAMSSYSP='SYSPLEX WHERE VANTAGE RUNS'                  
                 SAMSTCYLS ='TRKMGDSPACE*TOTAL*FREE*CYL'                
                 SAMSTMTRKS='TRKMGDSPACE*MAX EXT*ADDL TRKS'             
                 SAMSTVTRKM='TRKMGDSPACE*TOTAL TRACKS'                  
                 SAMSTVTRKS='TOTAL*TRACKS ON*VOLUME'                    
               and variable SAMSRSVD, a reserved field, is not kept.    
              -SAMSPOOL record was also INCOMPATIBLY changed but no     
               new variables were created.                              
   Thanks to Emmanuelle Tanguy, ARKEA, FRANCE.                          
Change 34.088  Unused Change Number.                                    
Change 34.087 -MXG 34.02, IMS 12.1, IMS 07 record was misaligned due to 
VMACIMS        8 overlooked added bytes, and incorrect input of DLRAZAAP
Apr 12, 2016   that was added in IMS 13.1, not 12.1.2                   
              -Zero divide fix if MXGRDTM=0 (fast read on ASCII).       
              -Variable LINTSY2 is formatted $HEX16.                    
   Thanks to Paul Volpi, UHC, USA.                                      
Change 34.086  Support for TYPE8069 RACFEVNT 8069 R_PKISERV GENCERT     
EXTY8069       event, including protection for truncated TP2=322 and    
IMAC80A        doc errors for TP2=343 and TP2=351.                      
Apr  8, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Joseph F. Faska, DTCC, USA                                 
   Thanks to William M. Vender, DTCC, USA.                              
Change 34.085  Support for these new z/VM VXSYTEMP dataset variables    
FORMATS        from the extended (third) segment:                       
VMACVMXA         NCM_TCT_FCOP='FICON*OPERATIONS'                        
Apr  8, 2016     NCM_TCT_DFCOP='DEFERRED*FICON*OPERATIONS'              
Apr 12, 2016     NCM_SCT_FCOP='SUMM COUNT*FICON*OPERATIONS'             
Apr 14, 2016     NCM_TCT_FCXTM='FICON*TRANS-MODE*OPERATIONS'            
Apr 24, 2016     NCM_SCT_FCXTM='SUMM COUNT*FICON*TRANS-MODE'            
Apr 26, 2016  -Variables PCTLPABY and PCTCPCBY are now correctly        
May  4, 2016   calculated AFTER the deaccumulation.                     
May 16, 2016  -Format $MGVXACH is updated for new Channel Types.        
May 23, 2016  -Dataset VXSTOVDK variable QDIIOCNT is now deaccum'd.     
              -Dataset VXSYTLCK variables CALS/CALX/SYN  deaccum'd.     
              -Dataset VXAPLSL0 is now properly deaccumulated; note that
               only observations with TICKS GT 0 are output.            
              -Dataset VXSYTLCK variable CALSSCNT is DIF()d and SYNATT4S
               second DIF() corrected to SYNFTG4S.                      
              -Dataset VXBYUSR variables that are now deaccumulated:    
              -Dataset VXIODVSW is now deaccumulated with sort order    
              -Some deaccumulated datasets had observations output with 
               DELTATM value negative; those are now correctly deleted  
               (they are the first instance so no deaccum is possible). 
              -Dataset VXMTREND now has DELTATM=. as it is not accumed. 
              -Dataset VXIODDEV variable VIUTIMIN's TIME12.2 reinstated.
               These variables had missing values and missing labels:   
              -May 16: Variable ASMSSCH in dataset VXSTOASP is only two 
               bytes, so its accumulation wraps at a value of 65536; MXG
               had incorrectly used FFFFFFFFx, causing large values.    
               But variable SCGSSCH is four bytes and would be safer.   
   Thanks to Graham Harris, RBS, ENGLAND.                               
Change 34.084  The MOBWRKI2 is now updated for the new DB2STSBP data,   
Apr  7, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Jan Tielemans, KBC, BELGIUM.                               
======= Changes thru 34.083 were in MXG 34.02 dated Apr  5, 2016========
Change 34.083  IMS56FA ARRVTIME value is wrong for transactions that    
VMACIMS        arrived from a system whose GMT offset is not the same as
Apr  5, 2016   this system.  Now, the GMT delta between the two systems 
               is added to ARRVTIME when there is a difference so that  
               all datetime values are local to this IMS system.        
               Note that you must use TYPSIMST ("S" for SORT) program to
               invoke the _SIMS56G for the Chain correction.  Use the   
               JCL example in the TYPSIMST member's comments.           
              -The INPQUETM is a zero value if the ENDTIME of the prior 
               transaction in a chain is LATER than the STRTTIME of this
               transaction.  Why this happens is not understood yet.    
              -The _IMSVERS macro is NOT USED for the IMS56FA processing
               because the actual version is in the 56FA record and is  
               used by MXG to control version differences, so multiple  
               IMS version's 56FA records can be processed together.    
               The MXG NOTE/WARN messages about _IMSVERS are removed.   
               Macro _IMSVERS is used ONLY for 07/08/0A/31/35/36/40/59  
               IMS log records, but only the 07/08 records need 10.1 or 
               11.1 or 12.1 to be specified and processed separately.   
   Thanks to Michael J. Lamdin, Verizon, USA.                           
   Thanks to David A. Bernhardt, Verizon, USA.                          
   Thanks to Matthew E Bogart, Verizon, USA.                            
   Thanks to Mark Albert, Verizon, USA.                                 
   Thanks to Stephen P. Nathan, IBM, USA.                               
Change 34.082  DB2 Trace IFCID 196 variables QWn196HY (0-8), QW0196WY,  
VMAC102        are formatted $HEX4 and INPUT $CHAR2 and QW0196W9 is     
Apr  5, 2016   formatted $HEX16.                                        
Apr 16, 2016  -Some _S102348-_S102355 dataset sort macros had repeated  
               PROC SORTs, but there were no errors, just wasted time.  
Change 34.081 -Oracle/STC User SMF records GMTOFFTM could be "slightly" 
VMACSTC        wrong with a slightly larger (seconds to a minute) and a 
Apr  4, 2016   non-integer value for a few observations, depending on   
               the SMFTIME delta to the earlier STC timestamp; the GMT  
               algorithm used in VMACSTC was unique and now uses the    
               normal calculation.                                      
              -Some VMXGTIME calls were revised, and dataset STCVSM28   
               has new variable REPDURTM=DURATION*OF*REPLICATION added. 
   Thanks to Rudolf Sauer, T-Systems, GERMANY.                          
VMACVMXA       to new fields added to SYTCUP segment that now create:   
              -Unrelated, CECSER was not populated in VXMTRSYS because  
               that 1.4 record is written before the 1.5 record that has
               the CECSER is written.   If you use TYPSVMXA to invoke   
               sorting of all datasets, this update will populate CECSER
               into the VXMTRSYS dataset.  Or you could use             
                 %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(TYPEVMXA);                           
   Thanks to Graham Harris, RBS, ENGLAND.                               
