The MXG Class is no longer taught, for a number of reasons:

a. The Class notes are quite out of date in a number of sections.

b. Even when the class was free, travel budgets caused low attendance.

c. The "shotgun" approach of the class scattered a lot of information,
  but, especially for new users, only a few topics were useful the
  day after the class.

d. We can, thru, usually provide much more specific
  answers to how to do things that you learned in the three day class.
However, if you want to wade thru the class notes as they existed when
the class was last taught, you can download the class "foils" in
power point format here:
Merrills_Class.PPT (33MB)
MS PowerPoint Viewer (2MB) - If Powerpoint not available

If you find these notes of value, let me know, especially how long
it took you to go thru the notes, and whether you read them all or
just skipped thru ones that looked interesting.

And, if you really find confusion in a page, let me know and I'll
consider revising that page.