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126Walt Hutchens/MTWVM/76GUIDE
Love Seawright was the IBM representative to the GUIDE VM CMS project; in fact, Love was a major developer of CP67, which preceeded CMS and VM. Love as always telling SHARE attendees how good CMS was, and when SHARE VM folks got their hands on CMS, they found it would do it for them too, and not only for Love! There was an unrelated second meaniong: if CMS did not do it for "love", then CMS must be doing it for "money", impugning CMS. The button was worn by practically everyone at the VM meetings during Love's last Guide. She seemed embarassed by it at first but came to like it as the meeting progressed. The second meaning was from the evil imagination of an MVSer, no doubt. The second meaning that Jerry DePass had in mind was that CMS does it for pleasure. Speaking of Jerry, but not of a button, there is the story of the T-shirt given him at his last Guide. While at dinner one night during the previous Guide, the baked potatoes were delivered with a flag sticking in them. The flag read, "I've been tubbed and I've been scrubbed so it is perfectly OK to eat me all the way." Jerry remarked that would make a great T-shirt. He was given the one-of-a-kind T-shirt during dinner on Thursday during his last meeting. He did not wear it to the Friday morning meetings.
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