MXG VERSION 39.04 is  dated Jun  1, 2021, thru Change 39.116.   
        MXG VERSION 39.03 was dated May  3, 2021, thru Change 39.092.   
        MXG VERSION 39.02 was dated Apr  4, 2021, thru Change 39.066.   
First   MXG VERSION 39.02 was dated Apr  1, 2021, thru Change 39.063.   
        MXG VERSION 39.01 was dated Feb 17, 2021, thru Change 39.028.   
First   MXG VERSION 39.01 was dated Feb 16, 2021, thru Change 39.026.   
ANNUAL  MXG VERSION 38.38 was dated Jan  4, 2021, thru Change 38.234.   
        The Final MXG Newsletter SIXTY-NINE was dated Jan  3, 2018.     
        New TECHNOTES previously in NEWSLTRS are now in CHANGESS.       
Instructions for ftp download can be requested by using this form:                          
Your download instructions will be sent via return email.               
Contents of member CHANGES:                                             
I.    Current MXG Software Version 39.04 is available upon request.     
II.   SAS Version requirement information.                              
III.  WPS Version requirement information.                              
IV.   MXG Version Required for Hardware, Operating System Release, etc. 
V.    Incompatibilities and Installation of MXG 39.04.                  
VI.   Online Documentation of MXG Software.                             
VII.  Changes Log                                                       
  Member NEWSLTRS contains Technical Notes, especially APARs of interest
  and is updated with new notes frequently.  All Newsletters are online 
  at in the "Newsletters" frame, although there are  
  no new NEWSLTRS updates; they are now found in CHANGESS as TECHNOTEs. 
  Member CHANGES contains the changes made in this current MXG version. 
  Member CHANGESS contains all changes that have ever been made to MXG. 
  All MXG changes are also online at, in "Changes".  
I.  MXG VERSION 39.04 DATED Jun 1, 2021 THRU CHANGE 39.116.             
==MAJOR CHANGES ADDED IN MXG 39.04, DATED Jun  1, 2021 THRU 39.116.     
ERRORS CORRECTED                                                        
  TYPEDCOL 39.093  Correction to sizes in DCOLLECT DATASETS.DATASETS.   
  VMACDB2H 39.099  Correction of DB2 GMT Offset to include Leap Seconds.
NEW SUPPORT                                                             
  VMAC123A 39.102  Support for z/OS Connect EE SMF 123 Subtype 2 record.
  VMACBVIR 39.108  Support for BVIR Version R5.x  8.50.x.x              
  VMAC0    39.103  Support for more than 4TB of Real Storage.           
  VMACDB2  39.099  Support for DB2 Netezza/IDAA Accelerator new data.   
  ASMRMFV  39.100  ASMRMFV Field Data Filter for CRYG3 Crypto table.    
  TYPE89   39.096  New SMF89SOLUTIONID for Tailored Fit Pricing SOLUT.  
  ASUM70PR 39.097  New NOTALLLPARS=YES suppresses missing LPAR message. 
  VMAC110  39.104  New %LET MACEXCL=IMACEXCL supports multiple IMACEXCL.
  VMACSMF  39.109  More examples using _SMF for record selection.       
==MAJOR CHANGES ADDED IN MXG 39.03, DATED May  3, 2021 THRU 39.092.     
ERRORS CORRECTED                                                        
  ASUMUOW  39.085  Variable TRANNAME in PDB.ASUMUOW only one character. 
  ANALDB2R 39.080  ANALDB2R can faile if PMAUD02 requested but no data. 
  VMXGRMFI 39.077  VMXGRMFI(PDB=SMF) could fail, UTILBLDP now used.     
  UTILEXCL 39.078  MXG 39.02. EXCLUDED FIELDS ERROR typo $CHAR54 vs 64. 
NEW SUPPORT                                                             
  TYPEHSM  39.086  Support for HSM UNIX CLOUD statistics variables.     
  TYPERMFV 39.079  Support for RMF III CRYG3 Cryptographic Hdw Table.   
  TYPERMFV 39.071  RMF III Percents in System Info and CPC Summary.     
  TYPE102  39.091  Support for new variables in IFCID=402.              
  TYPE80A  39.090  Support for RACF Pass Ticked Eval, TYPE8081 PTEVAL.  
  TYPE84   39.076  Support for Phoenix JES3plus SMF 84 subt correction. 
  TYPE106  39.075  Support for new SMF 106 subtypes HWIREST API data.   
  TYPERMRV 39.074  Support for RMF III Feb 2021 Updates, BOOST, etc.    
  TYPEDB2  39.070  Support for DB2 APAR PH31684 zSORT and NETEZZA.      
  TYPE42   39.075  SMF Manual update new variable in TYPE42DS.          
  VMXGALOC 39.068  New parm to leave WORK uncompressed, PDB compressed. 
  TYPEXAM  39.089  Velocity XAM storage variables MXGBYTE formatted.    
  ASUM70PR 39.072  ZIPOVHTM and PCTZIPOV added to four outputs datasets.
==MAJOR CHANGES ADDED IN MXG 39.02, DATED Apr  4, 2021 THRU 39.066.     
ABEND CORRECTED                                                         
  TYPE16   39.057  INPUT EXCEEDED SMF 16 ZSORT APAR PH32395 cannot use  
                   Sort Exits E15/E35 with zSORT. Also caused 0C4 in    
                   Broadcom's CA7 SASSHISS program. See Change text.    
  ASMRMFV  39.060  HLASM UI73933 worked, UI60352 didn't, corrected.     
  TYPECDC  39.023  Short Infosphere records caused INPUT EXCEEDED.      
NEW SUPPORT                                                             
  TYPENDCD 39.033  Support for NDM-CDI SMF (default 133) APAR PH35087.  
  TYPE90A  39.028  Support for SMF 90 subtype 41, CVTLOS value changed. 
  TYPECLTA 39.026  Support for IBM TAPE CLOUD CONNECTOR SMF record.     
  ASMRMFV  39.039  Field Data Filter can reduce size of RMFBSAM file.   
  VMACSMF  39.025  Example _SMF for selection, CICS Dictionary records. 
  TYPE110  39.053  z/OS EE Connect CICSTRAN vars OADATA1/2/3 decoded.   
  TYPE120  39.036  Negative CPU WebSphere SMF 120 TYP120BL APAR PH35442.
  TYPEBETA 39.031  BETA 93 subtype 5 shortened, many variables gone.    
  TYPE0    39.059  GMT Offset CVTTZ in TYPE0 was off by 1 second.       
==MAJOR CHANGES ADDED IN MXG 39.01, DATED Feb 17, 2021 THRU 39.028.     
ABEND CORRECTED:                                                        
  ANAL9914 39.018  Some ANAL9914 invocations mismatched %DO-%END logic. 
  ASMRMFV  39.013  MXG 34.06-38.38 ABEND if STOREGROUP GT 1361 vols.    
  UTILWORK 39.020  UTILWORK creates RMFINTRV code member, enhanced.     
  VMXG70PR 39.021  Override PSU70PR/LP/GC/GL DD's may not work.         
  VMACXAM  39.022  Variables missing values in XAMSYS corrected.        
  VMXGPRNT 39.019  SP_REMV='Y' truncated some labels.                   
  ANALMSUS 39.015  The JOB report now includes all TASKTYPEs.           
  VMAC102  38.010  DB2 IFCID 172 dataset T102s172 variables corrected   
  ANALID   39.004  ANALID did not identify CICS Compressed Records.     
  VMAC102  38.010  DB2 IFCID 172 dataset T102s172 variables corrected   
  VMAC80A  39.003  TYPE80TK observation count is smaller now.           
  VGETJESN 39.002  TYPETASK not decoded for SUBSYS='SAR'.               
  TECHNOTE 39.012  z/OS SAS ODS may need to increase MEMLEAVE option.   
  TECHNOTE 39.008  z/OS SAS ODS can use zIIPs, Java error may prevent.  
  All of these enhancements are described in the Change Log, below.     
II.   SAS Version requirement information:                              
   SAS Versions                                                         
    The current version nomenclature is SAS 9.4 TS1M7 (9.4M7),          
     "M7", or with options  VERSIONLONG;                                
      "SAS 9.4 (9.04.01M7P080520)" on z/OS                              
           9.4 (TS04.01M7P08052020)"  on ASCII.                         
     SAS V9.4 M7 is RECOMMENDED, but MXG executes without error         
     using SAS Version 9.4 M0-M2 or M4-M6 or SAS Version 9.3 M0-M2.     
     SAS V9.4 M5 is REQUIRED with z/OS 2.3 with Eight-Byte USERIDs      
                for Interactive TSO (DMS) SAS Sessions. SAS Note 61339. 
     Only on z/OS, SAS 9.4 "M5" requires MXG 35.36+ because it adds the 
     NOERRORSTOP option to protect all MXG PROC SQLs from the M5 defect 
     described in SAS Note 61672.  But SAS apparently does not plan for 
     a defect correction since the MXG Circumvention solves for MXG and 
     the text of 61672 simply describes the circumvention needed because
     MXG's use of OPTIONS OBS=0 without NOERRORSTOP exposed the defect. 
     See Change 35.309 for more details on using NOERRORSTOP for your   
     own PROC SQLs.                                                     
     SAS V9.4 M3 is NOT RECOMMENDED.  See Change 36.128 SAS Note 61906  
                that reports 40% Increase in CPU time with M3.          
     SAS V9.4 (ALL) and SAS V9.3 (ALL) are at LEVEL A SAS Support.      
     SAS V9.3   SAS 9.3 TS1M2 was RECOMMENDED. SAS 9.3 TS1M1 works ok.  
                But SAS 9.3 at TS1M0, the HOT FIX for SAS Note SN-43828,
                see CHANGE 29.169, IS REQUIRED:                         
                  The %MACRO compiler error is in processing %LET       
                  statements. While only two MXG members failed         
                  repeatedly in MXG QA tests on z/OS, there were random 
                  %LET errors in ASCII QA tests, so ANY use of %LET     
                  statement on ANY platform are vulnerable to this      
                  error, as the %MACRO compiler is SAS portable code,   
                  used on all platforms.  So this is NOT just an MXG    
                  error, but impacts ALL SAS programs.                  
                SAS9.3 is LEVEL A support from SAS.                     
     SAS V9.2   Was recommended, prior to 9.3, and was error-free with  
                MXG 26.03 SAS Hot Fix for SAS Note 37166 is required to 
                use a VIEW with the MXG EXITCICS/CICSFIUE CICS/DB2      
                Decompression Infile Exit.  but SAS V9.2 does execute on
                that platform.                                          
                9.2 is LEVEL B Support from SAS, as of Sep 30, 2013.    
     SAS V9.1.3 on z/OS 1.10 requires SAS Hot Fix for SN-35332 and is at
                Support level C by SAS Institute, Sep 30, 2013.         
                SAS V9.1.3 is NOT supported by SAS on Windows SEVEN.    
                with SAS 8.2.                                           
                SAS 8.2 is Level C Support from SAS as of Dec 31, 2011. 
      JCL in MXGSAS94 or MXGSAS93 can be used, or MXGNAMES can be used  
      As documented in Change 27.356, for SAS V9.2 or later):           
      The standard SAS JCL Procedure can be used for MXG with SAS V9.2+ 
           // EXEC SAS,CONFIG='MXG.SOURCLIB(CONFIMXG)'                  
      But CONFIMXG is required for sites with NLS issues, and you must  
      use JCLCONFI to create/update the MXG.FORMATS catalog if you use  
      For no NLS, you can  use the MXGSAS94 JCL Procedure example.      
      MXG 26.03 thru MXG 36.11 will execute under the previously listed 
      SAS Versions on all supported platforms                           
      Unrelated to the above SAS Note/Hot Fix, ODS users will want to   
      use MXG 29.06+, because SAS V9.3 did expose incompatibilities in  
      MXG code for ODS reporting, that were fixed in MXG Version 29.06. 
      See Changes 29.159 and 29.169.                                    
      And, only for z/OS 1.10 with SAS V9.1.3 with ANY version of MXG,  
      the SAS Hot Fix for SN-35332 is REQUIRED (to be completely safe). 
        Without this Hot Fix, "LIBREF XXXXXXXX IS NOT ASSIGNED" errors  
        can occur even though //XXXXXXXX DD is a valid SAS Data Library.
        This error ONLY occurs with z/OS 1.10 and SAS V9.1.3; it does   
        NOT occur with SAS V9.2, nor with z/OS 1.9.  It can be          
        circumvented by adding a LIBNAME statement that specifies the   
        ENGINE name. See the Technical Note in Newsletters for SN-35332.
        Note that SAS V9.1.3 is now at "Level B" Support from SAS.      
      Old MXG code may continue to execute with SAS V8.2, but V8 is now 
      "Level C" support from SAS Institute, and there are known errors  
      in V8.2 that are only fixed in SAS V9.  I no longer QA with V8.2; 
      While many MXG programs (accidentally) will still execute under   
      V8.2, I cannot guarantee that all of MXG executes error free.     
      PLEASE INSTALL V9.2/V9.3/V9.4, TO AVOID FIXED PROBLEMS!           
         If you are absolutely stuck on V8, you need to copy MXG member 
         V8GETOBS into USERID.SOURCLIB and rename to VGETOBS.           
      MXG Software has not executed under SAS V6 in many years.         
      The "PDB" libraries (i.e., SAS data libraries) must be created by 
      SAS V8 or later, but any of those data libraries can be read or   
      updated by the SAS Versions that MXG Supports, above.             
      For SAS Version V9.3:                                             
        SAS 93 TS1M1 is RECOMMENDED; for TS1M0, SAS Hot Fix in SAS Note 
        SN43828 is REQUIRED.  See text of Change 29.159.                
        With SAS 93 TS1M1, (or TS1M0 with that Hot Fix) MXG Versions    
        26.03 or later execute under SAS V9.3 on all platforms.         
        SAS Data Libraries created by SAS V8.2, V9.1.3, V9.2, V9.3 and  
        SAS V9.4 are interchangeable and can be read/written by any of  
        those versions, provided they are on the same platform.         
          BUT: on ASCII, the 32-bit and 64-bit SAS versions are NOT the 
          same "platform" and attempting to read/use the FORMAT catalog 
          created on one of those "platforms" on the other "platform"   
          will error out to remind you of that difference!              
        SAS V9.4 did change some V9.3 ODS processing defaults and syntax
        that might cause errors with MXG 29.05 or earlier; MXG 29.06,   
        Change 29.160 documents the major revisions made in MXG to fully
        support ODS, and MXG 29.06 is STRONGLY recommended for ODS with 
        SAS V9.3 or SAS V9.4.                                           
      For (Archaic) SAS Version V9.2 (TS1M0):                           
        Big Picture: SAS Version V9.2 is COMPATIBLE with MXG Software.  
