****************NEWSLETTER EIGHTEEN*************************************
             MXG NEWSLETTER NUMBER EIGHTEEN December 3, 1990            
Technical Newsletter for Users of MXG :  Merrill's Expanded Guide to CPE
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS                              
I.   MXG SOFTWARE Version status.                               page   2
  1. Production MXG Version is still 7.7.                               
  2. Recent IBM Announcements and their MXG support.                    
  3. PreRelease MXG Version 8.7 now available upon request.             
  4. Enhancements in PreRelease 8.7 (in addition to those in MXG 8.2).  
  5. Enhancements that are still in development or under consideration. 
  6. Plans for Production MXG Version 8 shipment in 1991.               
II.  MVS Technical Notes.                                       page   4
III. SAS Notes.                                                 page   6
  1. SAS 6.06 (MVS) has been repaired, and can be safely used.          
  2. SAS options that are now required for MXG execution.               
  3. Format libraries under MVS SAS 6.06 or 5.18.                       
  4. SAS 5.18 Conflict with PDSMAN.                                     
  5. CMS Execution of MXG under SAS 6.06.                               
IV. Documentation of MXG Software.                              page  12
V.  CHANGE LOG, Changes 8.186 to 8.079.                         page  12
      (Alphabetic INDEX of Significant Changes on page 13)      thru  50
I.   MXG SOFTWARE Version status.                                       
  1. Production MXG Version is still 7.7.                               
 There is no new software automatically shipped with this newsletter.   
 MXG Version 7.7 (shipped in February, 1990) is still the production    
 version. MXG 7.7 supports most of MVS/ESA 3.1.3, the 3390 DASD devices,
 3490 Tape Drives, IDRC, and everything else that was available in Feb. 
 Most non-leading edge sites will not require a PreRelease of MXG.      
  2. Recent IBM Announcements and their MXG support.                    
 IBM has made many major announcements relating to the System/390, the  
 ES/9000 family, and ESCON capabilities.  The following table identifies
 announced availability dates for the IBM product, and the corresponding
 Version/PreRelease of MXG required to support that IBM product.        
   Product Name                     Availability     MXG Version        
                                    Date              Required          
   VM/ESA  1.1.0 (370 Feature)      Oct 26, 1990.        7.7            
   RMF 4.1.2 (for MVS/ESA 3.1.3)    Sep  7, 1990.        8.4            
   RMF 4.2   (for MVS/ESA 4.1)      Oct 26, 1990.        8.4            
   MVS/ESA 4.1                      Oct 26, 1990.        8.4            
   MVS/ESA 4.2                      Mar 29, 1991.        ???            
   RMF 4.2.1 (for MVS/ESA 4.2)      Mar 29, 1991.        ???            
   VM/ESA  1.1.0 (ESA Feature)      Mar 29, 1991.        ???            
   VM/ESA  1.1.1                    Dec 27, 1991.        ???            
   Critical note for leading edge MVS sites:                            
     Sites installing APAR OY29112 (required for ES/9000 CPUs) or using 
     MVS/ESA 4.1 (RMF 4.2) will require either the circumvention fix    
     in Change 8.132, or must have MXG PreRelease 8.4 or later, because 
     RMF type 78 record was changed.  See also MVS Technical Notes.     
  3. PreRelease MXG Version 8.7 now available upon request.             
 MXG PreRelease 8.2 was announced available in Newsletter SEVENTEEN,    
 and that Newsletter documents the enhancements available at that time. 
 Since July, many IBM announcements have added new data sources, and    
 additional new products are now supported by MXG.  Each major iteration
 increments the PreRelease number, and thus this newsletter announces   
 the current availability of MXG PreRelease 8.7.  All of the changes in 
 Newsletter SEVENTEEN and the additional changes listed in Newsletter   
 EIGHTEEN (this one!) are included in MXG PreRelease 8.7.  The major    
 enhancements between PreRelease 8.2 and PreRelease 8.7 are listed below
 and described in detail in the corresponding CHANGE description in the 
 Change Log section of this newsletter.                                 
 There is no cost for the PreRelease.  Simply contact us by phone, fax, 
 or letter (overseas, your local SAS office will relay your request),   
 and we will be pleased to send you your copy of MXG PreRelease 8.7.    
  4. Enhancements in PreRelease 8.7 (in addition to those in MXG 8.2).  
     a. Support for RMF 4.1.2 (APAR OY29112, PTF UY90666).              
     b. Support for MVS 4.1.                                            
     c. Support for RMF 4.2.                                            
     d. Support for CICS 3.1 DBCTL DL/I transaction activity.           
     e. Support for DCOLLECT's data records from HSM, and other SMS     
        related records (HSM, VVRs, VVDSs, SMS/DFP) were enhanced.      
     f. Support for IMS/ESA 3.1.                                        
     g. Support for NPM 1.4                                             
     h. Support for Landmark's Monitor for CICS Version 8.              
     i. Support for Landmark's TMON/MVS Version 1.1 and spanned records.
     j. Support for Amdahl's SPMS Cache DASD Controller SMF record      
     k. Support for Amdhal's MDF Performance Tool SMF record            
     l. Support for WSF2 SMF record.                                    
     m. Circumvention for SPIN library filling due to JES2 maintenance. 
     n. Corrections to MXG support of Amdhal's MDFTRACK record.         
     o. Creation of CICINTRV data set from CICS 3.1 Statistics datasets.
     p. Documentation of Trend Data Base processing.                    
     q. Documentation (preliminary) of DB2 analysis using ANALDB2R.     
     r. Major improvement in IMS Log measurement of INPQUETM/RESPNSTM.  
