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90University of IowaHASP8/68SHAREXXXI
Rocket was chosen because HASP started at NASA in Houston, TX. From: Kashmarek Kenneth L , JohnDeere. Wednesday, June 10, 2009 The IBM Systems Programming Group at the University of Iowa, designed, produced, and distributed these stick on labels when we made a presentation about HASP at Share. IBM Type I RJE was in competition with HASP and we had great fun sticking these on the back of the IBM team. For our system, HASP ran all normal operations plus 10 BISYNC workstations (card reader/punch/printer) located across the State of Iowa, using only 48K. Type I RJE took 3 times that much memory, and could only drive the same devices at a very much slower rate. I may have the last 2 stickers in existence.
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