        On z/OS, SAS changed the DSNAMES for some of the SAS libraries, 
        so you do need to use the new MXGSAS92 JCL Procedure for MXG,   
        but it still uses the CONFIGV9 configuration file.              
        However, NEW, and documented in Change 27.356, with SAS V9.2+:  
          The standard SAS JCL Procedure can be used for MXG:           
             // EXEC SAS,CONFIG='MXG.SOURCLIB(CONFIMXG)'                
          instead of using the MXGSAS92 JCL Procedure example.          
        SAS Data Libraries are compatible for V8.2, V9.1.3, V9.2, V9.3, 
        and V9.4. "PDBs" can be read/written interchangeably between    
        these SAS versions.                                             
        MXG Versions 26.03+ do execute with SAS V9.2 with NO WARNINGS   
        and with NO ERRORS reported.                                    
          Pre-MXG 26.03, SAS Hot Fix F9BA07 was required to suppress a  
          new SAS V9.2 WARNING, that on z/OS, set CC=4 (condition/return
          code). That warning is harmless (to MXG code) and all MXG     
          created SAS datasets were correct, even with that warning.    
          The ONLY exposure was ONLY on z/OS, and ONLY if condition code
          tests are used in your MXG jobstreams.                        
        SAS Version 9.2 requires z/OS 1.7 or later, both officially as  
        documented by SAS Institute, and actually as V9.2 fails with 0C4
        under z/OS 1.4.                                                 
      For SAS V9.1.3 on z/OS with Service Pack 4:                       
        On z/OS 1.10, Hot Fix SN-35332 is REQUIRED.                     
        CONFIGV9 now specifies V9SEQ instead of V6SEQ.  As V6SEQ does   
        not support long length character variables, it can't be used.  
       SAS V9.1.3 with current Service Pack 4 is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  
       For (back-level!) SAS V9.1 or V9.1.2 on z/OS:                    
        SN-013514 is REQUIRED to be able to read datasets that were     
          created by V6SEQ (tape) engine.                               
        SN-012437 is REQUIRED to prevent creation of corrupt/unreadable 
          datasets with tape engines V7SEQ, V8SEQ, or V9SEQ.            
        Both fixes ARE included in SAS V9.1.3, but V9.1 or 9.1.2 is NOT 
          SAFE without those two hot fixes, and if you do NOT have those
          two fixes on 9.1 or 9.1.2, you MUST set V6SEQ in CONFIGV9.    
        With MXG 23.02 or later, V9SEQ is the default sequential engine 
        specified in CONFIGV9, but if you are back at SAS V9.1 or V9.1.2
        you MUST install the two hot fixes listed above.                
       For SAS Version 8.2, HotFix Bundle 82BX08 (or later) was required
         as an absolute minimum level when that SAS Version was last    
         supported by MXG Software.  PLEASE INSTALL SAS V9.x ASAP.      
       Sequential Engine Status:                                        
          V9SEQ was fixed in V9.1.3; it has been default in CONFIGV9.   
          V8SEQ was always safe under SAS V8.2, but it wasted CPU time  
            by always compressing when writing in tape format.          
          V6SEQ, if used under V9.1.2, requires SN-013514, but V6SEQ    
                 should no longer be used, as it does not support long  
                 length variables.                                      
      MXG QA tests are executed with V9.4, on z/OS, on Windows TEN and  
      Linux on 64-bit hardware, but MXG users execute MXG on MANY       
      (ALL??) SAS platforms, including AIX, Linux, and other 'nix'      
      variants, on many different hardware platforms, and since they all
      work we don't need to list them. If SAS executes so does MXG.     
      Prior QA tests have been run with all SAS releases available at   
      that time on Linux RH8 on Intel, on Solaris v2.8 on a Model V880, 
      and on HP-UX v11.11 model rp5470, confirming full compatibility.  
      MXG should execute under ALL SUPPORTED SAS VERSIONS on EVERY SAS  
      platform without errors! Each new MXG version is also tested with 
      the SAS ITSV/ITRM product by the ITRM developers.                 
III.  WPS Version requirement information:                              
      WPS Version 4.2 ( has been tested.              
      WPS Version 4.1 USER 4037 ABEND, See Change 37.116.               
      WPS Version 4.0 reportedly fixed version 3 problems.              
      WPS Version 3.02 ( is required Change 34.266.  
         and other errors with 3.00 or 3.01 have been corrected in the  
         current WPS version.                                           
      WPS Version 3.01.1 maintenance level 731 required for PDB to tape 
      WPS Version 3.01 (also shows 3.1.1) is required for AUTOEZOS.     
      WPS Version 3.01  is required for MOBILWRK, PICTURE fails in 2.5. 
      WPS Version 3.01  executed MXG 32.03 BUILDPDB with no errors.     
      WPS Version 3.0   requires MXG 31.09 (see Change 31.251).         
      WPS Version 2.4   required MXG 27.09 (see Change 27.239).         
      WPS Version 2.3.5 required MXG 27.05.                             
      See NEWSLETTERS for WPS Support Statement.                        
      WPS prints this message ERROR: COULD NOT CREATE DATA SET "PDB.ID" 
      when the LIBNAME PDB does not exist; there would also have been a 
      prior log message  NOTE: Library PDB does not exist   as the clue.
IV.   MXG Version Required for Hardware, Operating System Release, etc. 
   MXG is usually NOT sensitive to z/OS Hardware changes, but:          
     The z15 and z15 T02 processors INCOMPATIBLY changed the SMF 113    
     records by inserting 32 new EXTEND and 4 CRYPTO counters, causing  
     ARRAY SIZE EXCEEDED with BUILDPDB which processes the SMF 113s.    
     Support for counter changes for both models was in MXG 37.08.      
        If you use MIPS in reports, the format $MGRMIPS provides the    
        MIPS/MSU value for each processor; the z15 values were updated  
        in MXG 37.08, and the z15 TO2 values were updated in MXG 38.04. 
        These MXG programs use $MGRMIPS: ASUMMIPS GRAFCEC GRAFWLM       
        GRAFWRKX and TYPERMFV (RMF III).                                
     The z/14 also inserted SMF 113 fields, supported in MXG 36.07.     
     The z/13 with 61+ LPARs requires MXG 32.05 IF NON-SMT MODE.        
     The z/EC12 with 85+ engines required MXG 30.07.                    
     Support for 255 engines was added in MXG 31.04.                    
     And z/VM on the z15 requires MXG 38.02, PRCMFC/MFM COUNTERS caused 
     HARDWARE COUNTER messages, PRCMFC/PRCMFM no obs.  Change 38.048.   
   The z13 processor INCOMPATIBLY CHANGED, the new SMT-MODE RMF 70, and 
   MXG 34.03 was REQUIRED (PCTCPUBY WRONG!), to read the SMT-format RMF 
   (which are written if you have zIIP engines AND have enabled the new 
   PROCVIEW CORE option for Multi-Threading, even if only one thread is 
   The new zEDC/EADM compression hardware requires MXG 38.05 to support 
   new metrics.                                                         
    Availability dates for the IBM products and MXG version required for
    error-free processing of that product's data records:               
                                       Availability     MXG Version     
      Product Name                     Date              Required       
      MVS/ESA 4.1                      Oct 26, 1990         8.8         
      MVS/ESA 4.2                      Mar 29, 1991         9.9         
      MVS/ESA 4.2.2                    Aug 15, 1991         9.9         
      MVS/ESA 4.3                      Mar 23, 1993        10.10        
      MVS/ESA 5.1.0 - compatibility    Jun 24, 1994        12.02        
      MVS/ESA 5.1.0 - Goal Mode        May  3, 1995        13.01        
      MVS/ESA 5.2.0                    Jun 15, 1995        13.05        
      MVS/ESA 5.2.2                    Oct 19, 1995        13.09        
      OS/390  1.1.0                    Feb 22, 1996        14.01        
      OS/390  1.2.0                    Sep 30, 1996        14.05        
      OS/390  1.3.0 Compatibility Mode Mar 28, 1997        14.14        
      OS/390  1.3.0 WLM Goal Mode      Mar 28, 1997        15.02        
      OS/390  2.4.0                    Sep 28, 1997        15.06        
      OS/390  2.5.0                    Feb 24, 1998        15.06        
      OS/390  2.6.0                    Sep 24, 1998        16.04        
      OS/390  2.7.0                    Mar 26, 1999        16.09        
      OS/390  2.7.0 APAR OW41318       Mar 31, 2000        18.03        
      OS/390  2.8.0                    Aug 24, 1999        16.09        
      OS/390  2.8.0 FICON/SHARK        Aug 24, 1999        17.08        
      OS/390  2.8.0 APAR OW41317       Mar 31, 2000        18.03        
      OS/390  2.9.0                    Mar 31, 2000        18.03        
      OS/390 2.10.0                    Sep 15, 2000        18.06        
      OS/390  PAV                      Oct 24, 2000        18.09        
      z/OS 1.1                         Mar 30, 2001        18.11        
      z/OS 1.1 on 2064s                Mar 30, 2001        19.01        
      z/OS 1.1 with correct MSU        Mar 30, 2001        19.02        
      z/OS 1.2                         Oct 31, 2001        19.04        
      z/OS 1.1,1.2 APARs to 78         Oct 31, 2001        19.05        
      z/OS 1.2+ APAR OW52227           Apr 26, 2002        20.02        
      z/OS 1.3+ APAR OW52227           Apr 26, 2002        20.02        
      z/OS 1.2 JESNR Z2 MODE           Apr 26, 2002        20.03        
      z/OS 1.3 JESNR Z2 MODE           Apr 26, 2002        20.03        
      z/OS 1.4 Tolerate                Sep 27, 2002        20.03        
      z/OS 1.4 Support                 Sep 27, 2002        20.06        
      z/OS 1.4 Over 16 CPUs/LPARs      May 29, 2003        21.02        
      z/OS 1.4 DFSMS/rmm, RACF         Aug 29, 2003        21.04        
      z/OS 1.5                         Mar 31, 2004        21.21        
      z/OS IRD ASUM70PR/ASUMCEC        Sep 22, 2003       *24.10        
      z/OS IRD TYPE70PR                Mar 11, 2004       *24.10        
      z/OS IRD TYPE70,RMFINTRV         Mar 22, 2002       *24.10        
      z/OS 1.6 - No IFAs               Sep 30, 2004       *22.09        
      z/OS 1.6 - With IFAs             Sep 30, 2004       *22.11        
      z/OS 1.7 (COMPATIBLE CHANGES)    Sep 30, 2005       *24.10        
      z/OS 1.7 (SPLIT70 CORRECTION)    Sep 30, 2005       *24.10        
      z/OS IFA data in RMF 79s         Sep 30, 2005        23.10        
      z/OS 1.8 - ASMTAPEE assembly     Sep 30, 2005       *25.03        
      z/OS 1.8 - SMF 119 INCOMPAT      Sep 30, 2005       *25.06        
      z/OS More than 32 LPARs          Jan 30, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS SPLIT RMF 70 records        Jan 30, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS Dupe SYSTEMs in a SYSPLEX   Jan 30, 2006       *24.02        
      z/OS IRD errors corrected        May 15, 2006        24.03        
      z/OS ASUMCEC errors corrected    May 15, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS ASUM70LP errors corrected   Jun 13, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS zIIP Processor Support      Jun 22, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS Dedicated zIIP Support      Mar  8, 2008       *26.01        
      z/OS Dedicated zAAP Support      Mar  8, 2008        26.01        
      z/OS 1.8 (COMPATIBLE CHANGES)    Sep 20, 2006       *24.24        
      z/OS 1.9 (INCOMPAT, 54 CPs)      Sep 27, 2007        25.10        
      z/OS 1.9 MXGTMNT at ML-39 reASM  Sep 27, 2007        25.10        
      z/OS new z10 variables           Mar  5, 2008        26.01        
      z/OS 1.8 With HiperDispatch      Sep 15, 2008       *26.10        
      z/OS 1.9 With HiperDispatch      Sep 15, 2008       *26.10        
      z/OS 1.10 (INCOMPAT, MXG code)   Sep 15, 2008        26.07        
      z/OS 1.10 With HiperDispatch     Sep 15, 2008       *26.10        
      z/OS 1.10 RMF III, SMF 119       Jul 20, 2009        27.05        
      z/OS 1.11                        Sep  2, 2009        27.08        
      z/OS 1.11 New 30 variables       Apr 14, 2010       *28.02        
      z/OS 1.12                        Aug 17, 2010       *28.05        
      z/OS 1.12 SMF 85 Subtype 79      Aug 17, 2010       *29.03        
      z/OS 1.12 VMGUEST option         Aug 17, 2010       *29.06        
      z/OS 1.13                        Sep 30, 2011        29.03        
      z/OS 1.13 - MXGTMNT only         Dec 15, 2011        29.08        
      z/OS 1.13 SMF 119 ST 6 INCOMPAT  Feb  7, 2012        30.01        
      z/OS 2.1  - Most Records support Jul 23, 2013        30.05        
      z/OS 2.1  - ID=0 ERROR MESSAGE   Jul 23, 2013        31.07        
      z/OS 2.1  - ID=85 INCOMPAT       Jul 23, 2013        32.03        
      z/OS 2.1  - ID=70 SMF70CPA       Jul 23, 2013        32.03        
      z/OS 2.1  - INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED ERROR SMF 74    33.10        
      z/OS 2.2  COMPATIBLE CH 33.189   Aug 19, 2015        33.08        
      z/OS 2.2 MXGTMNT ABEND S0E0-28   Sep 15, 2015        33.09        
               REQUIRES ASMTAPE ML-55  Sep 15, 2015        33.09        
      z/OS 2.2 OAM SMF 85 ABEND 33.067 Apr  5, 2016        34.02        
      z/OS 2.2 SPLIT 73, ABEND 33.068  Apr  5, 2016        34.02        
      z/OS 2.2 JES2 8-char JOBCLASS    Oct  7, 2016        34.07        
      z/OS 2.2 NEW SMF 124 IOS Spvr    Oct  7, 2016        34.07        
      z/OS 2.3 Many new variables      Sep 24, 2017 35.166 35.09*       
      z/OS 2.3 RMF III Support         Sep 24, 2017 35.190 35.09*       
      z/OS 2.3 type 2 st 2 STOPOVER    Sep 24, 2017 35.190 35.09*       
      z/OS 2.3 type 90 st 38 STOPOVER  Sep 24, 2017 35.199 35.09*       
      z/OS 2.4 Compatible from SMF Manual Sep 2019 37.166  37.07.       