     Several hundred sites are now executing a PreRelease of Version 8, 
     and new supported sites who would otherwise receive MXG 7.7 (i.e., 
     those who tardily signed their support contract!) now receive the  
     PreRelease from Merrill Consultants, because it is more robust and 
     corrects many minor problems.  We call it a PreRelease just to let 
     you know that there is still more on the way in the future!        
  5. Enhancements that are still in development or under consideration. 
     a. Testing of all of PreRelease 8.7 under the CMS Version of SAS   
        6.06 has not been completed. See SAS notes.                     
     b. Investigation of RMF III VSAM error condition (one site).       
     c. DB2 SQL trace support has not been completed.                   
     d. Arbiter V 2.1.1 records have changed.                           
     e. VM/EXPLORE Version 3.1 is reportedly changed.                   
     f. Support for the two HSM user SMF records that was added has not 
         been validated, and de-accumulation that may be needed for the 
         interval records has not yet been investigated.                
     g. Support for Cray UNICOS is planned for first quarter 1991.      
     h. Support for VAX/VMS Account/SPM planned for second quarter 1991.
     i. LLA SMF Record is a future consideration.                       
     j. JES3 Tape Mount Merge with TYPETMNT is a future consideration.  
     k. NETVIEW FTP support is a future consideration.                  
  6. Plans for Production MXG Version 8 shipment in 1991.               
     a. VM/ESA (XA feature) will be available March 29, 1991. The IBM   
        announcement indicates there will be no incompatibility with the
        existing VM/XA monitor support, but new data fields will exist. 
     b. MVS/ESA 4.2 will be available March 29, 1991. The announcement  
        indicates there will be significant new data in new subtypes of 
        the type 72 and 79 RMF records, new I/O reconfiguration data in 
        the type 74 RMF record, new type 30 data for APPC, and new      
        working set and block paging function statistics in existing    
        SMF and RMF records.                                            
     c. DOS/ESA will likely require changes, but enhancements won't be  
        scheduled until test site is identified. Volunteer is needed!   
   Because of the preceding three items, the Production MXG Version 8,  
   and the next MXG Newsletter, is now planned for shipment to all MXG  
   supported sites not later than March 29, 1991.                       
   If IBM chooses to make the documentation of these new accounting and 
   performance data records available sooner, and if IBM also allows    
   support for those changes to be shipped sooner, MXG Version 8 will be
   shipped as originally planned, in mid-February, 1991.                
II. MVS Technical Notes.                                                
1. OY31183, SMS only, mentioned in Newsletter SEVENTEEN, now has PTFs   
   to correct the invalid DEVTYPE=FF and DEVNR=0FFF in type 30 records  
   for multi-volume SMS data sets.                                      
2. OY26719 replaces the incorrect JOB name of IEESYSAS with the real    
   name of the started task that went thru full function start up.      
3. OY34035 (PTF UY52690) repairs loss of type 14/15 records after PTFs  
   UY90568/UY90560 were installed.                                      
4. PTFs associated with APAR OY25436 erroneously sets the "Blocksize    
   changed" bit in each DD section of type 30 records. Problem is open. 
5. With DFP 3.2 and Cache DASD Reporter can cause complete loss of RMF  
   data records, with no footprint. APARs OY31406 and OY34829 address   
   the problem, which results when the Cache RMF Reporter subtask hangs 
   up, preventing RMF main task from ever writing records until RMF is  
   taken down and restarted. Only non-existent type 70-79 records give  
   you a clue that you had the problem!                                 
6. APARs OY29801, OY32368, OY49794, and OY51970 all relate to VLF       
   data corrections in SMF type 41 subtype 3 records.                   
7. The SPE (Small Programming Enhancement) APAR OY29112, PTF UY90666    
   is required for MVS to execute on an ES/9000 CPU, is itself in error,
   and will create invalid type 78 subtype 3 records. The correction    
   APAR is OY36517 and PTF UY55476 fixed the error Oct 31, 1990.        
8. OY36035/OY36043 APARs now have PTF UY55307 to correct the corrupted  
   type 42 subtype 3 DFP 3.2 record (the real culprit was the same IBM  
   change to the PL/S compiler, which caused UY90666's problem!)        
   R. Shannon of Aetna pointed out that the LLA's use of VLF causes the 
   type 41 data to report LLA's utilization near 100%, but LLA still    
   adds modules, because LLA only calls VLF for modules that LLA had    
   previously cached.  The SMF records which can be created from the    
   CSVLLIX1 exit can provide fetch statistics, but also will create lots
   of data records. Additionally, the storage used reported by VLF is   
   not the high-watermark, but rather the storage in use at the end of  
   the interval.                                                        
9. Problems with HiperBatch information in type 14/15 are fixed by      
   applying PTFs UY50465,UY51181,UY51182,UY54424 on top of APARs        
   OY30300,OY32039 and OY34754.                                         
10.APAR OY36879, PTF UY55480 corrects a type 30 problem wherein EXCP    
   sections are completely missing for dynamically unallocated DD's!!   
   This was first noted by a tremendous drop in the EXCP counts after   
   maintenance, but only for TYPETASK of TSU.                           
11.APAR OY26507 for MVS/ESA corrects I/O connect time for VIO datasets  
   (by setting the value to zero, as it should have been all along!).   
   MXG's IOTMTODD was extremely large, and IOTMNODD was negative because
   of the IBM error.                                                    
12.OY26842 (MVS/ESA only) increases the number of concurrent DDs that   
   can be simultaneously opened from 3723 to 10,000.                    
