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223W.D. Stevens/SKYSHARE3/71SHAREXXXVIWashington, DC
I had just 'liberated' the sheet music for "Ever Onward", the old IBM sales song standby. Don Jardine got his glee club to record it on reel-to-reel tape recorder, and I transcribed it to cassetts, and got a spot at the end of the General Session. I played it over the PA system while George Gautney showed the sheet music and words on an overhead projector as all the advance recipients of the buttons (about 20) put them on. Most IBMer in the audience rose and sang along. Arnie Smith (IBM SHARE rep) was furious and collared me as I got off the stage. We had an IBM VP speaker and Arnie (who hadn't known what I was up to) said I had "insulted" him. Arnie was shouldered aside by the VP himself who wanted to know where I had resurrected the music and asked if he could get a copy himself. The buttons were all generally available as long as they lasted - about 150 in all. Bill Stevens.
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