      z/OS 2.4 Compatible from SMF Manual May 2020 38.105  38.05.       
      z/OS 2.4 Compatible from SMF Manual Apr 2021 39.075  39.03.       
      z/OS 2.4 Compatible RMF III PGMR    Apr 2021 39.074  39.03.       
      z990 CPUs - CPUTYPE '2084'x      Aug 25, 2003        21.04        
      z890 CPUs - CPUTYPE '2086'x      Jun 24, 2004        22.07        
      z9   CPUs - CPUTYPE '2094'x      Jul 20, 2005       *24.24        
      z9EC CPUs - CPUTYPE '2094'x:                                      
             with 64-bit z/OS - no change required        *24.24        
             with 32-bit z/OS only:    Aug 26, 2006        24.06        
      z9BC CPUs - CPUTYPE '2096'x:                                      
             with 64-bit z/OS - no change required         24.01        
             with 32-bit z/OS only:    Jul 27, 2006       *24.24        
      z10  CPUs - CPUTYPE '2097'x      Dec  7, 2008        25.11        
      z10  HiperDispatch/Parked Time   Mar  3, 2008       *26.10        
      z196 (INCOMPAT IF GT 64 ENG)     Aug 17, 2010        28.05        
      zEC12                            Nov 14, 2012        30.07        
      z13   non-SMT Mode               May 27, 2014        32.05        
      z13   SMT Mode Change 33.217     Sep 15, 2015       *33.09        
      z13   SMT Mode NRZIPCPU 34.106   May 10, 2016        34.03        
      z13   SMT MT=2 CPUZIPTM TYPE70   Mar 21, 2016        35.03        
      z14   SMF 113 INCOMPAT, ABEND    Oct  2, 2017        35.11        
      z14   113 LPARBUSY missing value Aug  8, 2018        36.07        
      z14 ZR1 New SMF70MAXPU variable  May  8, 2018        36.04        
      z15 New SMF 113 fields INCOMPAT  Nov 18, 2020        37.08        
      z15 z/VM MFC counters, INCOMPAT  Mar 23, 2020        38.02        
      z15 ANAL9914 Support CH 39.006   Jan 14, 2021        39.01        
      CICS/CTG V9 Transaction Gateway  ??  ??  2013        31.31        
      CICS/ESA 3.2                     Jun 28, 1991         9.9         
      CICS/ESA 3.3                     Mar 28, 1992        10.01        
      CICS/ESA 4.1                     Oct 27, 1994        13.09        
      CICS/ESA 5.1 aka CICS/TS V1R1    Sep 10, 1996        14.07        
      CICS-Transaction Server V1R1     Sep 10, 1996        14.07        
      CICS-TS V1R1 with APAR UN98309   Sep 15, 1997        15.06        
      CICS-TS V1R2  CICS/TS 1.2        Oct 27, 1997        15.06        
      CICS-TS V1R3  CICS/TS 1.3        Mar 15, 1999        17.04        
      CICS-TS V2R1  CICS/TS 2.1        Mar 15, 2001        18.11        
      CICS-TS V2R2  CICS/TS 2.2        Feb  9, 2002        19.19        
       CICSTRAN subtype 1 support only                    *19.19        
       CICSTRAN subtype 2 completed                       *19.08        
      CICS-TS V2R3  CICS?TS 2.3        Dec 19, 2003                     
       Using UTILEXCL to create IMACEXCL:                  21.04        
       Reading un-Excluded CICS with TYPE110, no IMACEXCL:*22.04        
      CICS-TS V2R3  CICS/TS 2.3        Aug 13, 2004        22.04        
      CICS-TS V3R1  CICS/TS 3.1        Jan 18, 2005        22.22        
      CICS-TS for Z/OS Version 3.1     Mar 15, 2005                     
       Using UTILEXCL to create IMACEXCL:                  22.13        
       Reading un-Excluded CICS with TYPE110, no IMACEXCL: 22.22        
      CICS-TS V3R2  CICS/TS 3.2        Dec  6, 2007        25.11        
      CICS-TS for Z/OS Version 3.2     Jun 29, 2007        25.03        
      CICS-TS/3.2 Compressed Records   Nov  3, 2007        25.11        
      CICS-TS/4.1 (CICSTRAN INCOMPAT)  Mar 13, 2009        27.01        
      CICS-TS/4.1 (STATISTICS ST=2)    Sep 18, 2009        27.08        
      CICS-TS/4.2 CICSTRAN/STATISTICS  Jun 24, 2011        29.03        
      CICS-TS/4.2 CICSRDS MNSEGCL=5    Jun 24, 2011       *29.05        
      CICS-TS/4.2 INVALID STID=116     Jan 31, 2012       *30.01        
      CICS-TS/5.1 (INCOMPATIBLE)       Dec 14, 2012       *30.08        
      CICS-TS/5.1 for valid TASZIP/ELG Jan 21, 2013       *30.30        
      CICS-TS/5.1 MNSEGCL=5 INCOMPAT   Jun 17, 2013       *31.03        
      CICS-TS/5.2 COMPATIBLE CICSTRAN  Jun 13, 2014       *31.03        
      CICS-TS/5.2 INCOMPAT Statistics  Jun 13, 2014       *32.03        
      CICS-TS/5.3 INCOMPAT CICSTRAN    Apr 29, 2015        33.04        
      CICS-TS/5.3 RESOURCE SEGCL=5     Sep 31, 2015        33.09        
      CICS-TS/5.3 CICSTRAN INCOMPATIBL Oct 29, 2015        33.11        
      CICS-TS/5.3 GA date              Dec 11, 2015        33.33        
      CICS-TS/5.3 MNSEGCL=5 INPUT ERR  Mar 21, 2016        34.02        
      CICS-TS/5.4 OPEN BETA  Aug       Aug 11, 2016        34.06        
      CICS-TS/5.4 OPEN BETA  Nov       Nov 11, 2016        34.09        
      CICS-TS/5.4 GA                   Jun 17, 2017        35.03        
      CICS-TS/5.5 GA (INCOMPAT)        Jan 29, 2018        36.11        
      CICS-TS/5.6 GA (INCOMPAT)        Jun  1, 2020        38.07        
      CICS-TS/5.6 NEW DATA (COMPAT)    Oct  5, 2020        38.09        
      DB2 2.3.0                        Oct 28, 1991        10.01        
      DB2 3.1.0                        Dec 17, 1993        13.02        
      DB2 4.1.0 Tolerate               Nov  7, 1995        13.07        
      DB2 4.1.0 Full support           Sep 11, 1996        14.07        
      DB2 5.1.0 Tolerate               Jun 27, 1997        14.14        
      DB2 5.1.0 Full support           Jun 27, 1997        15.02        
      DB2 6.1.0 initial support        Mar 15, 1999        16.09        
      DB2 6.1.0 all buffer pools       Mar 15, 1999        18.01        
      DB2 6.1.0 parallel DB2           Mar 15, 1999        19.19        
      DB2 7.1.0 parallel DB2           Mar 31, 2001        19.19        
      DB2 7.1.0 corrections            Mar 31, 2001        20.06        
      DB2 8.1 Tolerate, no packages    Mar 31, 2004        20.20        
      DB2 8.1 New Data Packages wrong  Mar 31, 2004        21.08        
      DB2 8.1 Support with Packages    Mar 31, 2004       *23.09        
      DB2 8.1 with all zIIP Variables  Sep 30, 2006        24.08        
      DB2 8.1 +PK47659                 Sep 12, 2008        26.08        
      DB2 9.1 See Change 25.265.       Dec  7, 2007        25.11        
      DB2 9.1 Full Support +PK/56356   Sep 12, 2008        26.08        
      DB2 10.1 Tolerate                Oct  1, 2010        28.06        
      DB2 10.1 New vars + Compressed   Nov  1, 2010       *28.07        
      DB2 10.1 Invalid Header pre APAR Jan 12, 2011       *28.28        
      DB2 10.1 IFCID=225 INCOMPAT      Sep 23, 2011       *29.07        
      DB2 10.1 QWHCCV for QWHCATYP=8   Oct  3, 2011       *30.07        
      DB2 10.1 DBID/OBID decode        Jan 21, 2013       *30.30        
      DB2 10.1 QLSTxxxx vars corrected Jun 21, 2013       *31.04        
               (ONLY IMPACTS DB2STATS)                                  
      DB2 11.1 TOLERATE DB2 V11.1      Jun 21, 2013        30.30        
      DB2 11.1 DB2STATS QLST CORRECT   Jun 21, 2013        31.04        
      DB2 11.1 SUPPORT NEW VARIABLES   Jun 21, 2013        31.08        
      DB2 11.1 IRLM NEW SEGMENT        Jun 21, 2013        32.10        
      DB2 12.1 COMPATIBLE              Oct  5, 2016        34.08        
      DB2 12.1 NETEZZA CORRECTIONS     Oct  5, 2016        34.08        
      DB2 12.1 QLAC INSERTS DB2ACCT    May 15, 2017        35.05*       
      DFSMS/MVS 1.1                    Mar 13, 1993        11.11        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.2                    Jun 24, 1994        12.02        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.3                    Dec 29, 1995        13.09        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.4                    Sep 28, 1997        15.04        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.4 HSM                Sep 23, 1998        16.04        
      DFSMS/MVS 1.5                    ??? ??, 1999        16.04        
      DFSORT SMF V1R5                  Mar  1, 2006        24.02        
      MQM 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4          Apr 25, 1996        14.02        
      MQ Series 1.2.0                  May 26, 1998        16.02        
      MQ Series 2.1.0                  Oct  2, 1999        17.07        
      MQ Series 5.2                    Dec 16, 2000        18.10        
      MQ Series 5.3                    Dec 16, 2002        21.05        
      MQ Series 6.0                    Feb 14, 2006        23.23        
      Websphere MQ Series 7.0          ??? ??, 2009       *28.06        
      Websphere MQ Series 7.1          MAR 12, 2011        29.03        
      Websphere MQ Series 8.0          Jun 24, 2011        29.05        
      Websphere MQ Series 9.1          Mar 20, 2017        35.03        
      NETVIEW 3.1 type 37              ??? ??, 1996        14.03        
      NPM 2.0                          Dec 17, 1993        12.03        
      NPM 2.2                          Aug 29, 1994        12.05        
      NPM 2.3                          ??? ??, 1996        15.08        
      NPM 2.4                          Nov 18, 1998        17.01        
      NPM 2.5                          Feb ??, 2000        18.02        
      NPM 2.6                          Nov ??, 2001        19.06        
      RMDS 2.1, 2.2                    Dec 12, 1995        12.12        
      RMDS 2.3                         Jan 31, 2002        19.11        
      TCP/IP 3.1                       Jun 12, 1995        12.12        
      TCP/IP 3.4                       Sep 22, 1998        16.04        
      WebSphere 5.0 APAR PQ7463        Aug 19, 2003        21.04        
      WebSphere 6.0                    Feb 18, 2006        23.23        
      WebSphere 7.0                    Oct  7, 2010        28.06        
      WebSphere 8.0                    Jul 17, 2011        29.05        
      DOS/VSE POWER V6.3.0             Dec 19, 1998        16.08        
      VM/ESA  2.0                      Dec 23, 1992        10.04        
      VM/ESA  2.1                      Jun 27, 1993        12.02        
      VM/ESA  2.2                      Nov 22, 1994        12.06        
      VM/ESA  2.3                      Jun  1, 1998        16.08        
      VM/ESA  2.4                      Mar  1, 2001        19.03        
      z/VM    3.1                      Mar  1, 2001        19.03        
      z/VM    3.1 DATABYTE=0           May  2, 2002        20.02        
      z/VM    4.2 ??                   May  2, 2002        20.02        
      z/VM    4.4                      Jan 22, 2005        22.22        
      z/VM    5.1                      Jan 22, 2005        22.22        
      z/VM    5.2                      Jan 22, 2006        24.01        
      z/VM    5.3 TOLERATE             Jun  7, 2007        25.05        
      z/VM    5.3 NEW VARIABLES        Sep 12, 2008        26.08        
      z/VM    5.4 (COMPATIBLE)         Sep 12, 2008       *27.01        
      z/VM    6.1 (NO CHANGES)         Jul  7, 2008        27.01        
      z/VM    6.2                      Dec  2, 2011        29.04        
      z/VM    6.3 INCOMPATIBLE         Jul 23, 2013        31.05        
      z/VM    6.3 z/13                 Jan 23, 2016        33.33        
      z/VM    6.4 SYTLCK Incompat      Apr 26, 2016        34.04        
      z/VM    6.40061802 ABEND         Jan 17, 2019        37.02        
      z/VM    7.1  INCOMPAT ABEND      Feb 14, 2019        37.02        
      z15 z/VM MFC counters, INCOMPAT  Mar 23, 2020        38.02        
      IMS log 4.1                      Jul  4, 1994        12.02        
      IMS log 5.1                      Jun  9, 1996        14.05        
      IMS log 6.1                      ???  ?, 199?        20.03        
      IMS log 7.1                      ???  ?, 200?        20.03        
      IMS log 8.1                      May 21, 2003        21.02        
      IMS log 9.1                      Mar 96, 2004       *26.01        
      IMS log 10.1                     Mar 06, 2007       *26.01        
      IMS log 11.1                     Apr  1, 2010       *28.02        
      IMS log 12.1                     Jan 23, 2012       *29.29        
      IMS log 13.1 (NOT 56FA)          May 25, 2013        31.03        
      IMS log 13.1 (56FA RECORD)       May 27, 2014        32.05        
      IMS log 14.1 COMPATIBLE          Dec 19, 2015        33.07        
      IMS log 15.1 NO CHANGES          Mar  1, 2018        35.07        
      AS400 3.7.0                      Nov  1, 1996        15.01        
      AS400 4.1.0                      Dec 30, 1996        15.08        
      AS400 4.2.0                      Apr 27, 1998        16.02        
      AS400 4.4.0                      Sep 27, 1999        17.07        
      AS400 4.5.0                      Jul 27, 2000        18.07        
      AS400 5.2.0 - Most records       Jul 23, 2003        21.03        
      AS400 5.2.0 - QAPMMIOP           Jul 23, 2003        22.04        
      AS400 5.3.0                      Jan 22, 2005        22.22        
      AS400 5.4.0                      Aug 26, 2006        24.06        
      AS400 6.1.0                      Jun 29, 2008        26.05        
    Note: Asterisk by the version number means the Version number       
          was changed (to the MXG version required), after an earlier   
          MXG version was listed as supporting this product release,    
          usually because an APAR modified the product's data records.  