13.OY29434 (MVS/XA 2.2.0 and above) deals with destage of 3990 cache    
   controller data when HALT EOD command is issued.                     
14.OY24606 (MVS/XA 2.2.0 and above) ensures TSO SMF type 32 record is   
   written after TSO user is cancelled; previously last commands data   
   was lost.                                                            
15.OY21749 now causes the SMF dump program, IFASMFDP, to put a message  
   in the SYSPRINT data set if the dump program ABENDED. (Some sites    
   throw away their JCL and kept only the SYSPRINT, and never knew the  
   dump program had abended! Isn't it amazing what IBM has to do to     
   meet the needs of it's customers!)                                   
16.OY32670 now causes the SMF dump program, IFASMFDP, to put a message  
   in the SYSPRINT data set that you tried to dump an empty SMF dataset.
17.OY32638 adds PROCSTEP to the type 30 SMF record.                     
18.OY25606 expands the Extra-dd field in type 30s to four bytes.        
19.Newsletter NINE discussed the impact of a non-zero value for the     
   timezone delta, PARMTZ in SYS1.PARMLIB(PARMTZ). In MVS/ESA the delta 
   is set by TIMEZONE= in SYS1.PARMLIB(CLOCK00). In either case, if the 
   delta is non-zero, the CICS internal timestamps (STRTTIME,ENDTIME)   
   and DB2 internal timestamps (QWHSSTCK,QBACCBSC,QWACCESC) will be on  
   GMT but the SMF timestamps will be local.                            
20.IDRC (data compaction) on 3480 tape cartridges can be specified by   
   the TRTCH=COMP/NOCOMP subparameter of the DCB parameter, or can be   
   set by default in the DEVSUPyy member of SYS1.PARMLIB (IBM defaults  
   to NOCOMP).  MXG 3480 tapes are always DCB=TRTCH=NOCOMP, because     
   IDRC is an optional hardware feature on your tape control units.     
   Reading an IDRC tape built with compaction on a control unit without 
   the IDRC hardware feature produces an I/O error with these messages: 
   IOS000I 410,10,NCA,02,0600,,**,,jobname                              
21.SYNCSORT release 3.3 truncates a VBS record with LRECL=RDW=32760!    
   The problem is fixed by zap EW3178-0 for that release. Without the   
   fix, records greater than 32756 bytes LRECL are truncated on output. 
   The specific occurrence of an SMF record of exactly 32760 bytes was a
   type 79 subtype 1 (over 330 ASIDs active). Specifying LRECL=32760 in 
   the JCL of the sort did not correct the problem.                     
22.Some unverified comments about MVS/ESA CPU timings of Hiperspace     
   activity suggest that creation of a hiperspace causes CPUHPTTM to be 
   non-zero, but reading of data in that hiperspace causes both CPUHPTTM
   and CPUTCBTM time to be recorded, because the MOVEPAGE instruction   
   (which is good, fast, etc., and new, and only on some hardware) does 
   record CPUTCBTM.  Without MOVEPAGE, there will be more real CPU time 
   and it will be recorded in CPUHPTTM, and not in CPUTCBTM.  The cost  
   of MOVEPAGE is on the order of one half of the cost of a page-in in  
   expanded memory (which has been quoted as 75 microsec for one page   
   but approaches 30 microsecs per page when several pages are blocked  
III. SAS Notes.                                                         
  1. SAS 6.06 (MVS) has been repaired, and can be safely used.          
   SAS 6.06 has finished its shakedown cruise, the shipyard repairs     
   have been made, and the October SAS Notes tape now contains a load   
   library with most critical, required, and recommended zaps already   
   installed.  Sites should now request the October or later SAS Notes  
   Tape from SAS Technical Support and begin their testing and          
   migration to the new version.  While there will be a SAS 6.07        
   version in mid-1991 with ESA exploitation, additional performance    
   improvements and bug fixes, there is no reason to wait. In fact, SAS 
   6.06 has removed constraints on program size which limited many large
   site's SMF processing. With the new SMF records now created by       
   MVS/ESA 4.1 and the new records announced in MVS/ESA 4.2, SAS 6.06   
   may actually be required for BUILDPDB with MVS/ESA 4.2 next spring!  
   MXG now recommends testing for migration to SAS 6.06.                
   A PreRelease of MXG Version 8.x has NEVER BEEN REQUIRED for Execution
   of MXG under MVS SAS 6.06.  MXG 7.7 will execute under SAS 6.06.     
   What is REQUIRED is the installation of many critical ZAPS to the SAS
   System.  MXG Newsletter SEVENTEEN (July) listed the then-known ZAPs, 
   and identified several open problems.  As problems were fixed, that  
   list grew to the following list of SAS ZAPs that are required for MXG
   execution under SAS 6.06 under MVS:                                  
   Z6060135  Z6060288  Z6060529  Z6060611  Z6060640  Z6060653  Z6060872 
   Z6060892  Z6060916  Z6060938  Z6060946  Z6061149  Z6061220           
    and Z6060969 (which replaced Z6060571)                              
    and Z6061258 (which replaced Z6060703)                              
    and Z6061738 (which replaces Z6060652)                              
   MXG also STRONGLY recommends that ALL ZAPs that are idenfified by SAS
   as Critical, Highly Recommended, and Recommended also be installed.  
   Prior to the October SAS Usage Notes Tape, installing all ZAPs could 
   take two days, as the ZAP stream failed each time a module's IDRCOUNT
   filled, requiring a link-edit of that module and a restart of the ZAP
   stream. (IBM limits IDRCOUNT to 19, and SAS uses IDRs to identify the
   ZAPs that have been applied to a module).                            
