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Who is W. A. Mozart?

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When IBM finally resolved the weird problems that they had caused with the first releases of VS Fortran, they came up with a scheme to pass the lengths of character string arguments in a list of lengths paralleling the usual parameter list of addresses. To pad out the list to a proper boundary, and to ensure there was no likelihood of the padding being picked up as data, the 8 character pad was inserted -- and the IBM programmer who implemented it, Gladys Garabedian (known in the IBM Santa Teresa Lab as "Mother Fortran" -- she had implemented the parsing stage of the compiler, and knew the language and the standard cold) was a big Mozart fan. Hence the characters, which started showing up in dumps, to the puzzlement of customers. Later, names such as GFHandel and J.S. Bach, depending on the preference of the programmer at that time. See Button 1200.
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