          Or a coding error in MXG could be the reason for the change!  
    Availability dates for non-IBM products and MXG version required:   
                                                        MXG Version     
      Product Name                                       Required       
      Demand Technology                                                 
       NTSMF Version 1 Beta                                14.11        
       NTSMF Version 2.0                                   15.05        
       NTSMF Version 2.1                                   15.06        
       NTSMF Version 2.2                                   16.04        
       NTSMF Version 2.3                                   17.10        
       NTSMF 2.4.4                     Aug  9, 2002        20.04        
       NTSMF 2.4.5   INCOMPAT          Apr  1, 2003        21.02        
       NTSMF 2.4.7                     Sep 30, 2004        22.08        
       NTSMF 3.1.4                     Mar 15, 2009        27.01        
       NTSMF 4.0                       Mar 15, 2011        29.03        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 2                       13.06        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 3.0                     16.02        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 3.1                     20.04        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 4.0                     22.10        
       The Monitor for DB2 Version 5.0                     30.02        
       The Monitor for CICS/ESA 1.2 -                      12.12        
       The Monitor for CICS/ESA 1.3 -                      15.01        
       The Monitor for CICS/ESA 2.0 -                      15.06        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 2.1 -                      20.04        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 2.2 - 20.335, 21.134       21.04        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 2.3 including CICS/TS 3.1  22.08        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 3.2 (almost all)           25.11        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 3.2 (almost all)           27.01        
       The Monitor for CICS TCE 3.3 (for CICS/TS 4.1,4.2)  29.07        
       TMON/CICS 3.4 (for CICS/TS 5.1)               30.30-32.12        
        (Do not use 32.13,32.32,33.01,33.02,33.03 for 3.4)              
       TMON/CICS 3.4 (for CICS/TS 5.1 - Change 33.099)     33.04        
       TMON/CICS 4.0 (for CICS/TS 5.2 - Change 33.195)    *33.09        
       TMON/CICS 4.1 (for CICS/TS 5.3 - Change 34.257      34.08        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 1.3  -                      12.05        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 1.5  -                      12.05        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 2.0  -                      15.09        
       The Monitor for MVS/ESA 3.0  -                      19.19        
       TMON/MVS Version 4.4                                32.04        
       Omegamon for CICS V200 User SMF                     12.05        
       Omegamon for CICS V300 User SMF                     13.06        
       Omegamon for CICS V400 User SMF                     16.02        
       Omegamon for CICS V400 type 110 segments            16.02        
       Omegamon for CICS V500 User SMF                     18.01        
       Omegamon for IMS V110 (ITRF)                        12.12        
       Omegamon for IMS V300 (ITRF)                        14.04        
       Omegamon for IMS V550/V560 (ITRF)                   25.05        
       Omegamon for MVS V300                               13.05        
       Omegamon for MVS V400                               13.06        
       Omegamon for DB2 Version 2.1/2.2                    13.05        
       Omegamon for VTAM V160                              12.04A       
       Omegamon for VTAM V400                              15.15        
       Omegamon for VTAM V500                              18.08        
       Omegamon for SMS V100/V110                          12.03        
       ACF2 6.2 was 16.04 but ABEND, ACSMFREL=0 May 2018   36.05        
       ASTEX 2.1                                           14.04        
       IDMS 18                                             32.05        
       IDMS 19 (INCOMPAT after PTF R084146 Change 34.164)  33.05        
       NETSPY 4.7                                          14.03        
       NETSPY 5.0                                          14.03        
       NETSPY 5.2                                          16.05        
       NETSPY 5.3                                          18.03        
       NETSPY 6.0                                          20.10 20.305 
       NETSPY 7.0                                          20.10 20.305 
       SAR/VIEW R11                                        23.07 23.196 
      BMC, was Boole & Babbage                                          
       APPTUNE V11R2 SMF 102                               33.11 33.264 
       IMF 3.1 (for IMS 5.1)                               12.12        
       IMF 3.2 (for IMS 6.1 only)                          15.09        
       IMF 3.2 (for IMS 5.1 and 6.1+)                      16.04        
       IMF 3.3 (for IMS 7.1 and 8.1)                      *22.08        
       IMF 4.1 (for IMS 9.1)                              *26.02        
       IMF 4.4 (for IMS 9.1)                              *31.08        
       IMF 4.5 (for IMS 11.1)  (No change since 4.4)       31.08        
       IMF 4.6 a/k/a Mainview IMS                         *31.08        
       IMF 5.1 a/k/a Mainview IMS                         *34.01        
       IMF 5.2 a/k/a Mainview IMS                          34.01        
       IMF 5.3 a/k/a Mainview IMS                          35.03        
       Mainview for MQ Version 4.4                         29.03        
       Mainview for MQ Version 5.1                         30.02        
       Mainview for MQ Version 5.2, 5.3, 5.4               33.01        
       Mainview for CICS Version 6.5 (CICS/TS 5.1)         30.30        
       Mainview for CICS Version 6.4 (CICS/TS 4.2)         30.04        
       Mainview for CICS Version 6.1                       26.26        
       Mainview Auto Operator data file                    28.28        
       Mainview for DB2 THRDHIST file                      20.20        
       Mainview for TCP/IP                                 20.20        
       Mainview for IP                                     34.??        
       Mainview for Batch Optimizer                        19.19        
       LMS 3.1                                             12.12A       
      Oracle V9, V10                                       24.06        
       2.1                                                 33.05        
       1.4                                                 33.08        
       APAF 4.1, 4.3                                       16.08        
      Velocity Software                                                 
       XAMAP 3.4                                           22.10        
       XAMAP 3406                                          24.03        
       XAMAP 3.7                                           27.10        
       XAMAP 4.1   Now Renamed to ZVPS 4.1                 29.07        
       XVPS  4.2                                           31.06        
       ZVPS  5.4                                          *33.07        
V.    Incompatibilities and Installation of MXG 39.04.                  
 1. Incompatibilities introduced in MXG 39.04:                          
  a. Changes in MXG architecture made between 39.04 and prior versions  
     that can introduce known incompatibilities.                        
     YOU MUST CHANGE _LTY70 to _WTY70 in that member. CHANGE 38.105.    
     The error before this correction will be:                          
     ERROR: DATA SET "PDB.TYPE70" was not specified on the DATA stmt.   
 2. Installation and re-installation procedures are described in detail 
    in member INSTALL (which also lists common Error/Warning messages a 
    new user might encounter), and sample JCL is in member JCLINSTT for 
    SAS Version 9.                                                      
    MXG Definitions with regard to MXG Software Changes:                
    COMPATIBLE   A change in a data record which did not alter either   
    COMPAT       the location or the format of all of the previously-   
                 kept MXG variables is COMPATIBLE, and you can continue 
                 to run the old version of MXG software, which will read
                 the new records without error, but none of any new data
                 fields or any new record subtypes will be created/kept 
                 until you install the MXG Version with this change.    
    INCOMPAT     A change in a data record that causes the current MXG  
                 version to fail, visibly or invisibly, with or without 
                 error conditions or messages, and the output datasets  
                 may contain wrong values and incomplete observations,  
                 and/or observations may have been lost.                
                 You MUST install the new MXG Version with this change  
                 to process data records that have been INCOMPATIBLY    
                 changed by their vendor.                               
    TOLERATE     In other words, the old MXG Version TOLERATES the new  
                 data records, if they are COMPATIBLY changed.          
    EXPLOIT      Once you use the new MXG Version to read the changed   
                 records, all of the new fields, subtypes, etc, that are
                 described in this change will be created in the MXG    
                 datasets, so the new MXG Version EXPLOITS the new data,
                 and you have full support of the new data records.     
      An MXG Version never "expires" nor "goes out of Support".  When   
      you put in a new product/subsystem/Release/APAR that incompatibly 
      changed its records then you must install the current MXG Version 
      or at least be using the minimum level of MXG that is currently   
      documented in the preceding list in section IV.                   
     COSMETIC     Some Changes will start with COSMETIC.  This indicates
                  that that change only alters a displayed value or may 
                  be a spelling error in a label, but it is "cosmetic"  
                  in that it ONLY affected the display, and the output  
                  data sets created are NOT impacted by this change.    
VI.   Online Documentation of MXG Software.                             
    MXG Documentation is now described in member DOCUMENT.              
    See also member INDEX, but it may be overwhelming.                  
VII.  Changes Log                                                       
--------------------------Changes Log---------------------------------  
 You MUST read each Change description to determine if a Change will    
 impact your site.  All changes have been made in this MXG Library.     
 Member CHANGES always identifies the actual version and release of     
 MXG Software that is contained in that library.                        
 The CHANGES selection on our homepage at            
 is always the most current information on MXG Software status,         
 and is frequently updated.                                             
 Important changes are also posted to the MXG-L ListServer, which is    
 also described by a selection on the homepage.  Please subscribe.      
 The actual code implementation of some changes in MXG SOURCLIB may be  
 different than described in the change text (which might have printed  
 only the critical part of the correction that need be made by users).  
 Scan each source member named in any impacting change for any comments 
 at the beginning of the member for additional documentation, since the 
 documentation of new datasets, variables, validation status, and notes,
 are often found in comments in the source members.                     
Alphabetical list of important changes in MXG 39.03:                    
  Member   Change    Description                                        
  ANAL9914 39.018  Some ANAL9914 invocations mismatched %DO-%END logic. 
  ANALID   39.004  ANALID did not identify CICS Compressed Records.     
  ANALMSUS 39.015  The JOB report now includes all TASKTYPEs.           
  ASMRMFV  39.013  MXG 34,06-38.38 ABEND if storegrop 1361 vols.        
  ASMRMFV  39.039  Field Data Filter can reduce size of RMFBSAM file.   
  ASMRMFV  39.060  HLASM at UI73933 works, UI60352 doesn't assemble.    
  ASMRMFV  39.100  ASMRMFV Field Data Filter for CRYGE Crypto table.    
  ASUM70PR 39.097  New NOTALLLPARS=YES suppresses missing LPAR message. 
  TECHNOTE 39.012  z/OS SAS ODS may need to increase MEMLEAVE option.   
  TYPE0    39.059  GMT Offset CVTTZ in TYPE0 was off by one second.     
  TYPE110  39.053  z/OS EE Connect CICSTRAN vars OADATA1/2/3 decoded.   
  TYPE120  39.036  Negative CPU WebSphere SMF 120 TYP120BL APAR PH35442.
  TYPE16   39.057  Protection for truncat SMF 16, ZSORT triplet no data.
  TYPE89   39.096  New SMF89SOLUTIONID for Tailored Fit Pricing SOLUT.  
  TYPE90A  39.028  Support for SMF 90 subtype 41, CVTLOS value changed. 
  TYPEBETA 39.031  BETA 93 subtype 5 shortened, many variables gone.    
  TYPECDC  39.023  Short Infosphere records caused INPUT EXCEEDED.      
  TYPECLTA 39.026  Support for IBM TAPE CLOUD CONNECTOR SMF record.     
  TYPEDCOL 39.093  Correction to sizes in DCOLLECT DATASETS.DATASETS.   
  TYPENDCD 39.033  Support for NDM-CDI SMF (default 133) APAR PH35087.  
  UTILWORK 39.020  UTILWORK creates RMFINTRV code member, enhanced.     
  VMAC0    39.103  Support for more than 4TB of Real Storage.           
  VMAC102  38.010  DB2 IFCID 172 dataset T102s172 variables corrected   
  VMAC110  39.104  New %LET MACEXCL=IMACEXCL supports multiple IMACEXCL.
  VMAC123A 39.102  Support for z/OS Connect EE SMF 123 Subtype 2 record.
  VMAC80A  39.003  TYPE80TK observation count is smaller now.           
  VMACBVIR 39.108  Support for BVIR Version R5.x  8.50.x.x              
  VMACDB2  39.099  Support for DB2 Netezza/IDAA Accelerator new data.   
  VMACDB2H 39.099  Correction of DB2 GMT Offset to include Leap Seconds.
  VMACSMF  39.025  Example _SMF for selection, CICS Dictionary records. 
  VMACSMF  39.109  More examples using _SMF for record selection.       
  VMACXAM  39.022  Variables missing values in XAMSYS corrected.        
  VMXG70PR 39.021  Override PSU70PR/LP/GC/GL DD's may not work.         
  VMXGPRNT 39.019  SP_REMV='Y' truncated some labels.                   
  See member CHANGESS for all changes ever made to MXG Software, or     
  the CHANGES frames at                            
Inverse chronological list of all Changes:                              
====== CHANGES THRU 39.116 ARE  IN MXG 39.04 DATED Jun  1, 2021 ========
Change 39.116  Support for z/OS 2.5 SMF Manual Changes are all included 
May 28, 2021   in MXG 39.04 and there were no INCOMPATIBLE changes.     
Change 39.115  If USEBANDS=YES, an annoying note that STAGGERTHIN was   
GRAFCEC        not valid and THIN was used. STAGGERTHIN was removed.    
May 25, 2021                                                            
Change 39.114  An INVALID IMAC6ESS GEPARMKY 0027x caused message that   
IMAC6ESS       the segment was invalid, but the reporting site does not 
May 24 2021    use those TYPE6 ESS variables and was unwilling to pursue
               with IBM Support.  New message ask for you to contact MXG
Change 39.113  TYPE6 variable SMF6URI is added to the PDB.PRINT         
BUILD005       dataset.                                                 
May 21 2021                                                             
   Thanks to Ervin Claxon, CSX, USA.                                    
Change 39.112  Formats $MGIBMPR and $MGIBMIM add new product name       
FORMATS        5655-TM4.  These formats are used in SCRT in TYPE89 and  
May 26, 2021   and caused NO MWP for IMS Workload.                      
   Thanks to Jan Tielemans, KBC, BELGIUM.                               
Change 39.111  If you are moving from zOS to ASCII and had a hard-coded 
VMACSMF        SMFEXIT=CICS in an IMAC**** member you could get:        
May 23, 2021      NOTE 138-205:                                         
                  Line generated by the macro variable "SMFEXIT".       
                    82249    cics                                       
                  ERROR 23-2: Invalid option name CICS.                 
               when reading SMF data.  The SMFEXIT only works on z/OS.  
              -Remove the %LET SMFEXIT=CICS; statement from the IMAC.   
              -Documentation Only, VMACSMF was not changed.             
Change 39.110  Documentation update for SUPPRESS.                       