   However, beginning with the October SAS Notes library, the tape now  
   contains the "SAS Maintenance files", which includes a load library  
   containing selected SAS modules with pre-applied maintenance, i.e.,  
   the important ZAPS have already been applied!.  See Section 3.11 of  
   the document "MVS Version 6 SAS Notes, ZAP Libraries and Maintenance 
   Files", Document Number MVS6-US-1090.02, which accompanies the tape. 
   The following MXG-required ZAPs were not on the October SAS Notes    
   "Maintenance library" and will need to be applied:                   
      Z6060916 Z6060969 Z6061258 Z6061738                               
   While we have many sites with MXG 7.7 who are successfully executing 
   MXG under MVS SAS 6.06, there were seven members of MXG that had to  
   be changed to avoid syntax errors, and many additional members were  
   also changed to provide complete forward and backward compatibility  
   with both SAS 5.18 and SAS 6.06.  We do recommend that you request   
   and install an MXG Version 8 PreRelease, but it is not required. The 
   few problems encountered using MXG 7.7 under the ZAPed SAS 6.06 have 
   been fixed by telephone (or by reading the Newsletter). The critical 
   parts of MXG 7.7 (those that build the data sets) do work under 6.06.
   The biggest problem area, once these ZAPs are installed, is that when
   SAS runs out of memory or disk space, strange error messages occur,  
   (like "no more MFEs", "data set is not sorted", "record too large"). 
   These errors can be avoided by always executing in a 4MB or larger   
   region, specifying MEMSIZE=12MB (automatic, if you use MXG's CONFIG  
   member), and (initially) overallocate your disk space. (The 6.06 WORK
   default is only CYL,(5,2)!). Overallocate, and add the SAS statement 
     PROC CONTENTS DATA=WORK._ALL_ NODS;                                
   at the end to determine how much disk space is actually required.    
   Does anything work well under SAS 6.06?  Actually, quite a lot!      
   For many non-MXG applications that are not especially data or        
   memory intensive (the info center, and non-programmers), there       
   is a lot of SAS 6.06 that does work real well, especially the        
   SAS/ASSIST and the display manager. These new tools that make SAS    
   efficient in the hands of non-programmers have received positive     
   feedback, especially from sites that had never used SAS before.      
   The portions of SAS 6.06 that had already been sailing in the PC     
   versions 6.02 and 6.03 did port over to MVS with fewer problems.     
   It was only the processing of large files with large MXG programs    
   with large memory requirements that caused most of the repairs.      
   The following ZAPs are included in the preceding list, but they  have
   not been described in previous MXG newsletters.                      
   a. ZAPs Z6060135,  Z6061149 and Z6061220 are required, and may       
      resolve Usage Note 1000 errors, which include "Data is not        
      Sorted", "Record in buffer is too long", User 0016 ABENDs from    
      SORT program, and/or E15 or E35 SORT exit error, depending on     
      SORT program used.  The real cause of most (perhaps all) of these 
      error messages was that the SAS library being created (WORK, PDB, 
      etc.) ran out of space, but SAS 6.06 mis-recognized the condition 
      and produced an incorrect error message.                          
      Note added 1996:  The E35 SORT exit error message was not fixed   
      until SAS 6.08 at TS410 (or ZAP Z6088203 for TS407 was applied).  
   b. ZAP Z6060916 is absolutely required.  Without this zap, the       
      %VMXGSUM macro (used in ASUM.... and TRND.... members for         
      trending/summaries) will generate incorrect (but error-free) SAS  
      code and data sets built with %VMXGSUM will be wrong.             
   c. ZAP Z6060892 is required if you have a DASD Cache Controller 3880 
      or 3990 device.  Formatting a 500 Cyl work file was done with a   
      single CCW chain which took an enormous amount of SQA storage,    
      and the "Missing Interrupt Handler" time delta was not long       
      enough to handle the transmission of the CCW chain TO the Cache   
      Controller, let alone to wait for it to complete.  This ZAP       
      breaks down the formatting of SAS 6.06 data libraries into 5      
      cylinder chunks to avoid the problem.                             
   d. SAS ZAP Z6061465 corrects SAS failure to handle broken VBS        
      segment if the bad segment is the last record on a data set.      
      Instead of deleting the bad VBS segment, SAS failed, either with  
      a OC1 or by permanently entering the wait state.  This ZAP        
      correctly deletes the defective VBS segment, and continues        
      processing the input data set.                                    
   e. PROC CHART against a data set with zero observations erroneously  
      sets a condition code of 8 and a scurrilous error message that    
      won't be corrected until SAS 6.07, according to Usage Note        
   f. Overriding JCL DD statements must be in exactly the same order    
      that those DD statements appear in the SAS 6.06 JCL procedure.    
