These pictures show our antenna and tower installation for our amateur radio stations, call signs W5GN and KA5PQD and EI/W5GN.

The tower is a self-supporting 72 foot HDX752MPL-RC1000 from U.S. Tower and is remotely controlled, mounted in 9-cubic yards of 3600psi steel reinforced concrete.

And you can see our most unwelcome discovery of ten 2-inch pool pipes, 4 electric condit, and a 2 inch gas main when we dug the hole for that base!

The top antenna is an Opti-Beam OB16-3 with 16 physical elements, the longest 36 feet, on a 33 foot boom. The antenna has 8 active elements on 10 meters, and 4 wide-spaced elements on 15 and 20 meter bands. It is 88 feet high with the tower up. It weighs 100 pounds.

The bottom antenna is a Cal-Av 2D-40A with two 70 foot elements on a 16 foot boom for 40 meters. It weighs 150 pounds.

The rotator (or "positioner") is an Orion RC2800P-A from M2, and the 24 foot mast is 4130 Chrome moly.

The shot from above was from 167 feet from the 60 ton crane; the couple in the bucket are Bill Simpson, N5YA, and his wife Kay, who together installed the tower and antennas.

The antennas and rotators details can be found at www.arraysolutions.com and the tower at www.ustower.com, purchased thru www.texastowers.com.

Barry (W5GN and EI/W5GN) and Judith (KA5PQD)