May 19, 2021                                                            
Change 39.109  More Details for SMF Record Selections, Change 39.025.   
VMACSMF        showed how _SMF and %LET MACFILE can be used for SMF     
May 18, 2021   record selection with a CICS Dictionary example, but the 
               also creates these "PRODUCT" variables that can be used  
               for selection,  You must set %LET MXGDECOMP=DB2; in SYSIN
               to decode Compressed DB2 records using _SMF.             
               30:   SUBSYSTEM                                          
               RMF:  PRODCMF MVSLEVEL PRODVERSION                       
               80:   SUBTYPE=RACFEVNT                                   
               MQ:   SUBSYSTEM SM115REL PRODVERSION                     
                6:   SUBSYSTEM                                          
               26:   SUBSYSTEM                                          
Change 39.108  Support for  BVIR Version R5.x, 8.50.x.x:                
VMACBVIR      -New variables in BVIR30 for BVIRVERS GE 8:               
May 24, 2021     TMPTHROT='TEMP*PREMIG*THROTTLE*THRESHOLD'              
                 Eight Byte input for TVCSIZE USDCACHE USDFLASH         
              -New variables in BVIR302 for BVIRVERS GE 7:              
                 EHSMRECA='DATA*RESIDENT*IN CACHE'                      
                 EHWMSZPK='DATA*TOTAL SIZE*PREFER*KEEP'                 
                 EHWMSZPR='DATA*TOTAL SIZE*PREFER*REMOVE'               
                 EHWMSZPV='DATA*TOTAL SIZE*PINNED*VOLUMES'              
                 EHWMSZRV='DATA*TOTAL SIZE*RESIDENT*WAITING'            
              -New variables in BVIR11 for BVIRVERS GE 7:               
                 ATMDTOCA='DATA XFER*TO THIS*CACHE*FROM DS8K'           
                 ATMDTODI='DATA XFERYFROM THIS*CACHE*TO DS8K'           
              -New EXTENDED GRID CONTAINER awaits data to decode.       
              -New PARTSIZE/MIGRSIZE array awaits data to decode        
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBTechLLC, USA.                              
Change 39.107  Long ago there was a 32K limit to the size of macro      
VMXGSUM        variables and VMXGSUM flagged a warning if INCODE        
May 14, 2021   exceeded 30000 bytes (spaces count). Now if SAS is V9 or 
               higher the limit is 65534.                               
Change 39.106  This error occurs if you have an old VMAC7072 in USERID  
VMAC7072       from MXG Versions 36 or 37.  You must always remove any: 
May 14, 2021   VMACxxxx or VMXGyyyy members from your USERID tailoring  
               because your old member will prevent the current member  
               from being used:                                         
                   NOTE: Line generated by the macro variable "WTY70".  
                            186016 WORK                                 
         ERROR 455-185: Data set was not specified on the DATA statement
Change 39.105  Infile options EOV=BVIREOV and JFCB=BVIRJFCB are added to
VMACBVIR       the BVIRHIST infile to permit creation of the variable   
May 12, 2021   SYSTEM.  Option END=ENDOFINP already exists.             
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBTechLLC, USA.                              
Change 39.104  VMXGINIT sets new macro variable %LET MACEXCL=IMACEXCL;  
VMAC110        and VMAC110 is now %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(&MACEXCL); so that  
VMXGINIT       you can have multiple IMACEXCx member names if needed.   
May 13, 2021                                                            
Change 39.103  Support for more than 4TB of Real Storage.  MXG Variable 
VMAC0          REALSIZE (SMF0RST) 1K Blocks is only valid up to 4T-1 and
May 11, 2021   new variable SMF0RS4K counts 4K blocks online at IPL.    
Change 39.102  Support for z/OS Connect EE SMF 123 Subtype 2 record adds
VMAC123A       new variable SM123S2_TRACKING_TOKEN in dataset TYPE1232. 
May 11, 2021                                                            
Change 39.101  Unused Change Number.                                    
May 11, 2021                                                            
Change 39.100 -New ASMRMFV Field Data Filter (FDF) support for the RMF  
ADOCRMFV       III Cryptographic Hardware Data Table (CRYG3}.           
ASMRMFV       -The Field Data Filter (FDF) feature of RMF III was added 
VMACRMFV       in MXG Change 37.089 and supports filtering of raw or MXG
May 11, 2021   derived RMF data values when ASMRMFV reads the RMF III   
               VSAM file, reducing the size of the created RMFBSAM file 
               and the result MXG PDB.                                  
              -RMF III table entries can be filtered by FDF based on one
               or more numeric/character/bit fields using AND/OR logic. 
               FDF is intended for advanced MXG users building ad hoc   
               PDBs of RMF III data for studies and investigations.     
              -The minimum hardware level required to run ASMRMFV is    
               raised from a z9 to a z10 machine.  IBM end of support   
               for the z10 was December 2019.  This allows ASMRMFV to   
               use more efficient and fewer machine instructions.       
              -MXG can provide an archival stabilized ASMRMFV level for 
               continuing z9 users if needed.  This level does NOT have 
               FDF CRYG3 support and will NOT be further enhanced.      
              -ADOCRMFV now contains ASMRMFV support status information 
               for all IBM processor families.                          
              -Improved Table Error Diagnostics (ITED) are added for all
               supported RMF III tables.   When an RMF III table error  
               is detected (which should be rare) instead of only       
               counting the table skip, a dynamically tailored RMFV092E 
               message will also be issued with further details.        
               Return Code 0008 will result for RMF III table errors    
               rather than Return Code 0004 as previously.  These merit 
               contact with MXG Technical Support to resolve the        
              -There is an internal ASMRMFV limit of 10 RMFV092E        
               messages for each RMF III VSAM data set processed.  If   
               reached new message RMV093I is issued and further        
               RMFV092E messages are suppressed for that data set.      
              -When AUTOSEL (default) is in effect ASMRMFV now shows the
               field name that trigged that automatic RMF III table     
               selection in message RMFV082I.                           
               RMFV002I  SYSIN   :  IF=(ASIJOBNA EQ 'MXGJU')            
               ASIJOBNA  <--                                            
              -When AUTOSEL (default) in in effect use of any of the    
               following additional ASMRMFV parameters (and their       
               respective aliases) will now cause the corresponding RMF 
               III table to be selected without having to also          
               explicitly code the corresponding table selection:       
               Parameter             Auto Selects                       
               ---------            ---------------                     
               ASIAND                  ASIG3                            
               ASIOR                   ASIG3                            
               CSRAND                  CSRG3                            
               CSROR                   CSRG3                            
               DVTAND                  DVTG3                            
               DVTOR                   DVTG3                            
               OPDAND                  OPDG3                            
               OPDOR                   OPDG3                            
               SPGAND                  SPGG3                            
               SPGOR                   SPGG3                            
               DEVTYPE=                DVTG3                            
               CPCSYSTEM=              CPCDB  CPUG3                     
               CPUSYSTEM=              CPUG3  CPCDB                     
              -Data Dictionaries in the ADOCRMFV member have been       
               updated or added for these FDF supported RMF III tables: 
               ASIG3 CFIG3 CRYG3 GEIG3.                                 
              -Many tables and charts in ADOCRMFV have been converted to
               boxed figures for improved legibility.                   
              -Following Sections are updated or added in the ADOCRMFV  
               documentation member:                                    
               Section     Contents                                     
               -------     --------                                     
                  0        Contents                                     
                  2        Terminology                                  
                  3        Execution JCL                                
                  4        RMF III Table Selection Parameters           
                  5        Input Data Selection Parameters              
                  8        Error Handling Parameters                    
                  9        JCL and SYSIN Parameter Usage                
                 12        Messages                                     
                 13        Filtered Records                             
                 32        Data Dictionary Descriptions                 
                 33        Filtering The ASIG3 Table                    
                 34        Filtering The CFIG3 Table                    
                 39        Filtering The CRYG3 Table                    
                 40        Filtering The GEIG3 Table                    
                 53        ASMRMFV Execution and Methods Overview       
                 54        PDB Build Examples With Direct JCL Method    
                 55        PDB Build Examples With TSO Clist Method     
                 56        PDB Build Examples With Dynamic Method       
                 57        Summary                                      
                 58        Bibliography                                 
              -Variable LCPUHWLW='HDW*GROUP*CAPACITY*LIMIT' in ZRBLCP   
                 dataset was misspelled as LCPUHWCA in the INPUT.       
              -Dataset ZRBCPU variable CPCVALAVL added and CPCABSMSU    
                 is correctly labeled:                                  
              -The 96 CPUSTAnn variables in dataset ZRBCPU have been    
               reserved since z/OS 1.2.  They are removed.              
Change 39.099  Support for DB2 Netezza/IDAA Accelerator new data fields,
VMACDB2        and correction to DB2 GMT Offset calculation .  DB2 does 
VMACDB2H       not provide a GMT Offset, forcing MXG to use the delta   
VMACSMF        between SMFTIME-TODSTAMP with fuzzy logic, because SMF is
May 23, 2021   in hundredths while TODSTAMPs are in microseconds, but   
               MXG logic did NOT account for the 26 leap seconds that   
               are in all TODSTAMPs, but not in SMFTIMEs, that made the 
               converted local time 26 seconds later than actual. Now,  
               the 26 seconds are subtracted from QWHSSTCK before the   
               GMT corrected calculation and QWHSSTCK is correctly      
               converted to local time zone to match SMF, and the       
               GMT Offset is now integer hours.                         
              -Leap Seconds are periodically added (6 since 1997) and   
               when the next one is scheduled, I'll use the date  to    
               subtract the 27th.                                       
              -I've discovered both TODSTAMP and MSEC variables can show
               8 decimal digits, with DATATIME28.8 or TIME20.8 formats, 
               but SAS Support says both only have 6 decimals are valid.
              -Protection for invalid offset added in VMACSMF.          
   Thanks to Marc Di Edwardo, Memorial Sloan Kettering, USA.            
Change 39.098  With PDB=SMF the display of VMXGRMFI options was         
VMXGRMFI       suppressed.                                              
May 11, 2021  -If you specified imacwork=no in lower case it            
               was not recognized and you could get the out of          
               balance message.  Now IMACWORK USECNTRL USEREPRT         
               are upcased before any compares are made.                
   Thanks to Robert Chavez, Florida Power and Light, USA.               
Change 39.097  New parameter NOTALLLPARS=NO defaults to running the PROC
VMXG70PR       FREQ that tells you which LPARs are missing from the PDB.
May 7, 2021    Specifying NOTALLLPARS=YES suppresses these messages for 
               when you don't have the RMF data from all LPAR's.        
Change 39.096  New variable SMF89SOLUTIONID, the SOLUT= system parameter
VMAC89         is added to datasets TYPE89 and TYPE892. This is the     
May  6, 2021   Tailored Fit Pricing Solution ID.                        
Change 39.095  Typos in comments.  For CMODIDNT='393' DEC=394 corrected 
UTILEXCL       to DEC=393, and WBURIRND corrected to WBURIRCV.          
May  6, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Charles Piggott, RUV, GERMANY.                             
Change 39.094  Debugging macro variable DCOLEXIT is defined in VMXGINIT 
VMACDCOL       and &DCOLEXIT is added to the INFILE so that you can use 
VMXGINIT         %LET DCOLEXIT=FIRSTOBS=250 OBS=300;                    
May  5, 2021   to control what records are read. If you instead used    
                 OPTIONS FIRSTOBS=250 OBS=300;                          
               the DATA step will correctly read those selected records,
               but the following SORTs and STEPs will fail because they 
               FIRSTOBS=1 OBS=MAX.                                      
VMXGDSN        has been wrong since Change 37.065 in MXG 37.03. In the  
May  5, 2021   creation of DATASETS, the original code output the pair  
               of DATA/INDX obs from DCOLDSET for VSAM files, setting   
               SPACE1=DCDALLSP (Allocated Space) for each obs.          
              -That change replaced that pair of obs with one obs from  
               DCOLCLUS, DSNAME=Cluster Name and with SPACE1=DCAHARBA   
               as the size of each VSAM cluster,  But the total DASD    
               space is significantly smaller after that change.        
              -This change follows IBM recommendation to use DCAHARBC,  
               instead of DCAHARBA and to continue to discard the VSAM  
               DATA/INDX space from DCOLDSET.                           
              -After this change, the obs count in DATASETS is smaller, 
               and the VSAM sizes increased to pre-37.065 change.       
                DASD Space is DCDALLSP - VSAM-DCDALLSP + DCAHARBC       
              -See also Change 15.108.                                  
   Thanks to Terry Chao, Office of Chief Technology Officer, USA.       
====== CHANGES THRU 39.092 ARE  IN MXG 39.03 DATED May  3, 2021 ========
Change 39.092  Some ANALDB2R reports attempt to map database and object 
VFMT102        names using this format but if there were no subtype 105 
Apr 29, 2021   records the fornat could could not be built and a format 
               not found error could result. Now tells you there was no 
               data and sets NOFMTERR.                                  
Change 39.091  Support for new variables DB2 IFCID 402 T102S402 dataset:
VMAC102         QW0402OW      ='IDLE*THREAD*THRESHOLD*EXCEEDED'         
May  2, 2021    QW0402TC      ='CURRENT*ACTIVE*THREAD*COUNTER'          
                QW0402TS      ='CURRENT SUSPENDED THREAD COUNTER.       
                QW0402TH      ='HWM*THREAD*COUNTER*SINCE*DDF START'     
                QW0402CC      ='CURRENT*CONNECTIONS*COUNTER'            
                QW0402CH      ='HWM*CONNECTIONS*COUNTER*SINCE START'    
                QW0402TN1_OFF ='OFFSET*TO FIRST*TOKEN*VALUE'            
                QW0402TN2_OFF ='OFFSET*TO SECOND*TOKEN*VALUE'           
                QW0402TN1_LEN ='LENGTH OF FIRST*TOKEN FIELD'            
                QW0402TN1_VAR ='FIRST*TOKEN*VALUE'                      
                QW0402TN2_LEN ='LENGTH OF*SECOND*TOKEN*FIELD'           
                QW0402TN2_VAR ='SECOND*TOKEN*VALUE'                     
               -QWHCEUTX='END*USER*TRANSACTION*NAME was added _V102CMN  
                so it will be kept in ALL T102Snnn Trace Datasets.      
   Thanks to Manoel DeSouza, FMR, USA.                                  
   Thanks to Jonathan D. Brown, FMR, USA                                
Change 39.090  Support for RACF Pass Ticket Evaluation (8081 PTEVAL)    
EXTY8081       creates new TYPE8081 dataset.                            