      The SAS606 order is                                               
   g. DATETIME21.2 of '06NOV90:07:30:50' prints '06NOV90:07:30.491.0',  
      and 30:51 prints as 30:501.0. SAS Usage Note 793 discusses this   
      generic problem with fractional time values, but no ZAP exists.   
   h. PROC MEANS was changed in 6.06, and now operates only on a        
      maximum of 400 variables. If a new data set is to be built from a 
      data set of over 400 variables with PROC MEANS OUTPUT, the        
      created dataset will be corrupted, as it will contain only the    
      first 400 variables, and NO ERROR MESSAGE OR CONDITION CODE is    
      set by SAS 6.06!  MXG does not have a PROC MEANS with OUTPUT on   
      any data set of over 400 variables, but this new design "feature" 
      is disconcerting, considering SAS's pre 6.06 philosophy to not    
      restrict users with capricious limitations!  SAS Compatibility    
      Note Number 779 discusses this restriction, which will be removed 
      in SAS 6.07.                                                      
  2. SAS options that are now required for MXG execution.               
Some Options are now MANDATORY for successful MXG execution which might 
 have been optional in the past.                                        
 MANDATORY OPTIONS under both SAS Versions:                             
 MANDATORY OPTIONS under SAS Version 5.18:                              
      MWORK=28000 GEN=0                                                 
 MANDATORY OPTIONS under SAS Version 6.06:                              
 RECOMMENDED Options under either SAS Version:                          
      FIRSTOBS=1 OBS=MAX                                                
 For SAS Version 5.18, MACRO and MWORK=28000 must be specified on the   
  EXEC statement, while all other mandatory/recommended options can be  
  specified on an OPTIONS statement before your %INCLUDE statements:    
    a.)   //stepname EXEC SAS,OPTIONS='MACRO MWORK=28000'               
          //SYSIN     DD *                                              
              NOIMPLMAC MAUTOSOURCE SASAUTOS=SOURCLIB                   
              DQUOTE ERRORABEND                                         
              FIRSTOBS=1 OBS=MAX                                        
    b.)   New member SASOPTV5 has been added to eliminate the need for  
          typing all the above options, and can be used instead each    
          time you execute MXG under SAS 5.18:                          
          //stepname EXEC SAS,OPTIONS='MACRO MWORK=28000'               
          //SYSIN     DD *                                              
            %INCLUDE SOURCLIB(SASOPTV5);                                
             ... the rest of your program ...                           
 For SAS Version 6.06+, options can be supplied via the CONFIG DDname in
  your JCL, or with an OPTIONS statement. PreRelease member CONFIG is a 
  changed copy of the SAS-supplied BATCHXA config member, with these new
  options specified for MXG execution. (Note MWORK= and GEN= don't exist
  in SAS 6.06):                                                         
  3. Format libraries under MVS SAS 6.06 or 5.18.                       
   The MXG-built "SASLIB" formats are built by the first step of        
   JCLTEST (for SAS 5.18) or by the first step of JCLTEST6 (for SAS     
   6.06).  Under SAS Version 5.18, formats are members of a PDS and     
   referenced by the SASLIB DDname, and require SPACE=(CYL,(3,1,99)).   
   Under SAS Version 6.06, formats are members of a SAS data library,   
   referenced by the LIBRARY DDname, and require SPACE=(CYL,(1,1)).     
   Note the absence of the third (PDS directory blocks) for SAS 6.06.   
   In either version of SAS, the blocksize is set by the PROC FORMAT.   
   MXG always requires the appropriate DDname (SASLIB or LIBRARY).      
  4. SAS 5.18 Conflict with PDSMAN.                                     
   PDSMAN product installation documentation specifically identifies a  
   problem with SAS Version 5 format libraries and tells the PDSMAN     
   installer to exclude such libraries from PDSMAN control. If your     
   installer overlooks that warning, you will receive SAS Error 175     
   when you try to access version 5 format libraries from either SAS    
   version 5.18 or 6.06. (PDSMAN updates the directory with last use    
   date in a fashion which is incompatible with SAS load libraries).    
  5. CMS Execution of MXG under 6.06:                                   
 a.Status of testing under CMS.                                         
   The CMS product group at SAS has used MXG Software in its regression 
   testing, and we do have real users with only a CMS SAS 6.06 license  
   that are using MXG.  In testing MXG under CMS 6.06, some language and
   option inconsistencies have been found, but testing of all parts of  
   MXG has not yet been completed.  Most of the ZAPs listed above for   
   MVS 6.06 SAS do not apply to the CMS 6.06 system.  Please regard this
   discussion a preliminary, as it will be expanded in the next MXG     
 b.Preliminary CMS 6.06 MXG Installation notes:                         
   MXG Formats are created under SAS 6.06 by executing member FORMATS,  
   which creates a SAS Catalog that is named 0FORMATS LIBRARY (yes, the 
   first character is a numeric zero and the third an alphabetic "oh"). 
   Since this catalog contains all of the MXG Formats, the installation 
   instructions on page 120 of the MXG Supplement ("iv. Optionally copy 
   TEXT into TXTLIB") no longer apply. Also the SASLIB SASLIB option in 
   the example is not used to access SAS 6.06 Formats (although SASLIB  
   SASLIB is still valid in SAS 6.06 to access SAS 5.18-built formats). 
   As long as the 0FORMATS LIBRARY file built by member FORMATS is on   
   your first disk, SAS 6.06 will automatically find MXG formats there. 
 c.Virtual Storage requirement for MXG and SAS 6.06.                    
   Executing under VM/370, I have needed to execute in a 10MB machine,  
   and also needed to disable "SAS Saved Segments", because when SAS is 
   placed in Saved Segments, it begins at 7MB. The SAS Option NOSSEG is 
   used to disable save segments.   Execution under VM/XA has not yet   
   been successful.                                                     
 d.Standard options used in testing PreRelease 8.7 under CMS SAS.       