Change 34.079  RMF III ZRBASI dataset new variables are created/decoded:
FORMATS          ASICX='ADDRESS*SPACE*TYPE'                             
VMACRMFV             VALUE $MGRMFCX                                     
Apr  3, 2016          'S '='S:STARTED TASK'                             
                      'T '='T:TSO'                                      
                      'B '='B:BATCH'                                    
                      'A '='A:ASCH'                                     
                      'O '='O:OMVS'                                     
                      '? '='?:UNKNOWN'                                  
                      'E '='E:ENCLAVE'                                  
                      'SO'='S:STARTED TASK WITH OMVS PROCESS'           
                      'TO'='T:TSO WITH OMVS PROCESS'                    
                      'BO'='B:BATCH WITH OMVS PROCESS'                  
                      'AO'='A:ASCH WITH OMVS PROCESS'                   
                      'OO'='O:OMVS WITH OMVS PROCESS'                   
                      '?O'='?:UNKNOWN WITH OMVS PROCESS'                
                      'EO'='E:ENCLAVE WITH OMVS PROCESS'                
                     VALUE $MGRMFCR                                     
                      'C '='C:CPU CRITICAL'                             
                      'S '='S:STORAGE CRITICAL'                         
                      'SC'='SC:BOTH CRITICAL'                           
Change 34.078 -MXG 34.01. TYPE72GO variable MSUSOFT was wrong, because  
VMAC7072       the correct calculation in Change 34.010 was overridden  
VMXGRMFI       by the un-removed original calculation (TCBPART/SRBPART).
Apr  2, 2016  -MXG 33.33. RMF72 had MSU72, MSUINTRV, MSUPERHR variables 
               incorrectly containing Software MSU, while MSU4HRAV did  
               have the correct Hardware MSU.  MXG 34.01 changed those  
               three variables to correctly contain Hardware MSU, and   
               created three new variables with Software MSU, but the   
               MSU4HRAV was changed to Hardware MSU.  This 34.02 change 
               corrects MSU4HRAV also to contain Hardware MSU.  The     
               MSU4HRAV in RMFINTRV is only the Software MSU captured   
               in the TYPE72GO Service Class records; the IBM Four Hour 
               Average Software MSU actually used for software costs is 
               in the TYPE70LAC variable in PDB.TYPE70.                 
              -RMFINTRV MSU variables for Software MSU all have an "S": 
                 Software:  MSUSOFT   MSUINTRVS   MSUPERHRS  MSU4HRAV   
                 Hardware:  MSU72     MSUINTRV    MSUPERHR    n/a       
   Thanks to Randy Shumate, Reed Elsevier, USA.                         
Change 34.077  Support for optional CICSTRAN variable USERCNT01.        
Apr  1, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Niels Ole Kjeldsen, KMD, DENMARK.                          
Change 34.076  Support for dataset TYPE80TK new variables TOKMREVOKED,  
VMAC80A        TOKMREVREAS and TOKMFIREACCS/                            
Mar 31, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Roger X Baker, GLIC, USA                                   
   Thanks to Frank Bauer, GLIC, USA.                                    
MOBWRK05       if you included data with the CLOCK CHANGE hours.  Your  
Mar 31, 2016   MARCH REPORT MUST RUN BETWEEN APR 2-9 WITH this update.  
               When the clock is changed for winter/summer/daylight time
               two rows were created in MWRT_LOOKUP89 that caused       
               "REPEATS OF BY VALUES" messages.  This change keeps only 
               the first row and eliminates the message.                
   Thanks to Al Sherkow, I/S Management Strategies, Ltd.                
   Thanks to Rudi Claes, KBC, BELGIUM.                                  
   Thanks to Graham Harris, RBS, ENGLAND.                               
Change 34.074  The bit tests for the new TYPE0201 and TYPE0202 datasets 
VMAC0203       for decoding variables SMF2IHASHMETH and SMF2ISIGTYPE    
Mar 31, 2016   were missing the final "B", causing blank values.        
   Thanks to Robert Sample, TOMY, USA.                                  
Change 34.073  Dataset TYPE749 (PCIE) is enhanced with new calculated   
VMAC74         variables used in RMF reports.                           
Mar 30, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Michael Friske, FMR, USA.                                  
Change 34.072A Support for SMF 102 IFCID 58 Added Segment creates new   
EX102A58           DDDDDD   DATASET   DESCRIPTION                       
IMAC102            102A58   T102SA58  Added END SQL STATEMENT EXEC      
VMAC102        See Change 33.102 (in MXG 34.03) which corrected VMAC102 
VMXGINIT       and validated the new data.                              
Mar 30, 2016                                                            
Change 34.072  RMF 73 Subtype 3 ERROR R723DNST NOT EQUAL TO R723RTYP is 
VMAC7072       for the seldom-used TYPE72DL, in only one record, which  
Mar 30, 2016   had one WRS pair with RTYP='CB' and RDNN=6 with six DSNTs
Mar 31, 2016   that matched, but the RTYP='DB2' pair also had RDnn=6 but
               there were no segments with DSNT='DB2'.  Other RTYP='DB2'
               records have RDNN=0. While I believe the record is wrong,
               and should have RDNN=0, IBM noted that all of the sample 
               counts in R723RW01-R723RW15 are zero and there could be  
               no name table entries, so MXG now circumvents by only    
               reading the name table when there are samples recorded.  
               (Variables R723RN01-R723RN15 are blank if no table.)     
              -But this investigation exposed a logic error in MXG      
               reading the name table; the OFFDSN was NOT incremented,  
               so only the first segment was being input, repeatedly,   
               which is now corrected.                                  
   Thanks to Lorena Ortenzi, UniCredit Group, ITALY>                    
   Thanks to Paolo Uguccioni, UniCredit Group, ITALY>                   
Change 34.071  Cosmetic. Label for R749DBYR and R749DBYT were corrected.
Mar 29, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Michael Friske, FMR, USA.                                  
Change 34.070  I/O Connect time S42CONNTM=AVGCONMS*IOCOUNT/1000 is now  
VMAC42         calculated and kept in TYPE42DS, TYPE42SR and TYPE42VT   
Mar 27, 2016   datasets, formatted TIME13.3.                            
Change 34.069 -Variable RNI is now kept in TYPE1131.                    
ASUM113       -The SORTED BY list had SM113STM SM113CPU transposed.     
VMAC113       -Dataset TYPE1131 _KTY1131 "variable keep" macro now      
Mar 24, 2016   works for both TYPE1131 and ASUM1131.                    
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks, Inc, USA.                           
Change 34.068  z/OS 2.2 SMF 73 INPUT EXCEEDED due to Split 73 record not
VMAC73         supported.  VMAC73 now detects split records, but IBM    
Mar 24, 2016   plans a 2ndQ APAR that redesigns the 73 split so that    
Mar 31, 2016   self-contained records are written (EIX=HEN), and that   
May  4, 2016   design is already supported in the existing 73 code.     
               These are the variables populated from the extended seg: 
                SMF73ECP SMF73EOC SMF73EOD SMF73EOS SMF73ETC SMF73ETD   
               So, if you don't have the APAR and want those variables  
               added, you would use n the _STY73EX macro.               
                 %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(VMAC73,VMACSMF,IMACKEEP);            
                 DATA _VAR73; _SMF ; _CDE73;  _STY73EX;                 
               The TEMP73EX dataset is created with the split segments  
               from the second (split) record (when EIX GT HEN) and the 
               new _STY73EX replaces the _STY73 dataset sort macro to   
               sort and merge TEMP73EX into TYPE73.  This split record  
               had 158 valid channels but only 105 fit in the first 32K 
               record (because IBM writes 256 channel segments in every 
               every record, including offline, so the other 53 Extended
               Channel segments were in the second record.              