Apr 28, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Jim Guzlecki, REFINITIV, USA.                              
Change 39.089  Velocity XAM storage variables are in pages, but were not
VMACXAM        converted to bytes nor formatted with the MGBYTES format.
Apr 27, 2021   These are now internally in bytes, MGBYTES formatted:    
                  HCPMM1S  HCPMM4S  RSAPGABL RSANONPG  RSAOFFLN         
                  RSAPIN0B RSAPIN0A RSAPIN1B RSAPIN1A  RSAPINWP         
   Thanks to Douglas C. Walter, CITIGROUP, USA.                         
Change 39.088  Report to Count Character Variables with FREQ=FREQ did   
ANALJOBN       not print anything because there was no TABLES statement,
Apr 27, 2021   causing VMXGPRAL to fail, exposing Change 39.087.        
Change 39.087  If there were no variables not in the BYLIST a syntax    
VMXGPRAL       error occurred pointing at /MISSING.                     
Apr 27, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Rahul Raj, ENSONO, USA.                                    
Change 39.086  Support for HSM UNIX CLOUD Statistics variables added to 
FORMATS        HSMFSRST dataset for FSRTYPE 25 and 26.                  
VMACHSM          FSRUNIXF='UNIX*SEGMENT*PRESENT?'                       
Apr 29, 2021     FSRTYPE ='FSR*FUNCTION*TYPE'                           
                 FSRCLNR ='CLOUD*NETWORK*CONNECTION*NAME'               
              -HSM Variable FSRTYPE has additional values that are now  
               decoded by format MGMSMFU:                               
                 24='24:CLASS TRANSITION'                               
                 25='25:MIGRATION TO CLOUD'                             
                 26='26:RECALL FROM CLOUD'                              
              -Records with FSRTYPE=24 are not output until test data   
               is available to validate it's contents.                  
   Thanks to Macarena Alonso Alvar, Silk Aplicaciones SLU, SPAIN.       
Change 39.085  PDB.ASUMUOW variable TRANNAME should have LENGTH $4 but  
VMXGUOW        contained only 1 character if MQ data records preceded   
Apr 24, 2021   the other records, and SPIN.SPINUOW had observation(s).  
   Thanks to John Holiday, Queensland Government, AUSTRALIA             
Change 39.084  We all know that IO delays can be a problem but we may   
TECHNOTE       not consider terminal delays to be part of the problem.  
Apr 23, 2021   Now that everyone is working from home running SAS in    
               the foreground (interactive) can be profoundly affected. 
               Working with a customer on a Linux install we noticed    
               that SAS initialization took over 1 minute for 1 user    
               but only 45 seconds for another and locally on my PC a   
               couple of seconds.  Running BUILDPDB against a 6GB SMF   
               dataset in the foreground took 13 minutes but running    
               in the background (a batch job) the same program and     
               the same SMF data ran in 90 seconds. The moral of the    
               story is IO still matters and LOGS and OUTPUTs back      
               to your online session are IO and matter.                
Change 39.083  Format $MGSMFID did not describe SMF 83 Subtype 7, MFA,  
FORMATS        Multi-Factor Authentication                              
Apr 23, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.082  Variable QDSTNCQC was misspelled as QDSTNQWC.            
Apr 23, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to R. Indumathy, FMR, USA.                                    
Change 39.081  A few non-impacting %PUT "DEBUG" messages were replaced  
READDB2        with a conditional test that &MXGDEBUG was enabled.      
Apr 21, 2021                                                            
Change 39.080  ANALDB2R could fail if PMAUD02 report was requested and  
ANALDB2R       there were no observations, due to misplaced GOTO.       
Apr 20, 2021                                                            
Change 39.079  Support for RMF III CRYG3 Cryptographic Hardware Table   
EXZRBCRY       creates new dataset ZRBCRY.                              
Apr 28, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.078 -MXG 39.02. ERRORs  EXCLUDED FIELDS - SECOND RECORD error 
UTILEXCL       using the IMACEXCL created by UTILEXCL; there was a typo 
Apr 15, 2021   $CHAR54 instead of $CHAR64 that caused misalignment.     
              -The %INCLUDE inside IMACICCU should be IMACICCD.         
   Thanks to Negri Gianvittorio, SAS, ITALY                             
   Thanks to Mark Wittie, FMR, USA.                                     
   Thanks to Kelly Ballamis, Zions Bank, USA.                           
Change 39.077  Changes in TYPE70 processing caused PDB=SMF to fail.     
VMXGRMFI       Logic to read the RMF SMF data needed for RMFINTRV was   
Apr 15, 2021   replaced with a %UTILBLDP invocation.                    
   Thanks to Michael Friske, FMR, USA.                                  
Change 39.076  Support for Phoenix JES3plus SMF 84 error correction that
VMACSMF        was reported in APAR OA58963 but not corrected by IBM.   
VMAC84         The 84 subtype was not in 19-20 so IBM SMF utilities     
Apr 15, 2021   could not use SUBTYPE for record selection, The APAR was 
               closed as a permanent restriction for JES3, but JES2 will
               write a new record with ID=126 and four-digit ID=1153    
               that has subtype in the expected location. For JES3,     
               JES3plus relocates the subtype to expected location.     
               This MXG update correctly inputs the SUBTYPE in the      
               _SMF header macro for all possibilities.                 
Change 39.075  Updates from SMF Manual dated Apr  5, 2021.              
VMAC42        -TYPE42DS New variable:                                   
Apr 12, 2021     S42SNTWJ='SYNC ZHL*WRITES*DISABLED*NEW LAYER'          
              -TYPE106 New Datasets                                     
                 TY1063  TYPE1063  BCP ST-1 HWIREST API                 
                 TY1064  TYPE1064  BCP ST-2 HWIREST API                 
Change 39.074  RMF III z/OS 2.4 Updates from Feb 2021 Programmer Guide: 
VMACRMFV      -Dataset ZRBLCP new variables:                            
Apr 11, 2021    CPC_BOOSTACTIVE='BOOST*ACTIVE*INTERVAL'                 
                CPC_BOOSTCLASS ='BOOST*CLASS'                           
              -Dataset ZRBCFI new variables                             
                CFISTSC1='INDEX OF*FIRST CFICONNS'                      
                CFISTMRC='NUMBER OF*CFICONNS*ENTRIES'                   
              -Dataset ZRBASI new variables                             
                ASIORMP    ='STORE/OUTR*DELAY*SAMPLES*SR7'              
                ASIRUCSAA  ='RUCSA*ALLOCATION'                          
                ASIERUCSAA ='ERUCSA*ALLOCATION'                         
              -Dataset ZRBGEI new variables                             
                GEIGLUSE='1GB FRAMES*IN USE*MEM OBJECTS'                
                GEIGLTOT='1GB FRAMES*IN CENTRAL*STORAGE'                
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.073  Format $MGMARET for TYPEMAR printed 3990 instead of 3390.
Apr 12, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Lloyd Christensen, Hitachi Vantara, USA.                   
Change 39.072  ZIPOVHTM and PCTZIPOV variables added to ASUMCELP ASUMCEC
VMXG70PR       ASUM70PR and ASUM70LP datasets.                          
Apr 13, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Jan Tielemans, KBC, BELGIUM.                               
Change 39.071  RMF III percentages on System Information and CPC Summary
VMACRMFV       reports are identified/revised/created:                  
Apr  8, 2021   -Dataset ZRBCPU.                                         
                These variables are on RMF System Information report.   
                PCTCPUBY='AVG CPU*PHYSICAL*PERCENT*BUSY';               
                PCTLOGBY='AVG CPU*LOGICAL*PERCENT*BUSY';                
                  PCTLOGBY/CPUG3_LOGITI. MVS view of logical processor  
                  utilization based on wait time for the processor.     
                  This is "Avg CPU UTIL%" on System Information report. 
                  PCTCPUBY/CPUG3_PHYSTI PR/SM view of physical processor
                  utilization based on dispatch times.                  
                  This is "Avg MVS UTIL%" on System Information report. 
               -Dataset ZRBLCPLPARS new variables; you must use TYPSRMFV
                or invoke _SRMFV to create dataset PDB.ZRBLCPLPARS.     
                These variables are on the CPC Summary report;          
                and ZRBLCPLPARS has an observation for each CPU TYPE.   
   Thanks to Ervin Claxon, CSX, USA.                                    
Change 39.070  Support for DB2 APAR PH31684, SORT usage counters in     
IMACDBNZ       three datasets, sort sizes for zSORT in IFCID=96, and    
VMAC102        these two new NETEZZA variables in DB2ACCT;              
                New variables added to DB2STAT1 DB2STATS DB2ACCT        
                 QXSTSRT ='TIMES*RDS SORT*PERFORMED'                    
                 QXSTSRTL='TIMES*RDS SORT*USED SORTL'                   
               New variables added to T102S096 for IFCID=96:            
                 QW0096PN_OFF='OFFSET TO PROGRAM NAME'                  
                 QW0096PC_OFF='OFFSET TO PACKAGE COLLECTION ID'         
                 QW0096DZ='SORT*DATA AREA*SIZE WITH*SORTL'              
                 QW0096KZ='SORT KEY*SIZE WITH*SORTL'                    
   Thanks to Jan Tielemans, KBC, BELGIUM.                               
Change 39.069  Some XAMSYS variables were in the KEEP= list for XAMUSR  
VMACXAM        but they should have been kept in XAMSYT.                
Apr  5, 2021                                                            
Change 39.068 -Some users have found savings of time using COMPRESS=NO  
VMXGALOC       as datasets in work have to be repeatedly compressed and 
Apr  5, 2021   decompressed. A parameter was added to allow the PDBs    
Apr  9, 2021   being created to be compressed while leaving work at the 
               value specified in your AUTOEXEC. COMPRESS=YES is now the
               default value added to every LIBNAME statement issued by 
               VMXGALOC. Specify COMPRESS=blank or anything other than  
               YES to disable.                                          
              -On Linux only, if you did not specify a BASEYEAR you     
               could get a SUBSTR OUT OF RANGE error.                   
   Thanks to Arnold Kim, UPS, USA.                                      
Change 39.067  New value '20X:REMOUNT' added to $MG092FM format for     
FORMATS        variable SMF92MFG in dataset TYPE9201 and SMF92UFG in the
Apr  5, 2021   dataset TYPE9205.  ICN 1830.                             
====== CHANGES THRU 39.066 ARE  IN MXG 39.02 DATED Apr  4, 2021 ========
Change 39.066  New parameter USEBANDS= added with a default of NO, will 
GRAFCEC        creates 'band' charts rather than bar charts.            
Apr  4, 2021                                                            
Change 39.065  Change 39.029 incorrectly coded PROC FORMAT for the      
GRAFWRKX       formats $TMPSUEC and $TMPNRCPI that set SU/Sec and NRCPU.
Apr  4, 2021                                                            
Change 39.064  The Apr 1 Change 39.060 for HLASM back level protection  
ASMRMFV        was revised. USE ONLY ASMRMFV DATED APR 2 IN LINE2.      
Apr  2, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Otto Burgess, OPM.GOV, USA.                                
   Thanks to Robert Richards, OPM.GOV, USA.                             
====== CHANGES THRU 39.063 ARE  IN MXG 39.02 DATED Apr  1, 2021 ========
Change 39.063  Dataset IMS56FA variable DLRDMR is now kept, DLRSMR typo.
Apr  1, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Nick Varley, Precisely, ENGLAND.                           
Change 39.062  JCL and source to run BUILPDB creating the PDB on a tape 
JCLTAPDB       and at the same time sending CICSTRAN to tape and all of 
BLDTAPDB       the DB2 accounting datasets to a third tape dataset.     
Mar 31, 2021                                                            
Change 39.061  Change 37.260 added JOB_IDENTIFIER but MXG did not change
VMACIDMS       the +50 to +42 to preserve alignment.                    
Mar 30, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBTechLLC, USA.                              
Change 39.060  Some versions of the HLASM Assembly program fail on the  
ASMRMFV        ISHEX function, with error message ASMA089E when the     
Apr  2, 2021   function appears in a macro definition.  Single character
               parsing is now used to validate hex characters.          
               UI73993 Feb 17, 2021 works, UI60352 Dec 19, 2018) failed.
   Thanks to Otto Burgess, OPM, USA.                                    
   Thanks to                                                            
Change 39.059  The GMT Offset in CVTTRZ in TYPE0 was off by one second; 
VMAC0          the CEIL and FLOOR functions were reversed.              
Mar 30, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Al Sherkow, I/S Management Strategies, Ltd.                
Change 39.058  Second period for DATA=&PDBMXG..STEPS was missing.       
Mar 28, 2021                                                            
Change 39.057  INPUT EXCEEDED for defective SMF 16 record with ZSORT    
VMAC16         triplet populated, but no ZSORT data, APAR PH32395:      
               The ZSORT feature does not support SORTs that are program
               invoked and using E15 and/or E35 EXITS for input and     
               output.  In this case ZSORT needs to be disabled and use 
               the traditional sorting techniques, otherwise program    
               failures like ABEND0C4 may occur. This APAR will improve 
               this check. One site's data populated ICEFLBY5='Y' that  
               ZFSORT was invoked, but the offset pointed to the end    
               of the record where there was no data.  A second site    
               had ten-digit decimal offsets in the ZSORT triplet but   
               ICEFLBY5 was not y.                                      
              -The BroadCom CA-7 SASSHISS program ABENDED with 0C4 as   
               noted in this document:                                  
   Thanks to Rob D'Andrea, NATWEST. ENGLAND.                            
Change 39.056  New parameters WEEKINCODE= MNTHINCODE= let you insert    
BLDSMPDB       code just after the SET statements for weekly and monthly
Mar 28, 2021   processing. An example was added to the comments using   
               WEEKINCODE to validate the data using ZDATE and to       
               determine using RMFINTRV if data is not complete (less   
               than 24 hours in a day) or outside the bounds of the     
               week. Will issue a WARNING message if problems are found,
               print a report of what was found for each day of the     
               week, and optionally can set cc=4;                       
   Thanks to Denise Willers, ENSONO, USA.                               
Change 39.055  AUDITAFTER= default value changed to YES. This means that
UTILBLDP       PDBAUDIT will run after everything in your INCLAFTR      
Mar 28, 2021   parameter rather than after BUILDPDB. The first time you 
               run you will see a lot of new datasets that are not      
               really new but were created by MXGINCL and INCLAFTR      
               members after BUILDPDB ran.                              