   The following REXX exec has been used for testing under CMS SAS. It  
   is functional, if not elegant!  It is printed here primarily so that 
   you can see the default options and technique used that does allow   
   MXG to execute under CMS SAS 6.06.  preceding the invocation of      
   the exec, the  DEFINE STOR 10M command was issued, followed by the   
   IPL CMS command.  Note that all data sets are directed to the "T"    
   disk, a temporary disk of 199 cylinders which will disappear at      
   logoff.  Also note that if SMF data is to be processed under CMS, the
   VMACSMF member's DCB attributes will need to be changed as discussed 
   in Change 8.174.  A bigger generalized problem in my testing is the  
   non-existence of an equivalent for DD DUMMY or a NULLFILE under CMS. 
   Since I can't use a NULLFILE to syntax check each MXG member, I have 
   to tediously create a sample record for each possible input source.  
   There were problems with the CONCAT of the two source libraries under
   CMS that still have not been resolved; thus all testing was with only
   the MXG master source library (modified where necessary, ugh!) as the
   SOURCLIB filedef.  The MOD operand does not work properly for the SAS
   log without a SAS CMS ZAP.  But these are problems that can be       
   circumvented so that MXG can be executed under CMS SAS 6.06 with the 
   following exec.                                                      
        'CP SP CONS START TO * '                                        
        TRACE ALL                                                       
        'DEFINE T3380 AS 199 CYL 199'                                   
        'FORMAT 199 T (BLKSIZE 4096'                                    
        'FILEDEF SOURCLIB DISK SOURCLIB MACLIB * '                      
        'FILEDEF VMACCT   DISK TESTDATA VB A'                           
        'FILEDEF MONITOR  DISK TESTDATA VB A'                           
        'FILEDEF MWINPUT  DISK TESTDATA VB A'                           
        'FILEDEF EXPLORE  DISK TESTDATA VB A'                           
        'FILEDEF INSTREAM DISK INSTREAM TEMP * '                        
        QUEUE 'OPTIONS ERRORABEND FIRSTOBS=1 OBS=2;'                    
        QUEUE 'LIBNAME VMPDB  ''T'';'                                   
        QUEUE '%INCLUDE SOURCLIB(TESTVM); RUN;'                         
        QUEUE '/*'                                                      
        'SASMXG (' STD_OPTIONS                                          
           IF RC>4 THEN DO                                              
            SAY 'ERROR: RETURN CODE FROM SAS: ' RC                      
            SAY 'FIX ERROR AND RERUN TESTVM.'                           
        'FILEDEF SOURCLIB DISK SOURCLIB MACLIB * '                      
        'FILEDEF SMF      DISK SMFSMALL MXG A'                          
        QUEUE 'OPTIONS ERRORABEND FIRSTOBS=1 OBS=2;'                    
        QUEUE 'LIBNAME PDB    ''T'';'                                   
        QUEUE 'LIBNAME SPIN   ''T'';'                                   
        QUEUE '%INCLUDE SOURCLIB(BUILDPDB); RUN;'                       
        QUEUE '%INCLUDE SOURCLIB(ANALCONT);'                            
        QUEUE '%INCLUDE SOURCLIB(ASUMJOBS);'                            
        QUEUE '%INCLUDE SOURCLIB(ASUMCICS);'                            
        QUEUE '/*'                                                      
        'SASMXG (' STD_OPTIONS                                          
           IF RC>4 THEN DO                                              
            SAY 'ERROR: RETURN CODE FROM SAS: ' RC                      
            SAY 'FIX ERROR AND RERUN TESTPDB:'                          
IV. Documentation of MXG Software.                                      
Member CHANGES always contains the version number of MXG Software, and  
it lists changes that were installed in that version.  Several members  
named CHANGEnn are the contents of changes when that "nn" MXG version   
was created.  Details on enhancements will be found in the text of the  
Change description that made the enhancement (in those CHANGES and      
CHANGEnn members).  The CHANGE  members can also be scanned online (with
SPF BROWSE) to search for specific product name references (CICS,       
MVS/ESA, etc.).  The text of each Change identifies the member(s) that  
were altered or added by that change, and documentation (especially for 
new product support) is often found in comments at the beginning of     
those named members.                                                    
Member NEWSLTRS contains the text of all newsletters (up through the    
newsletter that accompanied that MXG release). You can search NEWSLTRS  
for product name or acronym to find the technical notes, APARs, etc.    
from all MXG newsletters.  (The Change Log of each Newsletter is not    
replicated in member NEWSLTRS, since that text will be in CHANGES).     
Member DOCVERnn is the "delta-documentation" (in abbreviated Chapter    
FORTY style) of only those variables and datasets that were changed     
between successive MXG Versions. There is a DOCVERnn "delta" member in  
the MXG library for each version.                                       
Penultimately, member DOCVER contains abbreviated Chapter FORTY format  
that documents all of the 26,355 variables from the 791 MXG data sets   
that can be created by that MXG Software Version (alphabetically by data
set name and variable name).                                            
Finally, MXG is a source distributed system, so you can often find your 
answer by BROWSE/EDIT of the source member, especially the VMAC...'s    
that actually create the data set, or ANAL....'s that analyze the MXG   
datasets. In many instance, the MXG Variable is the IBM or Vendor's     
documented field name. In other cases, the IBM field name is carried as 
a comment beside the MXG variable that contains that information.  In   
all cases, you should also have the Vendor's documentation of the       
particular data record you are using for analysis.                      
V.  CHANGE LOG                                                          
--------------------------Changes Log---------------------------------  
 You MUST read each Change description below to determine if a Change   
 will impact your installation.  All of these changes have been made    
 to this MXG Source Library.                                            
 Member CHANGES of the MXG SOURCLIB will always be more accurate than   
 the printed changes in a Newsletter, because the software is created   
 after the newsletter is sent to the printer!                           
 Member CHANGES always identifies the actual version and release of     
 MXG Software that is contained in that library.                        