              -May 4: APAR OA50254 eliminates the split 73 records and  
               each record will be self-contained with matching channel 
               path data sections and extended channel path sections.   
   Thanks to Joachim Sarkoschitz, DATEV, GERMANY                        
Change 34.067  z/OS 2.2 OAM SMF 85 INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED because MXG 
VMAC85         tested R85PVRM for specific versions but not for '2020'. 
Mar 24, 2016   However, that ancient test is no longer needed for the   
               subtypes 78,79, and 88 since all records now have the    
               missing early fields that needed that test, so new z/OS  
               versions' won't need VMAC85 to be updated for R85PVRM.   
   Thanks to Joachim Sarkoschitz, DATEV, DENMARK.                       
Change 34.066 -zVM MONWRITE dataset VXBYUSR is enhanced with these three
VMACVMXA       memory variables, VMDUFACTC, VMDUFIBRC and VMDCTPNS.     
Mar 21, 2016  -New:  You can specify  %LET MXGABND=8709; so that the    
               BROKEN CONTROL RECORD ERROR will now also cause the job  
               to ABEND with a USER 8709 abend code, so the error can't 
               be overlooked.  (This error usually occurs when a back   
               level of MXG tries to read data from a new zVM version.) 
   Thanks to Graham Harris, RBS, ENGLAND.                               
Change 34.065  CICS/TS 5.3 MNSEGCL=5 INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED error due 
VMAC110        to MXG read of 128 bytes but the segment is only 120.    
Mar 21, 2016   You have to have enabled TSQUEUE Resource Class data to  
               populate dataset CICSRDQU to encounter this error.       
   Thanks to Bob Duchesneau, Northwestern Mutual, USA.                  
Change 34.064 -Circumvention for BBMQ Short E6 records. The last segment
VMACBBMQ       in every E6 record is 4 bytes shorter than ENTL, but the 
Mar 21, 2016   four bytes are unused, so this heuristic detects the last
Mar 28, 2016   record condition and the last segment is now output in   
               the BBMQQUES dataset (which will have more observations.)
              -Circumvention for incorrect ENTL for E4 which caused the 
               BBMQLMGR to be trashed. ENTL=1336 in header but only 1275
              -BY lists updated for NODUP removal for BBMQBUFF, BBMQCHAN
               BBMQLMGR and BBMQPAGE, although no duplicates have ever  
               been created, just to be consistent.                     
              -Mar 28: Datetimes were incorrectly set to GMT in 34.01.  
               now corrected to local.                                  
   Thanks to Jim Swinarski, Credit-Suisse, USA.                         
Change 34.063  ERROR START GREATER THAN END creating DBID/OBID format is
ANALDB2R       corrected with this rewrite of VMFMT102 and the dropping 
VFMT102        of the system and timestamps from the keys to the format.
Mar 22, 2016   The FORMATs are now the same whether you use POINTINTIME 
Mar 31, 2016   or the T102S105/107 records but POINTINTIME will always  
               be more accurate since it is a snapshot of what DB2 sees 
               while the 105/107 records will only reveal databases     
               that have been opened.                                   
   Thanks to Jutta Gleixner-Schmid, Allianz, GERMANY                    
==== Changes thru 34.062 were in FINAL MXG 34.01 dated Mar 21, 2016==== 
Change 34.062  Cosmetic. With MXGREADSMF=LOGGER or =BOTH, log messages  
VMACSMF        "LAST RECORD" and the SMF Summary box of times/bytes read
Mar 17, 2016   were not printed.  Superfluous code was removed.         
   Thanks to Chris Weston, SAS ITRM, USA.                               
Change 34.061  Support for BMC MAINVIEW FOR IP, creates these three     
EXMVIP2C       datasets of primary interest:                            
EXMVIP2F         DDDDDD   MXG        MXG                                
EXMVIP03         DATASET  DATASET    DATASET             RECORD         
FORMATS          SUFFIX   NAME       LABEL               SUBTYPE        
VMACMVIP         MVIP2C   TAC9I490   TN3270PERF            2C           
VMXGINIT         MVIP2F   TAC9I350   SAWDATA               2F           
Feb 26, 2016     MVIP03   TAC9I820   TACCONS               03           
Mar 15, 2016                                                            
May  7, 2016   Note that IMACMVIP is tailored to only create these      
May 30, 2016   three datasets.                                          
Jun  1, 2016   Labels added Jun 1.                                      
               The MXG support for Mainview for IP requires the BMC     
               utility program BBM9MD73 to "dump" the BMC VSAM file     
               to a valid VB file that MXG can process.                 
VMXG70PR       was used instead of &PDBMXG in two places; &PDBMXG has   
Mar 15, 2016   always been the intended default macro variable for the  
               default "PDB" destination, and is required by ITRM.      
   Thanks to Chris Weston, SAS ITRM, USA.                               
CHANGE 34.059  Short type 119 subtype 41 with only one triplet populated
VMAC119        caused INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED.  The record does not    
Mar 14, 2016   contain any subtype 41 data. The first three instances   
               print a DELETED message on log.                          
==== Changes thru 34.058 were in THIRD MXG 34.01 dated Mar 14, 2016=====
CHANGE 34.058  MXG 34.01: CRITICAL:  TYPE72GO only PERIOD 1 was output. 
VMAC7072       Change 34.010 added MSU72 but used DO _I_= inside a DO   
Mar 14, 2016   that already used DO _I_, which terminated the first DO. 
   Thanks to Randy Shumate, Reed Elsevier, USA.                         
=== Changes thru 34.057 were in SECOND MXG 34.01 dated Mar 14, 2016=====
CHANGE 34.057  Documentation only.  Member JCLINSTT example has steps to
JCLINSTL       FTP download, Unterse, and create USERID and FORMATS; new
JCLINSTT       JCLINSTL example has only USERID and FORMATS create, if  
VMXGCNFG       you have already downloaded and untersed the new version.
Mar 11, 2016   Example DSNAMES are MXG.MXGVVNN.SOURCLIB/FORMATS in these
               members and in the ftp instruction email text.           
               The install instructions stress that if you now depend on
               the SAS NLSCOMPATMODE option to handle local characters  
               (British Pound, French accents, umlauts, etc.) you will  
               have to change your JCL for MXG to use your site's SAS   
               JCL procedure, with the CONFIMXG option, because SAS has 
               stated their intention to remove that option in a future 
               See examples and comments in member VMXGCNFG.            
   Thanks to Tom MacCabe, Dominion Resources Services, Inc., USA.       
CHANGE 34.056  TYPE 60 dataset variable SMF60ELP was misaligned, VVRKEY 
VMAC60         was not converted to EBCDIC text, and these address space
Mar 11, 2016   size/address variables are formatted MGBYTES             
                 VVRDSHA  VVRDSHU  VVRHARBA VVRHURBA                    
                 VVRXEBA1-VVRXEBA5 VVRAMASP                             
   Thanks to Michael Friske, FMR, USA.                                  
