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278W.D. Stevens/SKYSHARE8/70SHAREXXXVMontreal
This one was to celebrate a 'free' SHARE, as the merger with GUIDE had just been defeated. The French Slogan Vivre le Quebec Libre was well known, because De Gaulle of France has just visited the French Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon and had repeated it there, and was used because the SHARE meeting was in Montreal. In fact, it was not a good idea to wear this button on the streets of Montreal, where it could be misintrepreted, and not all Quebecoise were pro-separation. My grandfather, Phillipe Roy, was born in Ste Cyprien, Quebec, in 1869; he was the 26th child of his mother and father, who had been given a home by the Provincial government, because my great grandmother had the largest family in the province at a time when the government was promoting large families to increase the French-speaking population.
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