 The actual code implementation of some changes in MXG SOURCLIB may be  
 different that described in the printed NEWSLETTER (which might have   
 printed only the easily installed, critical part of the correction).   
 Always read the comments at the beginning of each source member named  
 under the Change Number for impacting changes.                         
 Documentation of new datasets and variables, validation status, notes, 
 etc., are usually in comments in the source members.                   
 While the earlier documentation of what's new in PreRelease 8.7        
 described only the changes added after PreRelease 8.2, the following   
 list of "Significant Changes" covers ALL changes made since MXG 7.7.   
 Following the list of Significant Changes, the complete text of Changes
 Change 8.186 thru Change 8.079 are printed; prior Changes' text was    
 printed in Newsletter SEVENTEEN.                                       
 Changes thru 8.078 were printed in NEWSLETTER SEVENTEEN.               
 Changes thru 8.087 were contained in PreRelease 8.2, Jul 20, 1990.     
 Changes thru 8.119 were contained in PreRelease 8.3, Aug 26, 1990.     
 Changes thru 8.157 were contained in PreRelease 8.4, Oct  9, 1990.     
 Changes thru 8.168 were contained in PreRelease 8.5, Oct 27, 1990.     
 Changes thru 8.169 were contained in ESPRelease 8.6, Oct 27, 1990.     
 Changes thru 8.186 were printed in NEWSLETTER EIGHTEEN.                
Alphabetic INDEX of significant changes:                                
  Member    Change   Description                                        
  ANALDB2R  8.030  DB2 Reporting from GTF data fails.                   
  ANALDB2R  8.031  DB2 Report PMLOK03 fails with 170 format error.      
  ANALDB2R  8.067  Report selection by time frame incorrect, minor.     
  ANALDB2R  8.084  DB2 Trace reporting with PDB=SMF avoids IMAC102.     
  ANALDB2R  8.121  PMAUD02/PMAUD03 request caused SAS 145/170 error.    
  ANALDSET  8.077  ACCESS variable was not created, report failed.      
  ANALPRTR  8.146  New printer capacity analysis system.                
  ASMTMNT   8.070  MXG Tape Mount Monitor on 7.7 does support MVS/ESA.  
  ASMVTOC   8.117  Assembly program for Fast reading of DASD VTOCs.     
  ASUMCICS  8.023  Variable LENGTHs caused trunction.                   
  ASUMCICS  8.076  Response buckets off by one.                         
  ASUMJOBS  8.076  Response buckets off by one.                         
  ASUMTMNT  8.076  Response buckets off by one.                         
  CICINTRV  8.182  CICINTRV data set created from statistics datasets.  
  CONFIG    8.068  SAS 6.06 options member added to MXG library.        
  DOCDB2PM  8.112  Documentation of DB2PM-like reports in ANALDB2R.     
  DOCTREND  8.113  Incompatible changes in MXG Trending implemented.    
  EXACFJR   8.047  ACF2 dataset ACF2JR may have deleted observations.   
  EXIDMTAS  8.105  IDMS Batch ACCOUNT1-3 fields decoded.                
  FMXGUCBL  8.009  Returns wrong value under SAS 5.18.                  
  GRAFWORK  8.140  New graphic report of RMFINTRV workloads by hour.    
  IMACACCT  8.133  Safer/Easier user definition of Account fields.      
  IMACICDB  8.177  CICS/ESA 3.1 Transaction DBCTL counters/clocks.      
  JCLTEST   8.001  Options MACRO DQUOTE MWORK=28K required by MXG.      
  JCLTEST   8.025  WORK.DIRMACR REQUIRES MORE SPACE error condition.    
  JCLTREND  8.058  PROC SORT added to avoid not-sorted condition.       
  MONTHBLD  8.095  Syntax error under SAS 6.06 circumvented.            
  MVS 4.1   8.167  Support for MVS/ESA SP Version 4.1 and RMF 4.2.      
  NPM       8.038  NPM records from VM can be processed.                
  SPIN      8.158  SPIN library fills when MVS/ESA replaces MVS/XA.     
  SPIN      8.172  SPIN library fills when MVS/ESA replaces MVS/XA.     
  TRNDRMFI  8.143  Critical error, but only in PreRelease 8.3.          
  TRND72    8.143  Critical error, but only in PreRelease 8.3           
  TYPEDCOL  8.074  Support for SMS DCOLLECT data records.               
  TYPEIMS   8.006  IMS crashes caused duplicate DTOKEN.                 
  TYPEIMS   8.119  Significant correction of IMS Input Queue time.      
  TYPEMONI  8.036  CREATIME in MONITASK may have wrong date.            
  TYPEMON8  8.161  Support for Landmark's Monitor for CICS Version 8.0  
  TYPEORAC  8.080  Support for Oracle SMF record.                       
  TYPETSOM  8.007  Missing STRTTIME in TSOMCMND.                        
  TYPE110   8.065  Support for new CICS 3.1.1 major changes.            
  VMACACF2  8.002  ACF2 SMF record caused STOPOVER.                     
  VMACACF2  8.090  Further validation of ACF2 SMF record.               
  VMACCIMS  8.064  Support for IMF 2.6 (for IMS 3.1).                   
  VMACCRAY  8.044  New code. Support for CRAY COS operating system      
  VMACDB2   8.102  Distributed DB2 header added to DB2ACCT.             
  VMACDCOL  8.130  DCOLLECT enhancement for all seven records.          
  VMACDMON  8.003  Uninitialized variable in ANALDMON caused.           