CHANGE 34.055  TYPE 120 ST 9 new TYP1209R (REQUEST) and TYP1209N (ASYNC,
EXT1209N       Non-Request) datasets completely replace four existing   
EXT1209R       TYP1209x datasets.  The subtype 9 is either a REQUEST or 
IMAC120        ASYNC event, and the two new datasets contain only the   
VMAC120        variables that are appropriate for that event. These two 
VMXGINIT       new datasets eliminate the need to populate the A/C/E/S  
Mar 11, 2016   datasets, which can be created with zero observations    
Mar 16, 2016   by tailoring each _Edddddd "dataset output macro" to     
Mar 21, 2016   replace the OUTPUT statement with a blank, either in your
Apr 11, 2016   //SYSIN for jobs that create TYPE120 datasets with       
                 %LET MACKEEP=                                          
                   MACRO _ET1209A % MACRO _ET1209C %                    
                   MACRO _ET1209E % MACRO _ET1209S %                    
               or you can put the two macro lines in your IMACKEEP      
               member in your USERID.SOURCLIB tailoring PDS/directory.  
               Mar 21:                                                  
              -The TYP1209U CPU detail dataset contains up to 20 obs    
               per event, and variable REQASYNC identifies the event,   
               and added variables identify the source of that event.   
               The CPU detail dataset metrics are summarized into the   
               TYP1209N or TYPE1290R dataset.                           
              -The 1209C and 1209S segments have three or 12 obs per    
               event, so new variables SM1209ES1-SM1209ES3 and          
               SM1209EO1-SM1209E12 are created with those IDENTITY and  
               CLASSIFICATION values, eliminating any need for          
               TYP1209C/TYP1209S datasets. And new variable REC1209SEGS 
               identifies which segments were populated in each         
               TYP1209R/TYP1209N/TYP1209U observation.                  
              -The order of segment processing was revised.             
              -The value of SM1209CI can be negative: That means that   
               the request didn't finish. The TCB CPU time at the start 
               is held, and the TCB CPU time at the end is subtracted to
               get the SM1209CI value. If the servant abended or some   
               other bad thing happened and the request never finished, 
               there was no 'end time', so you get a negative value.    
               It's actually an indicator that something went wrong!    
               Apr 11: Labels for the CPU variables are clarified:      
                 SM1209DC='ENCLAVE*ZAAP*ELIGIBLE*ON CP'                 
                 SM1209DD='ENCLAVE*ZIIP*ELIGIBLE*ON CP'                 
                 SM1209DE='ALWAYS*ZERO*QUALIFIED*CPU TIME'              
                 SM1209DF='ENCLAVE*ZIIP*TIME*ON ZIIP'                   
                 SM1209HG='ENCLAVE*TOTAL CPUTIME'                       
                 SM1209HI='ENCLAVE*ZAAP*ELIGIBLE*ON CP'                 
                 SM1209HJ='ENCLAVE*ZIIP*ELIGIBLE*ON CP'                 
                 SM1209HL='ENCLAVE*ZIIP TIME*ON ZIIP'                   
   Thanks to Joesph Faska, DTCC, USA.                                   
   Thanks to Betty Wong, Bank of America, USA.                          
CHANGE 34.054  Variable SMF42LAN was not converted to EBCDIC after the  
VMAC42         INPUT SMF42LAN $VARYING64. causing unprintable text.     
Mar 10, 2016                                                            
VMAC102        error for subtype 8005x because the R8 triplet has R8N=1,
Mar 10, 2016   R8O=1512 with R8L=0 in a record that is only 1511 bytes  
               long.  That INPUT is now skipped when the R8L is zero,   
               pending a correction from BMC.                           
   Thanks to Rudi Claes, KBC, BELGIUM.                                  
CHANGE 34.052  WPS Only, First MXG 34.01 Only.  A typo RUN: with colon  
VMXGINIT       in line 3667 of VMXGINIT must be deleted as it caused    
Mar 10, 2016   WPS to fail to initialize.  I would have normally caught 
               this in my QA with that ABEND, but my SETINIT expired and
               I had a condition code rather than an ABEND overlooked.  
CHANGE 34.051  Change 33.240 updated MACRO _IO30TM but had replicated   
IMAC30IO       IOTM3390 causing WARINING: VARIABLE IOTM3390 EXISTS.     
Mar 10, 2016   Delete the second IOTM3390.                              
   Thanks to Randy Shumate, Reed Elsevier, USA.                         
CHANGE 34.050  Variables SM1209CM, SM1209CR, SM1209CS were incorrectly  
VMAC120        kept in datasets TY1209C, TY1209S, and TY1209U, and were 
Mar  9, 2016    used incorrectly in the _ST1209C  and _ST1209U BY lists,
               so combining multiple PDBs build with and without this   
               change could fail with a NOTSORTED error on either.      
               This Change was included in 34.055, above.               
   Thanks to Joesph Faska, DTCC, USA.                                   
CHANGE 34.049  Support for ASG/TMON Version 4.0 for CICS, REQUIRED.     
VMACTMO2       Version changed all duration fields from microsecond to  
Mar  9, 2016   todstamp units, but these 15 variables were not divided  
               by 4096 (the other 399 were), so these variables will    
               have values larger by that 4096 factor.                  
                 TATCBSTM TIIWTWRT TMCGADT                              
               Fortunately, none of these duration variables are in the 
               primary MONITASK dataset.                                
   Thanks to Miguel Machin, CAREFIRST, USA                              
   Thanks to Alan Gray, CAREFIRST, USA.                                 
=== Changes thru 34.048 were in FIRST MXG 34.01 dated Mar  7, 2016======
CHANGE 34.048  Support for BE93 Version 6.1.0 (INCOMPATIBLE, header was 
VMACBETA       relocated).  No new variables nor datasets.              
Mar 7, 2016                                                             
   Thanks to Rudolf Sauer, T-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GmbH, GERMANY.       
CHANGE 34.047  Support for z/OS 2.2 RMF III data records.               
VMACRMFV      -No change is needed for the ASMRMFV program that reads   
Mar 6, 2016    the Compressed VSAM file to create the RMFBSAM data file.