Change 39.054  Variable LOSTRECS/SMF7NROX was conditionally input but   
VMAC7          the field is always present, and subsequent variables    
Mar 26, 2021   (SMF7LSN,SMF7TBLS) were not input.                       
   Thanks to Al Sherkow, I/S Management Strategies, Ltd.                
Change 39.053  The CICSTRAN data for z/OS EE Connect Adapter and for MQ 
VMAC110        related tasks create variables OADATA1/OADATA2/OADATA3   
Mar 31, 2021   with these different values:                             
                 For MQ Related Task                                    
                   OADID  =ID=IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS V9              
                  For z/OS Connect Related Task                         
                    OADATA1 BAQvllPLXTNKX A580   TODSTAMP.              
                    The v field contains 01x= a version number?,        
                    the ll field contains length of data following,     
                    PLXTNKX is the SYSPLEX and A580 is the SYSTEM and   
                    the TODSTAMP (converted with MCTMNTAD to LOCAL)     
                    is always earlier than the SMF time.                
               But those binary values in the z/OS Connect OADATA1      
               cause problems if you try to move the data to EXCEL.     
               So the z/OS Connect record is decoded and the datetime   
               is now a text field:                                     
               OADATA1='BAQ   PLXTNKX A580    15MAR2021:11:10:54.217948.
   Thanks to Simon Foley, CPT Global, AUSTRALIA.                        
   Thanks to Martyn Jones, CPT Global, ENGLAND.                         
Change 39.052  TABULATEs consolidated so that for each category you get 
ANALINIT       one page rather than a page per jobclass. Formats added  
Mar 26, 2021   to PROC PRINTs.                                          
Change 39.051  JCLSPGDG example creates GDGs for all MXG "PDB" datasets.
JCLSPGDG       The limit for the number of generations in a GDG was 255,
Mar 21, 2021   but in z/OS 2.2, the new EXTENDED option allows up to 999
               generations.  So you can start a Daily PDB with GDG=1 on 
               Jan 1, with a limit of 366 and have the GDG number       
               match the julian date!                                   
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.050  Error Messages from PROC PLOT for all values missing were
JCL94PDB       caused by incorrect OR/AND logic. JCL94PDB now executes  
ANALRMFI       with CC=0.                                               
Mar 20, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.049  Format $MGSMFID describes SMF record type and subtype for
FORMATS        ANALID reports; the format was missing 116.010.          
Mar 18, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.048  The example PDS allocation for MXG.SOURLIB had only 1199 
JCLINSTT       directory blocks.  Without PDS Statistics, 459 blocks are
JCLINSTL       used, with PDS statistics, 1607 are needed so examples   
Mar 17, 2021   now allocate 1999 blocks so you can have statistics.     
   Thanks to Jerry Terpstra, Bank of Montreal, CANADA.                  
Change 39.047  If you tried to run without runniing _SUOWSPN you got    
VMXGUOW        errors with SPUNCNT undefined and if you set _LASCICS    
ASUMUOW        to CICSTRAN.CICSTRAN and bypassed _SUOWCIC you got an    
Mar 17, 2021   undefined macro reference. Both problems are fixed.      
               _SUOWSPN is not needed since the data has to be in the   
               correct order when it is created. It is commented out    
               in both the examples and the executable code.  It will   
               not hurt to run it but it will save some time to skip    
               this sort.                                               
Change 39.046  If you asked for 106 records and did not add T102106=YES 
READDB2        the T102S106 dataset was not created.  Now if 106 is in  
Mar 14, 2021   the IFCIDS and T102106 NE NO it will be built and sorted 
               into the PDBOUT= LIBNAME.                                
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBTechLLC, USA.                              
Change 39.045  If all values to be charted were missing, a blank page   
GRAFWRKX       was created and if all were 0 a meaningless chart of a   
Mar 13, 2021   flat line at 0 on the Y-axis was created. Now charts only
               values GT 0.                                             
Change 39.044  Since the second part of the WORKX= was set to SRVCLASS, 
UTILWORK       which is then used as the label for variables created by 
Mar 14, 2021   VMXGRMFI, unless you wrote the WLM policy SRVCLASS may   
               not be sufficient to identify what the workload          
               represents. Now, UTILWORK uses the first 20 bytes of the 
               service class description, except when the service class 
               is SYSTEM SYSSTC or SYSOTHER.                            
Change 39.043  Support for z/OS Connect SMF 123 Subtype 2 record creates
ANAL123A       New Data Set:                                            
EXTY123C          DDDDDD   DATASET    DESCRIPTION                       
IMAC123A          TY123C   TYPE123C   z/OS CONNECT API REQUEST          
VMAC123A       Member ANAL123A will merge the TYPE123C REQUEST dataset  
VMXGINIT       observation with the corresponding CICSTRAN obs to create
Mar 23, 2021   dataset PDB.CICS123.                                     
Change 39.042  CICS optional CMODHEAD=USER AND CMODNAME=USER incorrectly
IMACICXA       pointed to IMACICDU but that should be IMACICXA.         
Mar 10, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Mark Wittie, FMR, USA.                                     
Change 39.041 -If you want to change the destination library to other   
ASUM70PR       than PDB, VMXG70PR failed with error messages that your  
VMXG70PR       TYPE70 and TYPE70PR datasets were not found. Now, it     
Mar 24, 2021   uses VMXGWORL to try to find it, or if you specify       
               PDB=yourdd, that will be used.                           
              -If you specified PDB=PDB and the datasets did not exist  
               a dataset not found error resulted. PDB=libname always   
               overrides the results of VMXGWORL.                       
Change 39.040  Defective SMF 1415 records with NUCB=6 but only 5 UCBs   
VMAC1415       have invalid SMF14STY values due to that misalignment,   
Mar  9, 2021   causing blank values for STEPNAME PROGRAM JCTJOBID and   
               JESNR is a missing value. All of these records are for   
               DSNAME='SYS1.HASPACE' and new SMFSTY14='1234567890' is   
               created to list the subtypes in each record; the value   
               0 at the end are those with invalid subtypes.            
               A CASE/PMR is in progress with IBM to correct.           
Change 39.039 -The Field Data Filter (FDF) feature of RMF III was added 
ASMRMFV        in MXG Change 37.089 and allows you to filter raw RMF    
ADOCRMFV       data values when ASMRMFV reads the RMF III VSAM file,    
Mar  8, 2021   reducing the size of the created RMFBSAM file and the    
               result PDB.                                              
              -You can filter RMF III table entries based on one or more
               numeric, character, or bit string fields using AND/OR    
               logic. This feature is intended for advanced MXG users   
               building ad hoc data PDBs of RMF III data.               
              -ASMRMFV now supports some MXG Derived Variables from bit 
               string settings.  This relieves some of the cumbersome   
               lookup and error prone use of bit strings in FDF IF      
               expressions.  Not all bit settings are assigned to a PDB 
               variable when an MXG PDB build is run. ASMRMFV mimics the
               derivation that occurs during the build.                 
              -Bit string MXG Derived Variables are added for RMF III   
               tables:  ASIG3, CATG3, DVTG3, ENCG3, GEIG3, SCMG3, SPGG3.
               Other tables supported by FDF do not have bit string     
               related variables.                                       
              -Example:  Select Address Spaces using the CPU Protection 
               bit from the ASIG3 table:                                
                 Rather than code the IF bit string expression:         
                 IF=(ASIMSTS EQ B'..1.....')                            
                 Now this user friendly alternative is possible:        
                 IF=(ASICPUPR EQ 'Y')                                   
              -Data Dictionaries have been updated for all 17 FDF       
               supported RMF III tables.   Derived Variable support is  
               available where the characters "MASK" appear in a Data   
               Dictionary entry.                                        
              -Many Data Dictionary entries now include one or two NOTEs
               to add further information about a Fieldname.            
              -DEV is now valid as a prefix for some Fieldnames for the 
               RMF III DVTG3 table.  This shortens some long Fieldnames 
               that formerly all required a DVT prefix.                 
              -Error message RMFV092S is now issued with an error code  
               should a rare table validation error occur for either the
               CATG3 table or SMF 74.5 record within the CATG3 table.   
              -New Section 32 Data Dictionary Descriptions is added to  
               the ADOCRMFV member.   This provides a central reference 
               location for this information rather than repeating it   
               for every FDF supported RMF III table.                   
              -New Section 34 Filtering The Cache Data Information Table
               (CATG3) is added to the ADOCRMFV member for the new      
               When filtering with FDF on the first n characters of a   
               character field there are two ways to accomplish this    
               as shown in the examples below:                          
               1) Use a pattern match (* in compare value string)       
               IF=(ASIJOBNA EQ 'PROD*')                                 
               2) Use a shortened compare length (: after operator)     
               IF=(ASIJOBNA EQ: 'PROD')                                 
               Either method will select jobs starting with 'PROD' for  
               output to the RMFBSAM file.                              
               However, the SECOND method is MUCH MORE efficient.       
               With Method 1 ASMRMFV must call the internal MATCH       
               subroutine for EVERY job to evaluate the pattern.  With  
               Method 2 ASMRMFV sets the compare length ONCE (in this   
               case to a value of 4) for all job name comparisons.      
               MXG Derived Variable ASICX for the RMF III ASIG3 table   
               can be useful with ASMRMFV for data selection by Address 
               Space Type when building a filtered PDB.                 
               Possible ASICX values are:                               
               A   ASCH Task              AO  ASCH Task OMVS Related    
               B   Batch Job              BO  Batch Job OMVS Related    
               S   Started Task           SO  Started Task OMVS Related 
               T   TSO User               TO  TSO User OMVS Related     
               O   OMVS Task                                            
               To select Started Tasks only use:                        
               IF=(ASICX EQ 'S')    or    IF=(ASICX = 'S')              
               To select OMVS related Started Tasks only use:           
               IF=(ASICX EQ 'SO')   or    IF=(ASICX = 'SO')             
               To select all Started Tasks use:                         
               IF=(ASICX EQ: 'S')   or    IF=(ASICX =: 'S')             
               Note that 2 IF expressions are NOT needed.               
               To select all Started Tasks and all Batch Jobs use:      
               IF=(ASICX EQ: 'S')   or    IF=(ASICX =: 'S')             
               IF=(ASICX EQ: 'B')   or    IF=(ASICX =: 'B')             
               Note in this case 2 IF expressions are needed.           
              -Following Sections are updated or added in the ADOCRMFV  
               documentation member:                                    
               Section     Contents                                     
               -------     --------                                     
                  0        Contents                                     
                  2        Terminology                                  
                 12        Messages                                     
                 13        Filtered Records                             
                 31        Field Data Filtering (FDF)                   
                 32        Data Dictionary Descriptions                 
                 33        Filtering The ASIG3 Table                    
                 34        Filtering The CATG3 Table                    
                 35        Filtering The CFIG3 Table                    
                 36        Filtering The CPDG3 Table                    
                 37        Filtering The CSRG3 Table                    
                 38        Filtering The DSIG3 Table                    
                 39        Filtering The DVTG3 Table                    
                 40        Filtering The ENCG3 Table                    
                 41        Filtering The ENTG3 Table                    
                 42        Filtering The GEIG3 Table                    
                 43        Filtering The OPDG3 Table                    
                 44        Filtering The PCIG3 Table                    
                 45        Filtering The SCMG3 Table                    
                 46        Filtering The SPGG3 Table                    
                 47        Filtering The SSHG3 Table                    
                 48        Filtering The XCFG3 Table                    
                 49        Filtering The ZFXG3 Table                    
                 51        PDB Build Examples With Direct JCL Method    
                 52        PDB Build Examples With TSO Clist Method     
                 53        PDB Build Examples With Dynamic Method       
                 54        Summary                                      
                 55        Bibliography                                 
Change 39.038  Dataset TYPE74CA variable CSSCLN wasn't kept, variable   
VMAC74         CSSCOPYST was not INPUT nor kept.                        
Mar  6, 2021                                                            
Change 39.037  Many variables containing percentages were not formatted 
VMAC30         with 5.1.                                                
Mar  2, 2021                                                            
Change 39.036   APAR PH35442 corrects Negative CPU time in WebSphere SMF
VMAC120         120 TYP120BL dataset. There were many SMF 120 Subtype 11
Feb 28, 2021    records that had ZERO values for the GMT OFFSET         
                (SM120BBT), for the TOTAL CPU CLOCK AT REQUEST END      
                (SM120BCA1), for the CP ONLY CPU CLOCK AT REQUEST END   
                (SAM1230BCA2), and these zero values cause negative     
                values in the calculated delta start-to-end times.      
                Variables SM120BCPUTM SM120BCPCPUTM SM120BZIPCPU were   
                wrong. Note also that because the GMT OFFSET is 0 in    
                these records, while the other non-zero records actual  
                GMT OFFSET is 1, these zero records have their END      
                DATETIME (SM120BBX) one hour earlier than the SMFTIME!  
Change 39.035  Variables ASICR and ASICX were not kept in ZRBASI.       
Feb 28, 2021                                                            
Change 39.034  The LABELs for the pair of SINCE CREATION and SINCE OPEN 
VMAC64         variables were reversed; the ACCxxxxx are SINCE CREATION.
Feb 24, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Jorge Fong, DOITT NYC GOVERNMENT, USA                      
Change 39.033  Support for new NDM-CDI SMF record (default 133) creates 
EXNDCDHW       new dataset:                                             
IMACNDCD          DDDDDD   DATASET   DESCRIPTION                        
TYPENDCD          NDCDHW   NDCDCDHW  CDzOS High Water Mark              
TYPSNDCD       You will have to set the MACRO _IDNDCD to 133 or your    
VMACNDCD       chosen record type.  APAR PH35087 is needed to correct   
VMXGINIT       errors in the initial record contents.                   
Feb 23, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Luis Mendoza, Black Knight, USA.                           
Change 39.032  No error has been reported with VMXG70PR in MXG 39.01 but
VMXG70PR       the DROP/KEEP/INPUT exposure is eliminated.              
Feb 22, 2021                                                            
Change 39.031  The BETA 93 subtype 50 record was shortened and many     
VMACBETA       variables no longer exist in dataset BETA50.             
Feb 22, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Andreas Menne, Finanz Informatik, GERMANY                  
Change 39.030  Variables added to dataset TYPE3804:                     
FORMATS           S38GMODE ='FUNCTION*STATUS'                           
VMAC38            S38GDOM  ='NETVIEW*DOMAIN'                            
Feb 22, 2021   and new format MG038GM decodes variable S38GMODE.        
   Thanks to Stephen Hoar, LLoydsbanking, ENGLAND.                      
