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Geoff Merrll 1990 Cabernet Sauvignon

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1168Geoff Merrill10/93CMGAAdelaide, SA
The 10th Anniversary Meeting of CMGA was held in Adelaid, South Australia, the home of my cousin, Geoff Merrill, the best winemaker in all of Australia (no only does he have the awards to prove it, his wines are served in First Class cabin on QANTAS). We arranged for all attendees to receive a bottle of his 1990, and we shipped 12 cases back home to Dallas; only 11 left Sydney, as someone in Qantas cargo recognized the name on one case! I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Geoff two years earlier, when I was enroute to the CMGA meeting in Perth. (The name of the 3000 mile road from Adelaide to Perth is, in my opinion, the best named road in the world: The NullArbor Highway)
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