              -New variables in ZRBASI dataset:                         
                ASICPUTA_LF  ='CPU*TIME'                                
                ASIDCTIA_S   ='CHANNEL*CONNECT*TIME'                    
                ASIDP          ='DISPATCHING*PRIORITY'                  
                ASIFRXA_LF   ='FIXED*FRAMES*ABOVE'                      
                ASIFRXB_LF   ='FIXED*FRAMES*BELOW'                      
                ASIFRXH_LF   ='FIXED*FRAMES*HIGH'                       
                ASIIOCNT_S   ='EXCPS'                                   
                ASIQSCANRES    ='QSCAN*RESOURCES*RETURNED'              
                ASIQSCANRESSQ1 ='QSCAN*ASIQ*SCANRES*SSQ1'               
                ASIQSCANRESSQ2 ='QSCAN*ASIQ*SCANRES*SSQ2'               
                ASIQSCANTIME   ='QSCAN*REQUESTS*ISSUED'                 
                ASITCBTA_LF  ='TCB*TIME'                                
                ASITRCA_S    ='TRANSACTIONS'                            
                ASITRT         ='TRANSACTION*RESIDENT*TIME'             
                ASI_LVSHR4KB    ='SHARED*BYTES*HI VIRT'                 
              -New variables in ZRBCPU dataset:                         
                CPC_ATD_AAP    ='AVERAGE*THREAD*DENSITY*AAP'            
                CPC_ATD_CP     ='AVERAGE*THREAD*DENSITY*CP '            
                CPC_ATD_IIP    ='AVERAGE*THREAD*DENSITY*IIP'            
                CPC_CAPF_AAP   ='MT CORE*CAPACITY*FACTOR*AAP'           
                CPC_CAPF_CP    ='MT CORE*CAPACITY*FACTOR*CP '           
                CPC_CAPF_IIP   ='MT CORE*CAPACITY*FACTOR*IIP'           
                CPC_MAXCAPF_CP ='MT CORE*MAXIMUM*CAPACITYCP '           
                CPC_MODE_AAP   ='MT CORE*MODE*AAP'                      
                CPC_MODE_CP    ='MT CORE*MODE*CP '                      
                CPC_MODE_IIP   ='MT CORE*MODE*IIP'                      
                CPC_PROD_AAP   ='MT CORE*PRODUCTIVITY*AAP'              
                CPC_PROD_CP    ='MT CORE*PRODUCTIVITY*CP '              
                CPC_PROD_IIP   ='MT CORE*PRODUCTIVITY*IIP'              
                CPU_PARK_CP  ='PARKED*TIME*CP'                          
                CPU_PARK_IFA ='PARKED*TIME*IFA'                         
                CPU_PARK_ZIP ='PARKED*TIME*ZIP'                         
                CPU_ONLINE_CP ='ONLINED*TIME*CP'                        
                CPU_ONLINE_IFA ='ONLINE*TIME*IFA'                       
                CPU_ONLINE_ZIP ='ONLINE*TIME*ZIP'                       
              -New variables in ZRBGEI dataset:                         
                GEILSMO ='MEM OBJ*HI VERT*BACKED IN*1MB FRAMES'         
                GEIRFREM='FREEMAINED*FRAMES*ALL ASIDS'                  
CHANGE 34.046  ASUMCACH now works without RMF III data and supports tape
ASUMCACH       or disk.  When the PDB is on tape, TYPE74 is copied to   
Mar 5, 2016    //WORK to prevent having two open tape datasets.         
Change 34.045  JES2 SMF 26 z/OS 1.13 TRIPLET segment before PRINT caused
Mar  5, 2016   POINT EXCEPTION on ASCII.  The unexpected order          
               misaligned the input of offset variable SMF26OJC to have 
               a value of 3,806,577,725, which then caused the error    
               when INPUT @SMF26OJC was executed with that large value. 
               The SMF manual has always shown all 7 segments at offset 
               50, so it's the order in the SMF manual that has         
               previously defined their order in the record.  This      
               change heuristically detects the order of those two      
              -Change 33.046 added support for the SMF26JCR field in MXG
               33.02 last year, and that new code failed on the reversed
               records at this one site, where all records on some      
               systems were reversed, and all records on other systems  
               had the correct segment order.                           
   Thanks to Rich Kuehn, Global eXchange Services, Inc., USA.           
Change 34.044  New Capacity Group reports of CEC resources consumed by  
ANALGRCA       LPARS within a capacity group by RMFINTRV workloads,     
GRAFWRKC       reporting percent CPU, total CPU time, estimated hourly  
Mar  6, 2016   software MSU, and memory consumption by workloads and    
               then by LPAR.                                            
               ANALGRCA and GRAFWRKC both report on Group Capacity.     
               A good place to start is gragwrkc - it will take your    
               RMFINTRV dataset and build a picture by CEC and Capacity 
               Group of %CPU busy, CPU time, estimated hourly MSU, and  
               memory with a pair of graphs for each, the first by your 
               RMFINTRV workloads, the second by LPAR within the        
               Capacity Group.  You can narrow down the squeaky wheel   
               to a workload and/or lpar, and then you can use ANALGRCA 
               to fine tune the analysis.                               
               ANALGRCA will do much the same thing but lets you zero-in
               on what is pushing you to the cap or to a threshold you  
               specify.  The threshold can be an absolute number of MSU 
               or a percentage of the total group capacity. It will look
               at the LPARS in the group using ASUMCELP, the workloads  
               using RMFINTRV, and the SMFINTRV dataset to look at      
               tasks.  There are parameters to specify the date to      
               examine, the interval to use (but it must be the same as 
               the cecintrv in asumcelp.) and for workload and job level
               data only those intervals that exceeded the threshold are
               used in reporting.                                       
CHANGE 34.043  MXG 33.33. Change 33.316 missed the four reserved bytes, 
VMAC71         causing SMF71CPx, SMF714Kx, & SMF71PLx to be misaligned. 
Mar  2, 2016                                                            
  Thanks to Rick Southby, Insurance Australia Group, AUSTRALIA.         
CHANGE 34.042  Support for DCOLLECT FLAG4 bits that indicate each       
VMACDCOL       size variables are now in MegaBytes, previously in       
Mar  7, 2016   KiloBytes, in DCOLBKUP and DCOLMIGS datasets.            
Mar  8, 2016  -Mar 8.  UBALLSP and UMALLSP 024* changed to 1024*.       
Mar 22, 2016  -Mar 22. All ten UBFLAG and UMFLAG bit tests corrected.   
May  8, 2016  -May 8: Change 34.112 corrected UBDSIZE high by 1024.     
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks, Inc., USA.                          
CHANGE 34.041  Support for ATF V531 Enhanced Summarization Phase 2      
FORMATS        inserted these new variables:                            
VMACATF          ATFPGMSW ='PROGRAM*SWITCHES'                           
Mar  6, 2016     ATFXSNOTN='OTHER*ITEMS**VAR'                           
Mar  9, 2016     ATFXSNOTL='OTHER*ITEMS**LENGTH'                        
Apr  5, 2016     ATFXSUOW ='TRANSACTION*UOW'                            
               and the DLI-DB/DLI-TM/DBD/DB2/MQ/OTHERA/OTHERB segments  
               have new GROUP BUCKET NUMBERs and/or ITEM CODES that are 
               decoded in new FORMATS.                                  
              -Mar 9: (after 34.01) Short 8-byte DBD supported, DLI DB  
               and DLI TM and OTHER-A segments have been validated.     
              -Apr 5: Variables ATFXSRSP ATFXSACP ATFXSIQT were wrongly 
               divided by 4096 twice.                                   
CHANGE 34.040  TYP11921 variable NTHOSTTN is increased from $8 to $64 to
VMAC119        support host names that are fully qualified TCP/IP domain
Mar  2, 2016   name.                                                    
   Thanks to Stephen S. Hoar, Lloyds Banking, ENGLAND.                  
   Thanks to Gary Nash, Lloyds Banking, ENGLAND.                        
CHANGE 34.039  Support for new SMF Type 29 IMS JAVA CPU and Garbage Coll
EXTY29GC       creates new datasets                                     
EXTY29JA         DDDDDD    MXG       MXG                                
IMAC29           DATASET   DATASET   DATASET                            
TYPE29           SUFFIX    NAME      LABEL                    SUBTYPE   
VMAC29           TY29GC    TY29GC    IMS JVM GARBAGE COLLECTION   2     
VMXGINIT         TY29JA    TY29JAVA  IMS JVM CPU USAGE            2     
Mar  2, 2016                                                            
CHANGE 34.038  New variables created in TYPE1209 dataset:               
VMAC120         SM1209HE='ENCLAVE*JOINED OR*CREATED?'                   