Change 39.029  The $TMPSUEC and $TMPNRCPI FORMATS were updated for all  
GRAFWRKX       z14 and z15 processors.                                  
Feb 22, 2021                                                            
====== CHANGES THRU 39.028 ARE  IN MXG 39.01 DATED Feb 17, 2021 ========
Change 39.028  Support for SMF 90 subtype 41 when CVTLSO is changed.    
EXTY9041          DDDDDD   DATASET   DESCRIPTION                        
IMAC90A           TY9041   TYPE9041  CVTLSO CHANGED                     
Feb 17, 2021                                                            
Change 39.027  If you had sorted the CICS stats data to tape (this is   
VMXGCICI       strongly not recommended) VMXGCICI would first fail with 
Feb 17, 2021   an undefined macro variable and when that was corrected  
               would fail with multiple datasets open in a sequential   
               data library. While this is NOT a recommended practice it
               will now work.                                           
   Thanks to Lu Ming, CPF, SINGAPORE.                                   
====== CHANGES THRU 39.026 ARE  IN MXG 39.01 DATED Feb 16, 2021 ========
Change 39.026  Support for IBM TAPE CLOUD CONNECTOR SMF record creates; 
VMACCLTA         DDDDDD  DATASET  DESCRIPTION                           
Feb 13, 2021                                                            
Change 39.025  Documentation and EXAMPLES for SMF record selections.    
VMACSMF        In _SMF, which process just the SMF Header, there are    
Feb 12, 2021   these subsystem variables created and available in the   
               IMACFILE/&MACFILE exit to select only wanted records.    
                   RMF  70-79       PRODCMF MVSLEVEL                    
                   RMF  78.2        VSTORE                              
                   DB2: 100 101 102 SUBSYSTEM COMPRESSFLAG QWHSRELN     
                                    PRODVERSION ACCUMACFLAG             
                                    SUBTYPE=IFCID FOR SMF 102.          
                   CICS: 110        SMFPSRVR SUBSYSTEM MNSEGCL MCTSSDCN 
                   SMF   30         SUBSYSTEM                           
                   SMF   80         SUBTYPE=RACFEVENT                   
                   SMF 115,116      SUBSYSTEM SM115REL PRODVERSION      
                   SMF    6         SUBSYSTEM                           
                   SMF   36         SUBSYSTEM                           
               1. Duplicate RMF/CMF records CANNOT BE PROCESSED, YOU    
                    //SYSIN DD                                          
                    %LET MACFILE= %QUOTE(IF PRODCMF=:'RMF';);  or       
                    %LET MACFILE= %QUOTE(IF PRODCMF=:'CMF';);           
                  This may be required with z/OS 2.5 with CMF, because  
                  z/OS BASE will write RMF 70 records (so sites without 
                  RMF will have 70s for SCRT reports).                  
               2. To detect if you have records from both products,     
                  //SMF DD                                              
                  //SYSIN DD *                                          
                  %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(VMACSMF);                           
                  DATA _NULL_;                                          
                  RETAIN CURRPROD;                                      
                  IF CURRPROD='   ' THEN CURRPROD=PRODCMF;              
                  ELSE IF PRODCMF NE CURRPROD THEN DO;                  
                    PUT / '***POTENTIAL ERROR. SEE CHANGE 39.025.'/     
                     ' CMF AND RMF RECORDS ARE BOTH FOUND.   ' SMFTIME= 
                      ID= SYSTEM=                                       
                     /+2 PREVSYS= 'PREVPROD=' CURRPROD 'NEWPROD='       
                     PRODCMF +1 PREVTIME= 'ID=' PREVID PREVSYS=;        
               3. You can create a file of only CICS dictionary records:
                  //SMF    DD DSN=SMF,DISP=SHR                          
                  //SMFOUT DD DISP=(,CATLG).  .                         
                  //SYSIN DD *                                          
                  %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(VMACSMF);                           
                  %LET MACFILE= %QUOTE(                                 
                     IF ID=110 AND SUBTYPE=1 AND MNSEGCL=1;             
                     FILE SMFOUT DCB=SMF;                               
                     PUT _INFILE_;                                      
                     FILE LOG;                                          
                  %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(VMACSMF);                           
                  DATA _NULL_;                                          
Change 39.024  Three new ESS (IEFDOKEY) variables are added to TYPE6:   
IMAC6ESS          ESSPAGEL='DPAGELBL'                                   
VMAC6             ESSSYSAR='SYSAREA'                                    
Feb  9, 2021      ESSDUPLX='DUPLEX'                                     
   Thanks to Jerry Ellis, Liberty Mutual, USA.                          
Change 39.023  TYPECDC (Infosphere change data capture) records with    
VMACCDC        only the 92-byte header and no data caused INPUT         
Feb  9, 2021   STATEMENT EXCEEDED error.  Short records are deleted.    
   Thanks to Jan Tielemans, KBC, BELGIUM.                               
VMACXAM        in dataset XAMSYS were misaligned and had missing values.
Feb  8, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Douglas C. Walter, CITIGROUP, USA.                         
Change 39.021  Override PSU70PR/LP/GC/GL DD's may not have worked.      
VMXG70PR       Depending on how you tried to change the destination,    
Feb 12, 2021   with those macro variable DDnames with %LET may not      
               have been used, and those datasets could have been       
               written tp &PDBMXG (normally PDB) instead of your %LET.  
               This change corrects to match the documentation.         
Change 39.020  UTILWORK creates an RMFINTRV member with your Workloads. 
IMACWORK       New parameters enhance the useability of UTILWORK.       
UTILWORK       -IMACWORK=NO suppresses the use of IMACWORK.             
Feb  6, 2021     With IMACWORK=YES, you can not have a WORKxx name that 
                 matches an entry in IMACWORK; RMFINTRV will detect the 
                 conflict and terminate.                                
               SYSTEM=  if you have multiple systems and you want to    
                 define workloads differently SYSTEM=YES will add the   
                 SYSTEM ID to each workload.                            
               SYSPLEX= if you have multiple systplexs and you want to  
                 define workloads differently, SYSPLEX=YES will add the 
                 SYSPLEX ID to each workload.                           
               In addition the first section of each workload (which    
               resolves to variable names) is now set to the SRVCLASS   
               since the restriction on 8 byte names is history.        
               Finally, the RMFINTRV member created is now printed      
               on the SASLOG.                                           
Change 39.019  Using SP_REMV='Y', some labels were truncated because the
VMXGPRNT       variable LABELR was not set to $80 nor blank padded.     
Feb  2, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Scott Barry, SBBTechLLC, USA.                              
Change 39.018 -Some invocations of ANAL9914 caused mismatched %DO-%END  
ANAL9914       errors because of a DO instead of a %DO statement. Logic 
Feb  4, 2021   was rearranged, conditional execution of SGPANEL removed 
               and reordering of %VMXGOPTR executions.                  
              -REPORT=JIM is not useable under WPS at this time; REPORT=
               RAY is now forced for WPS.                               
   Thanks to Virginie Peigney, CA-GIP, FRANCE.                          
Change 39.017  DB2 NETEZZA IDAA 100-1 INPUT STATEMENT EXCEEDED due to   
VMACDB2        these new DB2 V12 fields and wrong LENREAD calculation.  
Jan 31, 2021   You can use  %LET MACKEEP= MACRO STOPOVER MISSOVER % ;   
               in SYSIN to circumvent the ABEND.                        
               This change has not been tested with non-zero values;    
               only records with all values zero have been read so      
               none of the accumulated fields are deaccumed.            
               Please use member SENDDATA to send your SMF 100-1's.     
              -Variables added to DB2STAT1,DB2STATS,DB2NETZA:           
                 Q8STTMUD='TOTAL MEM*AVAIL*USER DATA*IN MB'             
                 Q8STTMPS='TOTAL MEM AVAIL*SQL/DML*IN MB'               
                 Q8STABHR='ACCELERATOR*BUFFERPOOL*HIT RATIO'            
                 Q8STANUI='CURRENT*IN RATE*ACCEL AND DB2*IN KB/S'       
                 Q8STANUO='CURRENT*OUT RATE*ACCEL AND DB2*IN KB/S'      
                 Q8STTSA ='DISK SPACE*IN MB FOR*TEMPORARY*DATA'         
                 Q8STLSA ='DISK SPACE*IN MB FOR*LOG DATA'               
                 Q8STLRCP='CPU TIME*INT.S.S*ASYNC*LOG READER'           
                 Q8STLRZI='ZIIP TIME*INT.S.S*ASYNC*LOG READER'          
                 Q8STLRZE='ZIIP ELIGIBLE TIME*INT.S.S*ASYNC*LOG'        
              -Variables added to DB2STAT1,DB2STATS:                    
   Thanks to Negri Gianvittorio, SAS, ITALY.                            
   Thanks to Alberto Sturla, Banca Carige S.p.a, ITALY                  
Change 39.016  INCODE and OUTCODE parameters were not displayed with the
VMXGSUM        other parameters, so logic that could cause zero obs was 
Jan 30, 2021   not shown.                                               
Change 39.015  Job report collected only TYPETASK=JOB so if the problem 
ANALMSUS       child was an STC it was missed. Now all OBS are used and 
Jan 30, 2021   TYPETASK is added to the report.                         
   Thanks to Mike Martin, NCSECU, USA.                                  
Change 39.014  Parameters added to enhance flexibility and allow you to 
EMAIL          attach files rather than doing a PROC PRINT.             
Jan 30, 2021   There are new examples in the member.                    
               New parameters:                                          
                 ATTACH- list of datasets to attach to email            
                 BODY=   text for body of email                         
                         the above only apply when attaching a file,    
                         which is mutually exclusive with printing a    
                         dataset. with printing a dataset,              
                 These apply when printing a dataset:                   
                 WHERE=  a where clause for the PROC PRINT              
Change 39.013 -MXG 34.06-38.38 ASMRMFV ABEND if a Storage Group has over
ASMRMFV        1,361 volumes. Change 34.191 introduced the potential 0C4
Jan 29, 2021   in subroutine PROCSPG when processing RMF III SPGG3 Table
               (Storage Group and Volume Data) table, but we had no test
               data with that large number of volumes.                  
      Thanks to Victor Li, ATOS, HONG KONG                              
      Thanks to Paul Leung, ATOS, HONG KONG                             
Change 39.012  z/OS SAS ODS may need an increase in the MEMLEAVE option 
TECHNOTE       (set in your CONFIGxx member) and MUST use REGION=0M. One
Jan 24, 2021   case SAS Tech Support recommended 1500M and that worked! 
               This note was originally to be Change 38.235.            
Change 39.011  SAGANAL could fail when there unmatched RMF 70 and SMF 30
SAGANAL        intervals, so data with SMFTIME GT the last 70 interval  
Jan 30, 2021   are deleted.                                             
Change 39.010  DB2 IFCID 172 T102S172 dataset variables QW0172Q4/Q8 are 
VMAC102        INPUT $CHAR8 FORMAT $HEX16., QW0172HZ/WZ are INPUT &PIB.8
Jan 21, 2021   and Labels for QW0172HZ/WZ added Holder/Waiter.          
   Thanks to Jack Hyde, OPTUM, USA.                                     
   Thanks to Peter Vikeras, OPTUM, USA.                                 
Change 39.009  TYPE70 PLATxxxxBUSY variables were incorrectly calculated
VMAC7072       adding the PHYSICAL LCPUPDTM to each calculation, but the
Jan 21, 2021   PLAT variables do NOT report this LPAR's utilization as  
               they calculate the utilization on ALL ENGINES IN THE CEC.
   Thanks to Mark Tomlinson, Lloyds Bank, ENGLAND.                      
Change 39.008  zOS only. SAS ODS Graphics always uses Java, and Java can
TECHNOTE       run on zIIP engines with significant CP CPU savings, but 
Jan 18, 2021   a JVM file must be APF Authorized when your Java SYSPROG 
               installed Java. This z/OS message is printed in JOBLOG   
               (NOT SASLOG) and the JVM still executed correctly and    
               ended with CC=0, but the zIIP engines are not used:      
                   JVMJ9VM082E Unable to switch to IFA processor        
                          - issue "extattr +a 099"        
               "The JVM failed to switch to an IFA (Integrated Facility 
                for Applications) processor because the JVM library file
       requires APF authorization."              
               One job running GRAFWRKX and GRAFCEC creating a PDF file 
               went from 484 CP secs to 107 CP + 146 ZIP = 253 secs.    
               The zIIP time is not reported by SAS, but the CPU time on
               the SAS log is the sum of CP and zIIP can be much larger 
               than elapsed when zIIPs are used.                        
Change 39.007  Variable INTRVSYN (is RMF Sync with SMF?) was blank in   
VMAC7072       datasets TYPE70xx and TYPE72xx, MXG38.05-38.38.          
Jan 15, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to  Douglas C. Walter, CITIGROUP, USA.                        
Change 39.006  ANAL9914 Topology Report tests for &CECTYPE=Z15 added to 
ANAL9914       support the z/15 processors, and the default is now Z15. 
Jan 14, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Virginie Peigney, CA-GIP, FRANCE.                          
   Thanks to Jim S. Horne, Lowe's Companies, USA.                       
Change 39.005  Change 38.215 dropped these 4 variables from ASUMCELP.   
VMXG70PR       IFA70ACS IFA70BPS IFL70ACS IFL70BPS which are now kept.  
Jan  8, 2021   IFA values will always be missing or 0.                  
   Thanks to  Douglas C. Walter, CITIGROUP, USA.                        
Change 39.004   ANALID report did not identify CICS Compressed records; 
VMACSMF         VMACSMF incorrectly bypassed the test to set 'C'.       
Jan  8, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to MP Welch, Bank of America, USA.                            
Change 39.003  -Support for new variables TOKRABOID TOKKSTNPLTS in      
VMAC80A         dataset TYPE80TK.                                       
Jan 10, 2021   -Dataset TYPE80TK will have fewer observations; each     
                token outputs an observation, but now there is a single 
                observation for each record with all tokens.            
   Thanks to Andreas von Imhof, RABOBANK, THE NETHERLANDS.              
VGETJESN       records do not have a JCTJOBID which is used to create   
Jan  5, 2021   TYPETASK. IF SUBSYS='SAR' THEN TYPETASK='SAR'; added.    
   Thanks to Joey TU, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, USA    
   Thanks to Jon Hoang, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, USA  
Change 39.001  Cosmetic.  DATEFMT=DATE7., was added to arguments.       
Jan  5, 2021                                                            
   Thanks to Kenneth W. Pressley, Salt River Project, USA.              
LASTCHANGE: Version 39.