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"It's not an acronym, it's what we do."


The Association of System Performance Professionals

IBM Mainframe Discussion List

IBM-MAIN Listserv

The CBT Tape MVS Freeware Home Page!

tmCPExpert Home Page

Al Sherkow's I/S Management Strategies, Ltd.

Cheryl Watson's TUNING Letter is a practical journal of OS/390 and z/OS tuning and measurement advice.
Published since 1991, it is available six times a year in print or via email, and includes an annual CD-ROM of all past issues.

Performance Associates - Dr. H. Pat Artis

- PAI/O Driver Product, and excellent published papers describing all you ever wanted to know about I/O.

Velocity Software, Inc

Velocity Software is a leading software company providing measurement tools and nationwide education for the VM operating system.

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