Mar  1, 2016    SM1209HF='ENCLAVE*SCHEDULED?'                           
   Thanks to Joseph Faska, DTCC, USA.                                   
VMACSMF        SMFINFILE already exists.  Code revised to use LOGINFILE 
Feb 28, 2016   variable for the INFILE LOGGER.                          
   Thanks to Chris Weston, ITRM Development, SAS, USA.                  
CHANGE 34.036  TYPE30_5 dataset can have ABEND='SYSTEM' CONDCODE=0000 if
FORMATS        a step had a SYSTEM or USER ABEND, but the last step did 
VMAC30         not ABEND (e.g., a FLUSH step followed the ABEND).  Since
Mar  1, 2016   the type of ABEND is unknown in the TYPE30_5 JOB record, 
               MXG now sets ABEND='ABEND' instead of ABEND='SYSTEM' in  
               TYPE30_5.  However, in PDB.JOBS, MXG populates both ABEND
               and CONDCODE from the LAST step that ABENDed, so you will
               not see ABEND='ABEND' except in TYPE30_5.  And, since it 
               is really STEPS that ABEND, and not JOBS, you should use 
               the PDB.STEPS or TYPE30_4 for ABEND analysis.            
   Thanks to Linda S. Berkley, USPS, USA.                               
CHANGE 34.035  These SYNCSORT variables are now kept, formatted $HEX2:  
VMACSYNC         SYNRETRY='RETRY*FLAG'                                  
Feb 25, 2016     SYNMISCF='SMFFLAG3*MISC*FLAG'                          
   Thanks to Bruce Bordonaro, Pershing, USA.                            
CHANGE 34.034  Reserved Change Number.                                  
Feb 28, 2016                                                            
CHANGE 34.033  Change 31.118 added new fields in the EXGRXEXT (Extended 
VMACEDGR       Record), but those fields are also in the basic dataset  
Feb 28, 2016   records EDGRDEXT and the volume records EDGRVEXT, and    
               this change adds them to those two datasets.             
   Thanks to Thomas Giordano, Australian Defence Department, AUSTRALIA. 
CHANGE 34.032  Support for DB2 Trace IFCIDS 311 and 321.                
Feb 24, 2016                                                            
CHANGE 34.031  Cosmetic.  If your _IMSVERS does not match the version in
VMACIMS        the IMS56FA record, the previous MXGNOTE is now MXGWARN. 
Feb 24, 2016   and the text is clearer when they do match.              
CHANGE 34.030  TYPE42D4 DATASET variables SMFA2GTAA & SMFA2GTAB are now 
VMAC42         correctly INPUT and kept, replacing incorrectly spelled  
Feb 22, 2016   SMFA2GSA and SMFA2GSB, with the CA and CI Splits.        
   Thanks to Michael Friske, FMR, USA.                                  
CHANGE 34.029  Variables SMF70GNM and SMF70GMU added to PDB.RMFINTRV to 
VMXGRMFI       enable reporting of workloads by Capacity Group.         
Feb 22, 2016                                                            
Change 34.028  MXG 33.33. ASUM70PR Change 33.306 required PDB.TYPE70 to 
VMXG70PR       exist in the //PDB data library, so the group capacity   
Feb 22, 2016   metrics could be created, but it was not documented that 
               that the TYPE70 dataset was required.  Normally TYPE70 is
               in the PDB with the TYPE70PR dataset, but if TYPE70 was  
               not found in the //PDB library, the ASUM70PR failed.     
               Now VMXG70PR verifies that TYPE70 exists and uses it if  
               found, or does not read it if not found, which causes the
               new Group Variables to not exist in the ASUM output.     
               Or, with 33.33 you can circumvent the error using this   
               code ahead of your ASUM70PR include:                     
                 %LET MACKEEP=%QUOTE( MACRO _LTY70 NEWPDB.TYPE70 % );   
Change 34.027  MXG set the TYPE1131 CPU Speed SM1132SP to 5000 for z13  
VMAC113        because early records contained either 5208 for CP or had
Feb 22, 2016   ZERO for the IP speed. But that is now wrong with the new
Feb 29, 2016   sub-capacity z13s (Speed=3173), so the logic now forces  
               the 5000 value only if the record contains zero or 5208. 
   Thanks to Andrew Hebden, Barclays, ENGLAND.                          
Change 34.026  Support for MVMQ (BBMQ) PTF BPL2558 which was to change  
VMACBBMQ       all duration fields from TODSTAMP to microseconds, but   
Feb 22, 2016   BMC now reports that pre and post that PTF, the values   
Mar 10, 2016   have always been in seconds with microsecond fractions.  
Mar 22, 2016   MXG was dividing by 4096 presuming TODSTAMP, which is    
               known to have always been wrong and is now corrected.    
               Apparently, the primary use has been counts and events   
               and not durations, as no one noticed!                    
              -Mar 10: Cosmetic typo QSCLOSETTIME to QSCLOSTTIME.       
              -Unrelated, but observed, that all character date/times   
               were on GMT zone; new datetime numeric variables replace 
               them and are set to the local time zone.                 
Change 34.025  Dataset TYPE70EN, variable PCTMVSBY=100 was incorrectly  
VMAC7072       calculated when SMF70PAT, Parked Time, was close to the  
Feb 12, 2016   DURATM, but did not exactly match.  A 1 second delta is  
               now required to calculate a non-zero PCTMVSBY=0.         
   Thanks to Giuseppe Giacomodonato, EPVTECH, ITALY.                    
Change 34.024  Dataset TYPE72GO, variable RESPSTD, Standard Deviation of
VMAC7072       Response time was 2% larger than IBM Value; the 1.04875  
Mar  1, 2016   conversion factor is corrected  to 1.024.                
   Thanks to Richard Stuchell, VISA, USA.                               
Change 34.023  Parameter list was alphabetized and the parameters used  
UTILBLDP       are displayed on the log.  A check was added to the list 
Feb 12, 2016   of parameters where an = should not exist as that is     
               normally an indication that a comma was left off of one  
               of the parameters.                                       
Change 34.022 -DB2STAT2 statistics dataset new variables:               
VMACDB2          QDBPFRAM='FRAMESIZE'                                   
Feb 11, 2016     QDBPVPMI='VPSIZEMIN'                                   
Feb 28, 2016     QDBPVPMA='VPSIZEMAX'                                   
              -DB2ACCTP Package dataset, new flag variable              
              -Documentation: In DB2ACCTP, if QPACRUSM='Y', these fields
               are listed by IBM as invalid:                            
                QPACAANM QPACAAFG QPACINCO                              
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks, Inc., USA.                          