  VMACHSM   8.138  Preliminary support for HSM User SMF records.        
  VMACIDMS  8.005  IDMS SMF record variables format incorrect.          
  VMACIMS   8.042  Minor IMS log processing changes.                    
  VMACIMS   8.098  Support for IMS/ESA 3.1 log records.                 
  VMACIMS   8.118  IMS Cold start support and logic changes.            
  VMACIMS   8.176  IMS 3.1 DBCTL Thread Transactions Deleted.           
  VMACMDF   8.091  Amdahl's MDFTRACH SMF records corrected.             
  VMACMPT   8.173  Support for Amdahl's MDF Performance Tool            
  VMACNSPY  8.010  NETSPY 3.2 support was incomplete.                   
  VMACNSPY  8.043  Netspy 3.1 STOPOVER.                                 
  VMACROSC  8.028  ROSCOAUD contained zero observations always.         
  VMACSASU  8.157  SAS User Record changed under SAS 6.06.              
  VMACSMF   8.013  DB2 read from GTF. Minor.                            
  VMACSPMS  8.149  Support for Amdahl's SPMS SMF (Cache DASD CU).       
  VMACSTC   8.092  STC 4400 Silo SMF record new subtype.                
  VMACSYNC  8.020  Invalid CPUTCBTM value detected.                     
  VMACSYNC  8.056  SIRECFM,SORECFM contain invalid data value.          
  VMACSYNC  8.123  Error (only in PreRelease 8.2) in TYPESYNC data.     
  VMACTMNT  8.033  Minor. Formats for DEVFROM/DEVTO.                    
  VMACTMVS  8.173  Protection for TMON/MVS Spanned Records              
  VMACTPX   8.016  No observations in TPXINTRV.                         
  VMACTSOM  8.104  Invalid READTIME due to CA7 in TSO/MON record.       
  VMACVMON  8.037  Divide by zero.                                      
  VMACVMON  8.045  24APR90 became 02OCT89 when 202 day clock wrapped.   
  VMACVMON  8.106  VM Start Time off by 43 minutes on Aug 4, 1990.      
  VMACVMXA  8.004  OMEGAMON/VM creates invalid VM/XA VB records.        
  VMACVMXA  8.099  Many VM/XA PTFs altered Monitor records.             
  VMACVMXP  8.041  Minor EXPLORE/VM processing changes.                 
  VMACVVDS  8.073  Validation of VVDS record created by ASMVVDS.        
  VMACWSF   8.100  Support for WSF archive product SMF.                 
  VMACX37   8.024  STOPX37, minor.                                      
  VMACZRB   8.054  RMF 4.1.1 caused STOPOVER.                           
  VMACZRB   8.079  Further validation of RMF III VSAM data.             
  VMACZRB   8.156  Further validation and reports.                      
  VMAC110   8.040  CICSTRAN may have 0 observations with CICS 1.7.      
  VMAC1415  8.017  New HiperBatch counts added to SMF type 1415.        
  VMAC1415  8.137  HiperBatch values non-zero when they should be zero. 
  VMAC28    8.111  INPUT function error in NPM subtype 82.              
  VMAC28    8.148  Support for NPM Release 4 (NPM 1.4), SMF Type 28.    
  VMAC30    8.081  Support for APAR adding DDCONS() option.             
  VMAC30    8.082  Support for APAR adding PROCSTEP to type 30s.        
  VMAC37    8.022  Variable KEEP, FORMATs.                              
  VMAC39    8.022  TYPE39EL conditionally created. ZDATE kept.          
  VMAC41    8.015  New VLF counts in new subtype 3 SMF type 41.         
  VMAC42    8.136  STOPOVER on subtype 3 due to IBM error.              
  VMAC6     8.057  STOPOVER due to invalid external writer record.      
  VMAC57    8.184  STOPOVER on type 57 (MVS 4.1 and MXG 8.5 only).      
  VMAC60    8.128  STOPOVER on SMS NVR segment in type 60.              
  VMAC6156  8.027  STOPOVER error with ICF catalog record section.      
  VMAC6156  8.034  Minor. Variable FUNCTION more values decoded.        
  VMAC6156  8.039  TYPE6156 VOLSER may be wrong for GDGs.               
  VMAC64    8.134  ACBMACRF fields individually decoded into variables. 
  VMAC7072  8.066  Support for new "SRCL" field in RMF Product section. 
  VMAC78    8.049  TYPE78CF only output if CHPID is online.             
  VMAC78    8.132  STOPOVER on type 78 subtype 3 with ES/9000 CPUs.     
  VMAC79    8.012  STOPOVER correction, support validation.             
  VMAC79    8.055  Formats and units corrections.                       
  VMXGSUM   8.021  Missing variable initialization protection.          
  VMXGVTOC  8.018  OFFSET4E and SMS variables added.                    
  VMXGVTOC  8.032  Minor. RECFM should be $4.                           
  VMXGVTOC  8.075  Did not capture free space at beginning of volume.   
  VMXGVTOR  8.009  Incorrect on 7.7, changes not propagated.            
  XMACEPIL  8.019  Plus sign missing. Don't use VMACEPIL or XXACEPIL.   
  XMAC7072  8.014  ZDATE not kept in TYPE70PR and TYPE72MN              
  XMAC71    8.014  Extraneous period.                                   
  ZZZZZZZZ  8.011  Final member of MXG Library is named.                
Inverse chronological list of all Changes:                              
  Changes 8.186 thru 8.079, and 8.008 were printed here.                
  See member CHANGE08 for actual change text.                           
End of Changes Log in Newsletter EIGHTEEN.