Change 34.021  CICSTRAN variable TRANFLAG creates variables from each   
FORMATS        byte, some are decoded with new formats:                 
Feb 12, 2016       VALUE $MGCICTF                                       
                    '4'='BIT4:3270 BRIDGE'                              
                   VALUE $MGCICTI                                       
                    '0'='BIT0:SYSTEM TRANSACTION'                       
                    '1'='BIT1:MIRROR TRANSACTION'                       
                    '2'='BIT2:MIRROR TRANSACTION DPL'                   
                    '3'='BIT3:ONC RPC ALIAS TRANS'                      
                    '4'='BIT4:WEB ALIAS TRANSACTION'                    
                   VALUE $MGCICWL                                       
                    '0'='BIT0:WLM REPORT'                               
                    '1'='BIT1:WLM NOTIFY COMPLETION'                    
                    '2'='BIT2:WLM NOTIFY'                               
                   VALUE $MGCIC8I                                       
                    '0'='BIT0:INDOUBT WAIT=NO'                          
                    '1'='BIT1:INDOUBT ACTION=COMMIT'                    
                    '2'='BIT5:INDOUBT FAILURE'                          
                   VALUE $MGCIC8U                                       
                    '0'='BIT2:UOW INDOUBT ACTION'                       
                    '1'='BIT3:UOW SHUNT'                                
                    '2'='BIT4:UOW UNSHUNT'                              
                    '3'='BIT5:INDOUBT FAILURE'                          
   Thanks to Perry Lim, Union Bank, USA.                                
Change 34.020  PK-ZIP SMF records INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED error due to 
VMACPKSZ       one field expanded from 2 to 4 bytes.                    
Feb 10, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Dorothy Yeung, Toyota, USA.                                
Change 34.019 -STC Variables STC26MST & STC26MET were on GMT time zone, 
FORMATS        now corrected to local to match other datetimes.         
VMACSTC       -STC variables STCxxADR were $HEX8 formatted, but that    
Feb  9, 2016   is removed as they contain EBCDIC text, not HEX.         
Feb 11, 2016  -STC variables STCxxRID are now HEX4 formatted, as they   
Feb 24, 2016   contain numeric hex values.                              
              -New format $MGSTCMV maps values in variable STC16MVC.    
              -New variables decode bits of SMF17DFL:                   
                STC17DSW='MVC OR*RTD*REQUIRED?'                         
               and RID variables show 0-F as their range.               
              -STC11TOL has a third value now supported.                
              -STC11CSP is relabeled CHANNEL TYPE and formatted.        
              -Some labels with "MVS" are corrected to "MVC".           
   Thanks to Randy Hewitt, Hewlett Packard, USA.                        
Change 34.018  Reserved Change Number.                                  
Change 34.017  Support for NDM-CDI SE Session End record creates        
EXNDMSE           DDDDDD   DATASET    DESCRIPTION                       
IMACNDM            NDMSE    NDMSE      NDM SESSION END                  
Feb  8, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Gerard Bosker, RaboBank, THE NETHERLANDS.                  
Change 34.016  New variables in MAR 02 record.                          
VMACMAR        TO DO: Subtype 7. Await data in  March.                  
Feb  6, 2016                                                            
Change 34.015  New analysis of Group Capacity.                          
Feb  6, 2016   See Change 34.044 for GRAFWRKC and a comparison.         
Change 34.014  Support for Rocket Software DVS User SMF record ST 1 & 2.
EXDVS01        New datasets created                                     
EXDVS02           DDDDDD   DDATASET    DESCRIPTION                      
IMACDVS            DVS01      DVS01     DVS CLIENT SYSTEM RECORD        
TYPSDVS       -The DVS01 interval dataset is written for each Connection
VMACDVS        ID, variable DVS1CNID.                                   
VMXGINIT      -Mar 3: The two lines in the LENGTH statement extended    
Feb  5, 2016   beyond 72 characters; on z/OS only, those variables      
Mar  3, 2016   were kept in 4 instead of 8 stored bytes, so there would 
               have been some truncation of datetime values, worst case 
               255 seconds.                                             
Change 34.013  DB2 dataset T102S166 for IFCID 166 variable QW0166SI is a
VMAC102        statement identifier input $CHAR8 and format $HEX16, but 
Feb  4, 2016   it is the statement number, so new variable QW0166SINR is
               the numeric statement number; labels clarified.          
   Thanks to Akhil Vasudevan, Capital One, USA.                         
Change 34.012  MSU chart modified to reflect an estimated hourly MSU    
GRAFWRKX       value so that you can see which workloads are making     
Feb  2, 2016   the largest contributions to the rolling 4 hour avg.     
Change 34.011 -MXG 33.33 with ITRM can cause these errors:              
ITRM             ERROR: File WORK.SUMSTSBP.DATA does not exist.         
Feb  2, 2016   because the new DB2STSBP dataset is now added into the   
               PDB.DB2STATS dataset, but the new _SDB2SBP sort macro    
               was not known in ITRM ("NEW"!).                          
              -The correction is easy for BUILDPDB:                     
               ITRM 2.7: Originally reported in 33.301 and MXG 33.33 GA:
                   ITRM users MUST add this statement                   
                      %LET EPDBOUT= _SDB2SBP;                           
                   inserted between %CMPROCES... and %CPSTART....       
               ITRM 3.4-3.6: New in this change:                        
                   ITRM users MUST add                                  
                   %LET EPDBOUT= _SDB2SBP ;                             
                   at the top of their SYSIN input.                     
              -For TYPSDB2 program, instead of BUILDPDB, create a new   
               TYPSDB2 member in your USERID.SOURCLIB "tailoring"       
               library with these statements:                           
                  %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(VMACSMF,VMACDB2,IMACKEEP);          
              -ITRM 3.7, when released later this year, eliminates this 
               exposure by invoking the _SDB2 macro which MXG protects. 
   Thanks to Harald Seifert, HUK-COBURG, GERMANY.                       
Change 34.010 -TYPE72GO variable MSU72, HARDWARE MSU, was re-labeled and
GRAFWLM        variable MSUSOFT corrected and also re-labeled:          
Feb  4, 2016                                                            
                 HARDWARE MSU:  ORIGINAL MSU SU_SEC BASED               
                 SOFTWARE MSU:  NEW MSU SMF70CPA/CECSUSEC BASED, for    
                                SOFTWARE PRICING.                       
                 MSUSOFT can be a missing value if no prior RMF 70 for  
                 this system was found, since it needs SMF70CPA from the
                 same-system's RMF 70 to calculate in the RMF 72 code.  
              -These MSU variables are created in RMFINTRV and TRNDRMFI 
               with per interval values:                                
              -New Workload XXXXMSU variables (BATMSU,CICSMSU) and      
               XXXXMSUS (BATMSUS,CICSMSUS) variables for each workload  
               are created with these labels:                           
                 BATMSU  ='BATCH*CAPTURED*HARDWARE*MSU 72*COUNT'        
                 BATMSUS ='BATCH*CAPTURED*SOFTWARE*MSU 72*COUNT'        
              -New chart of estimated hourly MSU used by IMPORTANCE in  
               GRAFWLM (need all three of these updated members).       
Change 34.009 -BASECICS and BASEDB2 parameters added to match VMXGALOC  
VGETALOC       logic and allow for different directories to hold the    
Feb 2, 2016    often large CISTRAN/DB2ACCT datasets.                    
              -The message that a LIBNAME could not be found is now     
               suppressed unless MXGEXIMSG is YES.                      
Change 34.008 -WebSphere variable WTASCTSR was 4096*E6 too large, as it 
VMAC115        was input as PIB8 instead of PIB8.6 and was missing the  
VMAC116 2016   the required divide by 4096 to convert to seconds.       
Jan 29, 2016  -New variables added to MQMACCTQ dataset.                 
Feb 12, 2016     WTASPBHW='PUBLISH*HIGH*WATER*MARK'                     
                 WTASPRN ='PREPARES'                                    
                 WTASSMRB='MESSAGE*BLOCKS*READ FROM*SMDS'               
                 WTASSMRP='PAGES*OF DATA*READ FROM*SMDS'                
                 WTASSMRS='SMDS*READS SAVED*DATA IN*BUFFER'             
                 WTASSMWB='MESSAGE*BLOCKS*WRITTEN TO*SMDS'              
                 WTASSMWP='PAGES*OF DATA*WRITTEN TO*SMDS'               
                 WTASSMWT='WAIT TIME*FOR SMDS I/O*COMPLETION'           
                 WTASTPN ='TOPIC*COUNT'                                 
                 Variable WTASCTSR is corrected in value and formatted  
                 as TIME16.6.                                           
              -Type 115 dataset TYPE115S variable QESDBFPT was wrong;   
               it contained QESDBFBT instead of BFPT.                   
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBWorks, Inc., USA.                          
Change 34.007  Change 33.153 for IMF/MAINVIEW FOR IMS for IMF 5100 was  
VMACCIMS       not correct, because new variables only in 5200 were read
Jan 26, 2016   when they should not have been.  Logic revised for 5100. 
   Thanks to Betty Wong, Bank of America, USA.                          
Change 34.006 -Change 33.024 incorrectly overlaid UTILRMFI with UTILWORK
UTILRMFI       when the SYSOTHER message was added, which eliminated the
UTILWORK       report.                                                  
Jan 25, 2016  -UTILRMFI generates reports using your RMFMINTRV WORKnn   
               definitions, finding any duplications, by comparing the  
               SMF30s and RMF72s CPU times.                             
              -UTILWORK generates a skeleton RMFINTRV member based on   
               SERVICE class or REPORTING class.                        
   Thanks to Michael Gebbia, Eddie Bauer, USA.                          
Change 34.005 -Support for zVM HIS (SMF 113) PDB.VXPRCMFC accumulated.  
VMAC113       -Support for zVM HIS (SMF 113) PDB.VXPRCMFM intervaled.   
VMACVMXA       Dataset VXPRCMFC is the old SMF 113 subtype 2 accumulated
Jan 30, 2016   and VXPRCMFM is the newer SMF 113 subtype 1 intervaled,  
Feb  8, 2016   and only VXPRCMFM will be updated by IBM in the future.  
Feb 25, 2016  -SMF 113 EXTND counter labels for z13 were incorrect; the 
Feb 27, 2016   values and equations were correct, and now both VMAC113  
Feb 29, 2016   (z/OS) and VMACVMXA (z/VM) have the same labels, which   
               default to the labels for the z13 counters.              
                 (See Change 31.172 to change _XLA113 to earlier CPUs.) 
              -All zVM MONWRITE VXdddddd datasets now have SYSTEM kept  
               (most did), and all now have CECSER to identify both the 
               software and hardware identifications.                   
              -RNI for zEC12 was updated to use 2.3 factor in VMACVMXA. 
              -All calculated variables for the zEC12 were wrong; while 
               VMAC113 was updated, VMACVMXA was not for VN2=3 data.    
              -Support for Multiple CECs/SYSTEMs zVM data changed the   
               sort order of all datasets by inserting CECSER SYSTEM    
               ahead of BEGINMTR: BY CECSER SYSTEM BEGINMTR other vars. 
   Thanks to David Cogar, Wells Fargo, USA.                             
   Thanks to Carl D. Ellis, Wells Fargo, USA.                           
Change 34.004  End Comment was missing around JCL example, caused 180   
FDRCRYPT       syntax error.                                            
Jan 20, 2016                                                            
   Thanks to Michael Gebbia, Eddie Bauer, USA.                          
Change 34.003  A tailored BUILDPDB created a libname with view that     
PDBAUDIT       caused an error when a PROC SQL read DICTIONARY.TABLES   
Jan 28, 2016   and returned a LIBNAME of _TMPLIB that didn't exist:     
                 ERROR: FILE _TMPLIB.XTY70CP.DATA DOES NOT EXIST.       
               The error was in PROC SQL FROM DICTIONARY.TABLES and was 
               difficult to diagnose as there are NO other references on
               the log to either that libname or that dataset name. This
               similar example causes an obscure LIBREF not found error:
                  LIBNAME FRED (SASUSER);                               
                  DATA FRED.DATA;                                       
                  PROC SQL;                                             
                  LIBNAME FRED CLEAR;                                   
                  PROC SQL;                                             
                     CREATE TABLE TABLES AS SELECT *                    
                     FROM DICTIONARY.TABLES WHERE LIBNAME='WORK';       
                The error message is that libref FRED is not assigned,  
                but if you weren't the author of this code, you wouldn't
                have had a clue that you needed a libref called FRED.   
              -This MXG change excludes MEMTYPE EQ 'VIEW' from PROC SQL 
               since only real data libraries are wanted in PDBAUDIT.   
              -PDBAUDIT already skips reports on known SAS LIBNAMES,    
               since its purpose is to audit YOUR data libraries;       
               these additional LIBNAMES are also now skipped:          
                  APFMTLIB   CTRLLIB   ITMACR   MAILLIB                 
                  STMFMT     STPSAMP   ZOSRSTG1                         
              -The PDBAUDIT report can be skipped if you chose, using   
                 %LET MXGPDBAUDIT=NO;                                   
               in your SYSIN input.                                     
Change 34.002  HSMFSRST dataset contains three dates (READ,REQUEST,SMF) 
ASUMHSM        but four times (REQUEST, ALLOC, START, END) have no date,
VMACHSM        and if an HSM event spanned one or more days, those      
Jan 20, 2016   time values couldn't be used to calculate durations. This
               change creates these four new DateTime variables         
               from those four times, using END-SMF, then ALLOC-END and 
               START-ALLOC deltas to detect when a prior event happened 
               on the prior day and correct the date part.              
               And these two new durations are now created:             
                  FSRQUEUETM='FSR*QUEUE*TIME*REQ TO*START'              
                  FSRSERVICTM='FSR*SERVICE*TIME*START*TO END'           
               - The comparison of TIMEPART(SMFTIME)-FSRTIME, an 8-byte 
                 and a 4-byte stored variable produced non-zero deltas  
                 on the order of E-08, so the ROUND(delta,.01) function 
                 was needed to prevent false positives.                 
               -ASUMHSM was updated to use the new datetime variables.  
   Thanks to Randy Hewitt, Hewlett Packard, USA.                        
Change 34.001  If the OPTION CHARCODE is enabled, text (??) in VGETOBS  
VGETOBS        is incorrectly parsed causing CHARACTER OPERAND ERROR:   
Jan 19, 2016    MXGNOTE: VGETOBS LAST UPDATED MAR 17, 2015 CHANGE 33.063
                       THE CONDITION WAS:  %LENGTH(&VGETDSN) = 0        
               Changing the text to ( ?? ) resolves the parse.  The SAS 
               default is NOCHARCODE, and the only MXG code that needs  
               CHARCODE, member FORMATS, resets to NOCHARCODE, and that 
               program is only run once to update formats for new MXG.  
               Using CHARCODE in FORMATS allows one member to create the
               MXG formats on both ASCII and EBCDIC platforms, but the  
               rest of MXG code is only validated with NOCHARCODE.      
   Thanks to Francois Vancoppenolle, PVGroup, BELGIUM.                  
LASTCHANGE: Version 34.